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Investigation of Stock Market Integration in the Baltic Countries

Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity Models. Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 20(3), 339-350. Engle, R. (2009). Anticipating Correlations: A New Paradigm for Risk Management. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Engle, R. F. & Granger, C. W. J. (1987). Co-integration and Error Correction: Representation, Estimation, and Testing. Econometrica, 55, 251-276. Granger, C. W. J. (1969). Investigating Causal Relations by Econometric

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A theoretical review on the structural convergence issue and the relation to economic development in integration areas

. Retrieved from: Karras, G. (1997). Economic Integration and Convergence: Lessons from Asia, Europe and Latin America. Journal of Economic Integration, 12 (4), 419-432. Knill, C. (2005). Introduction: Cross-national policy convergence: concepts, approaches and explanatory factors. Journal of European public policy, 12(5), 764-774. Krugman, P. (1993). Lessons of Massachusetts for EMU. In Torres, F., Giavazzi, F. (Eds.). Adjustment and Growth

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Trans - Pacific Economic Integration Processes

: Enhancing APEC Resiliency: More Integrated, Connected, Sustained and Inclusive Development (p. 154-166). APEC Study Centre Consortium Conference, July 26-27 th , 2013, Jakarta, Indonesia. UNCTAD (1997). Proceedings of the International Conf. on East Asian Development. Kuala Lumpur, 1 March 1996. – UNCTAD, Geneva & Institute of Strategic & Int. Studies, Kuala Lumpur. UNESCAP (2009). Crisis Reinforces Need for Stronger Trade and Financial Integration in Asia and the Pacific. In: Studies in Trade and Investment . New York, Kuala Lumpur: UNESCAP. UNESCAP

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Integration of Young People into the Latvian Labour Market

.08.002 Buligina, I., Putans, R., Sloka, B. (2014). Coherence of Work Based Learning and Regional Development in Latvia. Ekonomika un uzņēmējdarbib, 25, 19−26. De Koning J. (2005). Active Labour Market Policies: Relevance, Expenditure and Effectiveness. Rotterdam: SEOR Working Paper, 1−29. Working together for Europe’s Young People. A Call to Action on Youth Unemployment (2010). European Commission, Brussels, COM(2013) 447 final, 1−22. Grinevica L., Rivza B. (2014) Integration of Young People

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Does Integration Occur on a Certain Day? The Case of the Lithuanian Stock Market

. Journal of Banking and Finance , 17: pp.193-208. Ayuso, J. and Blanco, R. (2001) Has financial market integration increased during the nineties? Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money , 11:265-287. Barone, E. (1990) The Italian Stock Market: Efficiency and Calendar Anomalies. Journal of Banking and Finance , Vol.14, No.2-3: pp.483-510 Basher, S. A., and Sadorsky, P. (2006) Day-of-the week effects in Emerging Stock Markets. Applied Economics Letter , 13: pp621

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Integration of Government Bond Market in the Euro Area and Monetary Policy

References: 1. Abad, P., Chulia H. & Gomez-Puig M. (2009). EMU and European Government Bond Market Integration, European Central Bank, Working Paper Series No.1079. 2. Baele, L., Fernando, A., Hördhal, P., Krylova, E. & Monnet C. (2004). Measuring Financial Integration in the Euro Area, European Central bank, Occasional Paper Series No. 14. 3. Becker, S. (2009). EMU sovereign spread widening, Deutsche Bank Research, EU Monitor 68. 4. Belke, A. (2010). Driven by the Markets? ECB Sovereign Bond Purchases and the Securities Markets Programme

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Integration of Travel Agencies with other Supply Chain Members: Impact on Efficiency

, applications, references and DEA-solver software . Massachusetts: Kluwer Academic Publishers. Council, World Travel & Tourism. (2014). Travel & Tourism: Economic Impact 2014. London: WTTC. Denise, L. (2007). Collaboration vs. C-Three (Cooperation, Coordination, and Communication). Innovating, 7 (3), 1-5. Dragan, D., Kramberger, T., & Topolšek, D. . (2015). Supply chain integration and firm performance in the tourism sector. Paper presented at the Pre-conference proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Logistics & Sustainable Transport 2015

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Managing Capabilities for Supply Chain Resilience Through it Integration

Firms Can Transform Trade-Offs Into Win-Win Outcomes. Business Strategy and the Environment, 23(1), 18-37. Berle, Ø., Norstad, I., & Asbjørnslett, B. E. (2013). Optimization, risk assessment and resilience in LNG transportation systems. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 18(3), 253-264. Bosona, T. G., & Gebresenbet, G. (2011). Cluster building and logistics network integration of local food supply chain. Biosystems Engineering, 108(4), 293

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A Simple Model for the Integration of Goods and the Capital Market with Unionized Labor Markets


The present work analyzes the effects of goods and capital market integration on welfare. In an imperfectly competitive industry with unionized labor, openness to competition via exports, the possibility of holding minority stakes into a rival company and undertaking Greenfield Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) exemplify product and capital market liberalization, respectively. Challenging the “lieu commune” that liberalization a priori improves the social welfare of an economy, making use of a game-theoretic approach, it is shown that a domestic government should design the appropriate interventions in product and capital markets depending on the precise pattern of economic integration.

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The Impact of European Economic Integration on Migration in the European Union

). Intra-EU labour migration: Flows and policy responses. Béla Galgóczi, B., Leschke, J. & Watt, A.(eds.) , pp. 1-28. [11] Iglicka, K. & Ziolek-Skrzypczak, M. (2010). EU membership highlights Poland’s migrația challenges, Retrived from http://www.migraț . [12] Leveson, N. G. (2012). Complexity and safety. In Complex Systems Design & Management . Berlin Heidelberg: Springer. [13] Robinson, W. D., Bowlin, M. S., Bisson, I., Shamoun-Baranes, J., Thorup, K., Diehl, R. H., & Winkler, D. W. (2010). Integrating

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