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American English influence on British English at the height of the British Empire: A case of cross-varietal easement

References Hundt, Marianne. 2009. Colonial lag, colonial innovation, or simply language change? In G. Rohdenburg and J. Schlüter (eds.). One language, two grammars?, 13-37. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. MacQueen, Donald. 2010. The integration of MILLION into the English system of number words: A diachronic study. Frankfurt: Peter Lang. Markwardt, Albert. 1958. American English. New York: Oxford University Press. Rohdenburg, Günter and Julia Schlüter (eds.). 2009. One language, two

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Finding proof negative: Tracing the empirical footprint of collective linguistic avoidance in historical American and British newspaper texts

References Hurford, James. 1984. Language and number: The emergence of a cognitive system. Oxford: Blackwell. MacQueen, Donald. 2004. Developing methods for very-large-scale searches in Proquest Historical Newspapers Collection and Infotrac The Times Digital Archive. Journal of English Linguistics 32 (2): 124-143. MacQueen, Donald. 2010. The integration of million into the English system of number words: A diachronic study. Frankfurt: Peter Lang. MacQueen, Donald. 2014. American English influence

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Strategic Management of Crossmedia Production at Estonian Public Broadcasting

, Hilde; Tambuyzer, Sil 2013. ‘Collisions of Convergence: Flemish News Workers’ and Management’s Perceptions of the Impact of PSB Newsroom Integration on Journalistic Practices and Identities’. - International Communication Gazette, 75, 1, 54-75. Caldwell, John T. 2006. ‘Critical Industrial Practice: Branding, Repurposing, and the Migratory Patterns of Industrial Texts’. - Television & New Media, 7, 2, 99-134. Chan-Olmsted, Sylvia M. 2005. ‘Response to “Diversification Strategy of Global Media Conglomerates: A Comment”’. - Journal of

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How Movies Influence Our Dietary Behaviour?

with children via television: A review’. - Journal of Advertising, 10, 2, 26-36. Schultz, E. J. 2012. ‘Brewed, not stirred: Heineken plans major integration with Bond flick’. - Advertising Age, March 30. (27 April 2012). Segrave, K. 2004. Product Placement in Hollywood Films: A History. Jefferson, NC: MacFarland & Company, Inc. Skatrud-Mickelson, M.; Adachi-Mejia, A. M.; MacKenzie, T. A.; Sutherland, L. A. 2011. ‘Giving the wrong impression

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Word frequency and collocation: Using children’s literature in adult learning

language in English: Multi-word patterns in speech and writing. International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 14: 275-311. Braun, Sabine. 2005. From pedagogically relevant corpora to authentic language learning contents. ReCALL 17: 47-64. Braun, Sabine. 2007. Integrating corpus work into secondary education: From data-driven learning to needs-driven corpora. ReCALL 19: 307-328. Chambers, Angela. 2007. Popularising corpus consultation by language learners and teachers. In E. Hidalgo, L. Quereda and J. Santana (eds.). Corpora

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Revisiting the ENL-ESL-EFL continuum: A multifactorial approach to grammatical aspect in spoken Englishes

–195. Smitterberg, Erik. 2005. The progressive in 19th-century English: A process of integration . Amsterdam: Rodopi. Strang, Barbara M.H. 1982. Some aspects of the history of the be + ing construction. In J. Anderson (ed.). Language form and linguistic variation: Papers dedicated to Angus McIntosh , 427–474. Amsterdam: Benjamins. Suzuki, Ryota and Hidetoshi Shimodaira. 2011. Hierarchical clustering with Pvalues via multiscale bootstrap resampling . > (accessed June 27, 2017). Szmrecsanyi

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Preference Dimensions of the Estonian Opera-Consumer: A Comparison of the Audiences at Opera Houses and Mediated Opera Performances

Eurobarometer 399. (14 December 2017). Gerhards, Jürgen; Rössel, Jörg 1999. ‘Zur Transnationalisierung der Gesellschaft der Bundesrepublik. Entwicklungen, Ursachen und mögliche Folgen für die Europäische Integration’. - Zeitschrift für Soziologie 28, 5, 325-344. Guider, Elizabeth 2007. ‘Met Sets Tunes to Pop Culture’. - Variety, 2 April, 43. Grönroos, Christian 2000. Service Management and Marketing: A Customer Relationship Management Approach

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