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Optimizing the Operation of Fermenters


World energy systems development is based on the use of renewable sources, their valorisation benefits of technical and economical stimulating actions. The main disadvantage is related to the low efficiency caused by low energy density and high value investments. The cost of renewable energy is higher than energy coming from conventional sources. Reducing the costs of producing unconventional energy can be achieved by integrating economic and social activities into the system, providing futher benefits. From the potential point of view, it is estimated that biomass occupies the first place in a ranking of unconventional energies. Biomass boosted by anaerobic fermentation with biogas production and cogeneration can provide "peak" energy production and can balance energy systems. Waste utilized by these processes involves reducing environmental impacts by diminushing managed volumes and efficient control. In the present paper are characterized by calculations aspects of the exploitation and elements regarding the optimization of some high-capacity fermenters of a wastewater treatment system.

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Researches Concerning the Influence of Technological Links on Dendrometric Parameters to Paulownia Ssp.

References Dobrinoiu R.V., Vişan L., Dănăilă-Guidea S., Dumbravă M., 2014. Impact of foliar fertilization and of irrigation regime on dry biomass production in Miscanthus giganteus L., International Journal of Agriculture Innovations and Research - Volume 2, Issue 5: 836-840. Dobrescu E., Georgescu M.I., 2015. Restoration study in order to integrate new functions in the actual structure of Oromolu Manor. Scientific Papers Series B. Horticulture Volume LIX, Bucuresti, 333-340, Jiménez L. & Rodríguez A., 2003. La

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The Effect of Different Dietary Calcium Levels on Calcium Metabolism in Laying Hens

and vitamin D metabolism and expression in strongly calcifying laying birds. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology. 151(4), 477-490. Bölükbasi, S.C., Çelebi S., Utlu N., 2005. The Effects of Calacium and Vitamin D in Diet on Plasma Calacium and Phosphorus, Eggshell Calcium and Phosphorus Levels of Laying Hens in Late Laying Production Period. International Journal of Poultry Science. 4 (8): 600-603. Dojană, N., Preda C., Bălăceanu R., 2014. The Effect of Experimental Vitamin D administering

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Assessing the Absorption Degree of the Nitrogen Forms from Soil into Plant Using the 15N Isotope as a Marker

. Cai-bin W., Yong-mei Z., Pu S., Ya-ping Z., Zheng-feng W., Xue-wu S., Tian-yi Y., Hao F., 2016. Determining N supplied sources and N use efficiency for peanut under applications of four forms of N fertilizers labeled by isotope 15N. Journal of Integrative Agriculture, Vol. 15 (2), 432-439. Chadwick D.R., Cheng Y., Yan X., 2018. Global analysis of agricultural soil denitrification in response to fertilizer nitrogen. Wang J., Science of the Total Environment 616-617, 908-917, Galloway J

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Morphological and Anatomical Properties of the Senna Alexandrina Mill. (Cassia Angustifolia Vahl.)

. and Silene spergulifolia Bieb. (Caryophyllaceae) species. Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture, Volume LIX, Print ISSN 2285-5653, 293-302 Barbara R. Randell and Bryan A. Barlow, 1998. "Senna" In: Alexander S. George (executive editor). Flora of Australia Australian Government Publishing Service: Canberra, Australia, volume 12, 89-138. Dickison, William C., 2000. Integrative plant anatomy. San Diego: Harcourt Academic Press. Duncan, As., 1957. „Standardized Senna as a Laxative in the Puerperium”, British Medical

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The Perception of Viticultural Landscapes as a Method of Promoting and Supporting Local Economic Activities Through Multifunctional Landscapes

landscape, Journal of Agriculture - Science and Practice, Vol. 1- 2(97-98), 42-49. Horn S. van der, Meijer J., 2015, The Landscape Approach, The Hague: PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. Mander Ü., Helming K., Wiggering H. (2007) Multifunctional land use: meeting future demands for landscape goods and services. In: Mander Ü., Wiggering H., Helming K. (eds) Multifunctional Land Use. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. Mexi A., Dobrescu E. 2013, Integrating and exploiting Danube’s landscaping potential in integrated

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Preliminary Study Regarding the Additional Effect of Adding Antioxidants on Bull Frozen Semen

antioxidants on the quality of frozen-thawed bull semen. Journal of animal and veterinary advances, 6(12):1362-1366 Zhong R. and Rhou D., 2013 - Oxidative stress and role of natural plant derived antioxidants in animal reproduction. Journal of integrative agriculture, 12(10):1826-1838.

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