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Why are individuals with autism spectrum disorder at risk group for unhealthy weight?

). Marí-Bauset S, Llopis-González A, Zazpe I, Marí-Sanchis A, Suárez-Varela MM. 2016. Nutritional impact of a gluten-free casein-free diet in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. J Autism Dev Disord 46(2):673–84. Matson JL, Kozlowski AM. 2011. The increasing prevalence of autism spectrum disorders. Res Autism Spect Dis 5(1):418–25. McCloughen A, Foster K, 2011. Weight gain associated with taking psychotropic medication: an integrative review. Int J Ment Health Nurs 20(3):202–22. Mills JL, Hediger ML, Molloy CA, Chrousos GP, Manning-Courtney P, Yu KF

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Globalization and children’s diets: The case of Maya of Mexico and Central America


Globalization is, in part, an economic force to bring about a closer integration of national economies. Globalization is also a biological, social and ideological process of change. Globalization results in powerful multinational corporations imposing their products on new markets. Food globalization brings about nutritional transitions, the most common being a shift from a locally-grown diet with minimally refined foods, to the modern diet of highly processed foods, high in saturated fat, animal products and sugar, and low in fiber. This paper will examine the influences of food globalization using the Maya of Mexico as a case study. The Maya people of Mexico are a poignant case. Maya health and culture has deteriorated as a result, with highly processed foods affecting physical growth and health of Maya children and their families. The case of the Maya is not isolated and we must come to terms with food globalization if we are to translate research into better child health and well-being

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Health literacy and health among the elderly: status and challenges in the context of the Polish population aging process

research in Canada. Can J Public Health 96 supl. 2, 62-77. Rubinelli S, Schulz PJ, Nakamoto K. 2009. Health literacy beyond knowledge and behaviour: letting the patient be a patient. Int J Public Health 54(5):307-11. doi: 10.1007/s00038-009-0052-8. Schloman B. 2004. Health literacy: a key ingredient for managing personal health. Online J Issues Nurs 9:14-23. Sörensen K, Van den Broucke S, Fullam J, Doyle G, Pelikan J, Slonska Z et al. 2012. Health literacy and public health: a systematic review and integration of

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Self-perceived sociosexuality and mate value asymmetry in heterosexual romantic relationships

and mate retention in romantic couples. Psychological Topics 15:277-96. Kenrick DT, Groth GE, Trost MR, Sadalla EK. 1993. Integrating evolutionary and social exchange perspectives on relationships: Effects of gender, self-appraisal, and involvement level on mate selection criteria. J Pers Soc Psychol 64:951-69. Kinsey AC, Pomeroy WB, Martin CE. 1949. Sexual behavior in the human male. J Nerv Ment Dis 109:283. Jonason PK, Luevano VX, Adams HM. 2012. How the Dark Triad traits predict relationship choices. Pers Indiv

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Relation between medical sociology and sociology of ageing or later life. A new challenges, social expectations and dilemmas

. Intergenerational Solidarity in Aging Families: An Example of Formal Theory Construction. Journal of Marriage and the Family 53(4):856-70. Berkman L, Glass T. 2000. Social Integration, Social Networks, Social Support and Health. In: LF Berkman and I Kawachi. Social Epidemiology, editors. New York: Oxford University Press. 137-173. Biggs S, Goergen T. 2010. Theoretical development in elder abuse and neglect. Ageing Int 35:167-70. Connidis IA, McMullin JA. 2002. Sociological ambivalence and family ties: A critical perspective. Journal

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Somatic, mood, and vasomotor symptoms at midlife in relation to family structure and household workloads in Sylhet, Bangladesh

, Kashiwakura M. 2000. Stress vulnerability and climacteric symptoms: life events, coping behavior, and severity of symptoms. Gynecol Obstet Invest 49(3):170-8. Issa RI, Griffin TM. 2012. Pathobiology of obesity and osteoarthritis: integrating biomechanics and inflammation. Pathobiol Aging Age Relat Dis 2:17470 Kaufert PA, Gilbert P, Tate R. 1992. The Manitoba Project: a re-examination of the link between menopause and depression. Maturitas 14:143-55. Kaur S, Walia I, Singh A. 2004. How menopause affects the lives of women in

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Longitudinal and cross-sectional changes with age in selected anthropometric and physiological traits in hospitalized adults: an insight from the Polish Longitudinal Study of Aging (PLSA)

, Feldman JJ. 1991. An overview of body weight of older persons, including the impact on mortality. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey I - Epidemiologic Follow-up Study. J Clin Epidemiol 44:743-53. Davey A, Lele U, Elias MF, Dore GA, Siegler IC, Johnson MA, Hausman DB, Tenover JL, Poon LW; Georgia Centenarian Study. 2012. Diabetes mellitus in centenarians. J Am Geriatr Soc 60:468-73. de Magelhães JP, Faragher RGA. 2008. Cell divisions and mammalian aging: integrative biology insights from genes that regulate longevity

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The biological evolution of conscience – from parent-offspring conflict to morality

order roles and educational attainment among Thai Khon Müang. Res Econ An 23:355-77. Tesak G. 2003. Gewissen. In: WD Rehfus, editor. Handwörterbuch Philosophie. Göttingen and Oakville. Trivers RL. 1974. Parent-offspring conflict. American Zoologist 14;249-64. Tyson P, Tyson RL. 1993. Psychoanalytic theories of development - An Integration. New Haven CT: Yale University Press. Voland E, Chasiotis A, Schiefenhövel W editors. 2005. Grandmotherhood - the evolutionary significance of the second half of female

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Current status and future directions of research on facial attractiveness

., A. Thomas, S. E. Smith, G. K. Aguirre 2009, The neural response to facial attractiveness , Neuropsychology , 23 , 135-43 Conway C. A., B. C. Jones, L. M. DeBruine, A. C. Little, J. Hay, et al. 2008, Integrating physical and social cues when forming face preferences: Differences among low and highanxiety individuals , Soc. Neurosci. , 3 , 89-95 Cooper P. A., S. S. Geldart, C. J. Mondloch, D. Maurer 2006, Developmental changes in perceptions of attractiveness: A role of experience? Dev. Sci. , 9 , 530

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The life history of Ardipithecus ramidus: a heterochronic model of sexual and social maturation

developmental evolution. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Lieberman DE. 2011. The Evolution of the Human Head, 1st edn. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Lieberman DE, Ross CF, Ravosa MJ. 2000. The primate cranial base: ontogeny, function, and integration. Am J Phys Anthropol. Suppl 31:117–69. Lovejoy CO. 2009. Reexamining Human origins in light of Ardipithecus ramidus. Science 326, 74–74e8. Lovejoy O. 2014. Ardipithecus and earliest human evolution in light of 21st century developmental biology. Anthropol Res 70:337–363. Martin RD. 1983. Human

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