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Integration of Travel Agencies with other Supply Chain Members: Impact on Efficiency

, applications, references and DEA-solver software . Massachusetts: Kluwer Academic Publishers. Council, World Travel & Tourism. (2014). Travel & Tourism: Economic Impact 2014. London: WTTC. Denise, L. (2007). Collaboration vs. C-Three (Cooperation, Coordination, and Communication). Innovating, 7 (3), 1-5. Dragan, D., Kramberger, T., & Topolšek, D. . (2015). Supply chain integration and firm performance in the tourism sector. Paper presented at the Pre-conference proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Logistics & Sustainable Transport 2015

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Electricity Supply and Economic Diversification in Nigeria (1981-2016)


The study examined the impact of electricity supply on economic diversification in Nigeria, using time series data from 1981 to 2016. The study employed descriptive analysis and Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) techniques. The Augmented Dickey-Fuller unit root test showed that the variables are integrated of different orders.

The result from the Bounds co-integration test to show the presence of a long-run relationship among the variables was inconclusive. The short run (ARDL) model, however, indicated a positive insignificant relationship between electricity supply and economic diversification in Nigeria. The findings of the study revealed that the electricity supply had not played a fundamental role in enhancing economic diversification in Nigeria.

The study, therefore, recommended that for Nigeria to drive economic diversification through electricity supply, the government should fix the electricity supply problem which can be achieved by short-term action to reduce technical faults through maintenance of the transmission and distribution infrastructure or long-term interventions to expand generating capacity.

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The Role and the Importance of Human Resources in Obtaining Organization Performances


The human resources department represents a particular capital, which needs being listened to, motivation and training for the achievements of the organization’s objectives. The employee contributes or prevents the right turn of the things going on into a company. People are different from each other, and the transfer of practices considered standard in an activity or organization becomes inappropriate in another environment with different cultural and professional values. Human resources specialists avoid passing examples of good practice to other organizations due to the fact that successful recipes in a certain environment are impractical in another.

It is vital to create a motivational climate and an organizational culture that facilitates employee integration into the institution's needs and personal goals to match to organizations. The data was collected by means of a questionnaire applied to a representative sample of teaching staff in pre-university education in Dâmboviţa County. The teachers carry out their activity in academic high schools, technological and vocational schools. The data was used to outline an overview of what human resources are for the organization and to what extent it influences its performance.

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Obtaining Value and Performance by Managing Effectively the Customers’ Complaints

Press, 2011. Sauro J., Customer Analytics for Dummies , John Wiley & Sons, 2015 Shaw J.S., Triple customer complaints: boost profits by capturing the customer’s point of view,, 2011 Wang W. et al., Integration and innovation orient to e-society, Wuhan, China, 2007 Wexler S. et al., The big book of dashboards: visualizing your data using real-world business scenarios, John Wiley & Sons, 2017 Wilson R., Hill A.V., The operations management complete toolbox, FT Press, 2013

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Understanding and Evaluating Research and Scholarly Publishing in the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

expected and must be respected in more typical cultural and societal sectors and domains, such as democratic development, policy design, public administration, international affairs, integration and understanding of different languages and cultures, education at all levels, cultural life, media and information, and in investigating and informing about history, the “memory of society”. In these sectors and domains, one will find that societal impact usually is in place as organized interaction and responsibilities between the SSH and other institutions of civilization

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What Motives Users to Participate in Danmu on Live Streaming Platforms? The Impact of Technical Environment and Effectance

International 55 3 273 286 10.1080/09523987.2018.1512447 Liu, L., Suh, A., & Wagner, C. (2016). Watching online videos interactively: The impact of media capabilities in Chinese Danmaku video sites. Chinese Journal of Communication , 9(3), 283–303. 10.1080/17544750.2016.1202853 Liu L. Suh A. Wagner C. 2016 Watching online videos interactively: The impact of media capabilities in Chinese Danmaku video sites Chinese Journal of Communication 9 3 283 303 10.1080/17544750.2016.1202853 Liu, L., Suh, A., & Wagner, C. (2017). Who is with You? Integrating a Play Experience into

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Social Media Affordances and Information Sharing: An Evidence from Chinese Public Organizations

• Convenient to use • Communicate with top and lower staff quickly • Quick connection and prompt • Communication and association • Reduce the frequency of face-to-face reports • Efficiency and quick response • Interact with my colleague and share express information ideas • Meeting and social groups those are created on social media • A useful way of sharing information • Better connection • Media groups for coordination process • Convenient to integrate • A platform for communicating quickly

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Tourism sector, Travel agencies, and Transport Suppliers: Comparison of Different Estimators in the Structural Equation Modeling

. 11. D. Topolšek, E. Mrnjavac, and N. Kovačić, “Integration of travel agencies with transport providers”, Tourism Management Perspectives, vol. 9, pp. 14-23, 2014. 12. L. Mia, and A. Patiar, “The use of management accounting systems in hotels: an exploratory study”, Hospitality Management, vol. 20, pp. 111-128, 2001. 13. P.A. Phillips, “Hotel performance and competitive advantage: a contingency approach”, International Journal of Hospitality Management, vol. 11, pp. 359-65, 1999. 14. L. Enz, L. Canina, and K. Walsh

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The Information Integration in the SMEs

Bibliography Ana Grama, Doina Fotache, Integrarea Informaţională A IMM-Urilor Româneşti , Analele Ştiinţifice Ale Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Din Iaşi, Tomul LII/LIII Ştiinţe Economice, 2005/2006 European Commision (2008), eBusiness Guide for SMEs: eBusiness Software and Services in the European Market, disponibil la Edelhauser, Realizarea sistemelor informatice integrate ale organizațiilor orientate pe proiecte , Petroşani, 2008. Fotache D., Hurbean L., – Soluţii

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