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Nursing care of a patient diagnosed with malignant breast cancer during chemotherapy using ICNP® terminology

of the international classification for nursing practice: an integrative review. Braz J Nurs. 2013; 12(1): 178-193.

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Why not nursing? Perceptions of the nursing job by young people of high schools – preliminary study

about a career in nursing: analysis of the narrative from paradigmatic case interviews. Nurse Educ Today. 2008;28(6):680-90 doi: 10.1016/j.nedt.2008.03.008. 5. Nelson G.R, Jones M.C. What predicts the selection of nursing as a career choice in 5th and 6th year school students? Nurse Educ Today. 2012; 32:588–593. doi: 10.1016/j.nedt.2011.06.011. 6. Glereana N., Hupila M., Talmana K., Haavistob E. Young peoples’ perceptions of the nursing profession: An integrative review. Nurse Educ Today. 2017; :57 95-102 doi:org/10.1016/j.nedt.2017.07.008. 7

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Toolbox of teaching strategies

1 Problem-based learning Problem-based learning (PBL) can be identified as learning by solving problems, 1 , 2 , 3 and it is based on the constructivist theory of learning. 4 In the learning process, students are given the chance to gain knowledge through effective interaction and collaboration. 5 PBL is a student-centered approach that makes students integrate knowledge and ideas to develop a solution to a problem. PBL can be adapted to fit many settings, and it can quickly engage students into the learning process. 6 PBL is one of the most

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Construction of an ontology-based nursing knowledge system

practices, research, and education in the context of big data, and will emphasize development and training related to capabilities of obtaining and integrating information.” On March 6, 2015, the Chinese State Council published the Outline for the Planning of the National Medical and Health Service System (2015–2020) , which clearly proposed the “active utilization of new technologies such as mobile Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing, and wearable devices to promote health information services and smart medical treatment services which benefit all citizens, in

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The Impact of Migration on Polish Nurses – Pilot Study


Introduction. Migration of professional nurses is a global phenomenon. Polish nurses usually migrate to the relatively richer countries, especially in Europe, thanks to the opening of the borders of the European Union (2004) and legal regulations in the field of education of nurses (Directive 2005/36/EC). Aim. The analysis of symptoms and determinants of acculturative stress and acculturative strategies among Polish migrant nurses working in the UK. Material and methods. The study used a proprietary questionnaire and standardized tool the East Asian Acculturation Measure - Scale of Acculturative Strategy. The research was carried out through Internet among 62 people. Statistical analysis was performed using Mann-Whitney test, Kruskal-Wallis test, Dunn test, coefficient Spearman. Results. The main reason for the migration of respondents to the UK was the desire to improve financial situation and professional development. Responders found job as a nurse, including a charge nurse and managers in hospitals and nursing homes. Acculturative stress manifested most often in social functioning, then in the emotional, cognitive and physical aspects. It was characterized by a sense of lack of interest from British people, sadness, feelings of loneliness, lower self-confidence and shyness. It was determined significantly by the age of the respondents, the length of stay in the UK, knowledge of English and maintaining social contacts with the British. The most commonly used acculturation strategy was integration, conditioned by the length of stay in the UK and symptoms of acculturative stress. Conclusions. Working in a foreign country is associated with acculturative stress, implementation of acculturation adaptive and non-adaptive strategies.

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Cultural competence in nursing – basic conceptualisation and tools for scientific assessment

PIŚMIENNICTWO 1. Majda A, Zalewska-Puchała J. Kulturowe odrębności w pielęgniarstwie. [w:]. Podstawy pielęgniarstwa. Założenia koncepcyjno-empiryczne opieki pielęgniarskiej. red. D. Zarzycka, B. Ślusarska. Warszawa: WL PZWL 2017, s. 119-140. 2. Higginbottom GMA, Richter MS, Mogale RS, et al. Identification of nursing assessment models/tools validated in clinical practicefor usewith diverse ethno-cultural groups: An integrative review of the literature. BMC Nursing. 2011; 3; 10-16. doi: 10,1186/1472-6955-10-16. 3. Leininger M. Culture care theory

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The level of emotional intelligence in undergraduate students of nursing

K, Profetto-McGrath J, Cummings GG. Emotional intelligence and nursing: An integrative literature review. Int. J. Nurs. Stud. 2009; 46: 1624–1636. 5. Taylor R, Macduff C, Stephen A A national study of selection processes for student nurses and midwives. Nurse Educ. Today. 2014;34:1155–1160. DOI: . 6. Austin E, Saklofske D, Huang S, Mckenney D. Measurement of trait emotional intelligence: testing and cross-validating a modified version of Schutte et al’s. (1998) measure. Personal. Individ. Differ. 2004

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Health literacy and health related lifestyle among nursing students

. 2012; 82(1): 28–36. 9. Zarcadoolas C, Pleasant A, Greer DS. Understanding health literacy: an expanded model. Health Promot Int. 2005; 20(2): 195-203. 10. Sørensen K, Van den Broucke S, Fullam J, et al. Health literacy and public health: a systematic review and integration of definitions and models. Am J Trop Med Publ Health. 2012; 12(80): 6-13. 11. Nutbeam D. Health promotion glossary. Health Promot Int. 1998; 13(4): 349-364. 12. Kanj M, Mitic W. Health Literacy and Health Promotion. Nairobi, Kenya: World Health Organization. 2009. Available

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English language proficiency and academic performance of Nursing Students speaking English as a second language

REFERENCES 1. Kaliyadan F, Thalamkandathil N, Parupalli SR, et al. English language proficiency and academic performance: A study of a medical preparatory year program in Saudi Arabia. Avicenna Journal of Medicine. 2015;5(4):140–144. doi:10.4103/2231-0770.165126. 2. Reinties B, Beausaert S, Grohnert T, et al. Understanding academic performance of international students: the role of ethnicity, academic and social integration. Higher Education. 2012;63:685–700. doi: 10.1007/s10734-011-9468-1. 3. Al-Khairy MH. English as a foreign language learning

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A literature review of research exploring the experiences of overseas nurses in the United Kingdom (2002–2017)

focused on the negative experiences of overseas nurses in the UK. However, there is little research assessing both sources of challenge and sources of support. 14 , 15 Additionally, many studies have only studied nurses from 1 country or race. The results, therefore, cannot be generalized to all overseas nurses working in the UK. Furthermore, although Nichols and Campbell 16 have produced an integrative review on this topic, they only reviewed articles written between 1995 and 2007. With the rapid development of medical technology and many changes in the nursing

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