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Quality Index of Multi-Disc Grinding Process of Grainy Biomass


The main aim of the grinding process is size reduction. For such formulated purpose of grinding, the particles dimensions after grinding process are the major quality determinant indicated in many works concerning size reduction. In this paper original quality index integrating size reduction and energy consumption in the grinding process was proposed. The aim of the study is to create method for grinding process quality assessment. The problem was formulated as a question: (1) is it possible to create mathematical description of grinding process quality? (2) what grinding parameters influence on the grinding quality index? To resolve the problem, original quality index was developed and experiment on a multi-disc mill was conducted. On the basis of obtained results it was found that discs angular speed affects the grinding process quality.

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Innovative Solutions in the Process of Heat Supply

. Palgrave, London. Im, Y.H., Liu, J., 2018. Feasibility study on the low temperature district heating and cooling system with bi-lateral heat trades model . Energy, 153, 988-999; DOI: 10.1016/ Imran, M., Usman, M., Im, Y.H., Park, B.S., 2017. The feasibility analysis for the concept of low temperature district heating network with cascade utilization of heat between networks . Energy Procedia, 116, 4–12. DOI: 10.1016/j.egypro.2017.05.050. Olsthoorn, D., Haghighat, F., Mirzaei, P.A., 2016. Integration of storage and renewable

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Traceability Systems and Technologies for Better Food Supply Chain Management

.2016.7538424 Alfian, G., Rhee, J., Ahn, H., Lee, J., Farooq, U., Ijaz, M. F., & Syaekhoni, M. A. 2017. Integration of RFID, wireless sensor networks, and data mining in an e-pedigree food traceability system. Journal of Food Engineering, 212, 65–75.doi:10.1016/j.jfoodeng.2017.05.008 Galimberti, A., De Mattia, F., Losa, A., Bruni, I., Federici, S., Casiraghi, M., Labra, M. 2013. DNA barcoding as a new tool for food traceability. Food Research International, 50(1), 55–63.doi:10.1016/j.foodres.2012.09.036 Bosona, T., Gebresenbet, G. 2013. Food

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Industry 4.0 as a Response to Contemporary Strategic Challengespaper

transition to a labor shortage economy , Internationale Politik und Gesellschaft. Kagermann, H., Helbig, J., Hellinger, A., Wahlster, W., 2013. Recommendations for implementing the strategic initiative industrie 4.0: Securing the future of German manufacturing industry, Final report of the industrie 4.0 working group . Kiraga K., 2016. Przemysł 4.0: 4. Rewolucja przemysłowa według Festo , Autobusy, No. 12. Kopp J., Basi J., 2017. Study of Readiness of Czech Companies to the Industry 4.0, Journal of System Integration, No. 3. Kościelniak H., Puto

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Calculation of the Thermal Dynamic Performance of the Residential Buildings’ Walls

moisture content . Applied Energy, 170, 76-91, Gregory, K., Moghtaderi, B., Sugo, H., Page, A., 2008. Effect of thermal mass on the thermal performance of various Australian residential constructions systems, Energy and Buildings , 40, 459–465. Johra, H., Heiselberg, P., 2017. Influence of internal thermal mass on the indoor thermal dynamics and integration of phase change materials in furniture for building energy storage: A review . Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 69, 19–32. Koo, C., Kim, J., Lee, M., Jeong, K., Hong, T., 2015. A review

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Eco-Innovation in Municipalities as an Element of Smaller Agglomerations Sustainable Development - Case Study

. Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy . VI ed. Routledge, London and New York. Skrodzka, W., Kiriliuk, O., 2019. Sustainability indicators and environmental safety management as illustrated with an example of the Polish energy sector , CzOTO 2019, 1(1), 398-405. DOI: 10.2478/czoto-2019-0051 Tidd, J., Bessant, J., Pavitt, K., 2005. Managing innovation: Integrating technological, market and organizational change (3rd ed.), John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, West Sussex, England. Wierzbicki, M., Nowodziński, P., 2019. Imitation and innovation in business

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Use of the CIT Method for Quality Assessment of Catering Services

REFERENCES Bitner, M.J., Booms, B.H., Tetreault, M.S. 1990. The Service Ecounter: Dignosing Favourable and Unfavourable Incidents . Journal of Marketing, 54, 1, 71-84. Butterfield, L.D., Borgen, W.A., Amundson, N.E., Maglio, A.-S.T. 2005. Fifty years of the critical incident technique: 1954–2004 and beyond . Qualitative Research, 5, 475-497. Chen, R.J.C., Barrows, C.W. 2015. Developing a Mystery Shopping Measure to Operate a Sustainable Restaurant Business: The Power of Integrating with Corporate Executive Members' Feedback . Sustainability

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Improvement of Manual Assembly Line Based on Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and Efectiveness Coefficient

.P., Sieckmann, F., Kohl, H., Seliger, G. 2018, Learning process planning for special machinery assembly, Procedia Manufacturing 23, pp. 75–80. DOI:10.1016/j.promfg.2018.03.164. Moreira, B.M.D.N., Gouveia, R.M.,Silva, F.J.G.; Campilho, R.D.S.G. 2017, A Novel Concept of Production and Assembly Processes Integration , Procedia Manufacturing 11, pp. 1385–1395. DOI: 10.1016/j.promfg.2017.07.268. Naebulharam, R., Zhang, L. 2013, Performance Analysis of Serial Production Lines with Deteriorating Product Quality , IFAC Proceedings Volumes 46/9, pp. 501–506. DOI: 10

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Efficiency of the Principle of Sustainable Development in the European Union Law

REFERENCES Adamczyk, J., Nitkiewicz, T., 2007. Programming of Sustainable Development of Enterprises (in Polish), PWE, Warszawa. Baker, S., 2003. The European Union: Integration, Competition, Growth-And Sustainability [in:] Lafferty, W.M., Meadowcroft, J., Implementing Sustainable Development: Strategies and Initiatives in High Consumption Societes , Oxford Scholarship Online, Oxford. Bara, M., Kmita, T., Korzekwa, J., 2016. Microstructure and properties of composite coatings obtained on aluminium alloys . Arch. Metall. Mater., 61, 1107

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The Economic and Social Dilemmas of Management Focused on the Future of Retail Branches of Commercial Banks in Poland

Komitetu Przestrzennego Zagospodarowania Kraju PAN, 174, 235-245, DOI: 10.24425/118535. Rogers, J., 2016, Menedżer jako coach. Nowoczesny styl zarządzania , Gdańskie Wydawnictwo Psychologiczne Sp. z o.o. Sanda, M. A., Kuada, J., 2016, Influencing dynamics of culture and employee factors on retail banks’ performances in a developing country context . Management Research Review, 39(5), 599-628, . Sayil, E. M., Akyol, A., Golbasi Simsek, G., 2019, An integrative approach to relationship marketing, customer value

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