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Double Jeopardy: How Refugees Fare in One European Labor Market

1 Introduction The reception and labor market integration of refugees is one of the most pressing and important issues facing Europe today. The recent influx of asylum seekers also makes it one of the most contentious and hotly debated issues of our time. However, there is only a limited body of research looking at how refugees are faring in the European labor markets ( Bakker et al. 2016 ; Bevelander and Pendakur 2014 ; Bratsberg et al. 2017 ; Fasani et al. 2017 ; Luik et al. 2016 ; Rea et al. 2014 ; Ruiz and Vargas-Silva 2017 , 2018; Sarvimäki 2017

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European Monetary Integration as a Development Factor of Eurocurrency Market

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Impact of Safta on Capital Market Integration of South Asia: Evidence from Cointegration Analysis

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The Fiscal Effects of Economic Immigration on Subnational Government Finance in Poland

(1), 1-41. Golinowska, S. (2004). Popyt na pracę cudzoziemców. Polska i sąsiedzi. Warszawa: IPiSS. Grubel, H., Grady, P. (2012). Fiscal Transfers to Immigrants in Canada: Responding to Critics and a Revised Estimate. Fraser Institute , 1-43. Javdani, M., Pendakur, K. (2014). Fiscal Transfers to Immigrants in Canada. Journal of International Migration and Integration, 15 (4), 777-797. Klimek, D. (2015). Funkcja ekonomiczna migracji z Ukrainy do Polski. Łódź: Monografie Politechniki Łódzkiej. Klimek, D. (2016). Wpływ imigracji

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Poland’s Economic Performance in Global and Long-term Perspective: Surprises so far and Risks in the Years Ahead

–40 years. Growth convergence is in part a product of technological integration of national economies into a single world economy. That process of integration has progressed particularly forcefully in Europe during the last 50- years. There have been institutional implications of that forceful technological integration. One of them is the creation of the European Union, European Central Bank and euro as the common currency for almost all EU countries. Before the euro was adopted the countries of southern Europe didn’t care as much about inflation as postwar Germany did

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An Essential Review of Internet Banking Services in Developing Countries

(2016), 2432–2439. Lee, M.-C. (2009). Factors Influencing the Adoption of Internet Banking: An Integration of TAM and TPB with Perceived Risk and Perceived Benefit. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 8(2009), 130–141. Ling, G.M., Fern, Y.S., Boon, L.K., Huat, T.S. (2016). Understanding Customer Satisfaction of Internet Banking: A Case Study In Malacca. Procedia Economics and Finance 37(16), 80-85. DOI:10.1016/S2212-5671(16)30096-X. Fishbein, M.A., Ajzen, I. (1975). Belief, Attitude, Intention and Behavior: An Introduction to Theory and Research

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Regional dimension of firm level productivity determinants: the case of manufacturing and service firms in Ukraine

Econometrica vol. 60 5 1127 50 [26] Hortaçsu, A., and Syverson Ch., (2007), Cementing Relationships: Vertical Integration, Foreclosure, Productivity, and Prices, Journal of Political Economy vol. 115(2), pp. 250–301. 10.1086/514347 Hortaçsu A. Syverson Ch. 2007 Cementing Relationships: Vertical Integration, Foreclosure, Productivity, and Prices Journal of Political Economy vol. 115 2 250 301 [27] Huynh, K P, Jacho-Chavez, D T, Kryvtsov, O, Shepotylo, O, Vakhitov, V 2015, ‘The Evolution of Firm-Level Distributions for Ukrainian Manufacturing

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Migration, Cultural Identity and Diasporas An Identity Economics Approach

incorporation of cultural identity influences the decision to migrate and to adapt to the host country’s culture. The result is that the strong motive of improving one’s economic well-being is in conflict with the own cultural identity. Since the native population has a dominant strategy to pressure for integration into the host country’s culture, immigrants may often choose to live in a diaspora instead. The remaining of the paper is structured as follows. In Section 1, the notions of culture and cultural identity are defined. Moreover, the relevance of culture for

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Diaspora Externalities

) through market prices. This is how the “brain drain,” for example, has been portrayed in the early literature of the 1970s as well as in the first “new growth” models of the early 1990s. And this also applies, this paper will argue, to the role of migration and diaspora networks that contribute to integrate home countries into the world economy. While by definition individuals do not internalize the full extent of consequences of their decisions on other’s welfare (for if they were, there would be no externality), these consequences should be—but are seldom

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Mechanics of Investment Drivers in Chinese Economy


We examine the predictors of investment in the Chinese economy for the period 1973-2018. Our study adopts the Mark Nerlove (1962) partial adjustment hypothesis combined with instrumental econometric techniques based on the condition of the data used. Our results provide strong evidence that supports savings, export earnings, and final consumption expenditure as correlates of predictors of investment in China. Based on empirical results, we strongly recommend the integration of the unbaked population to a formal financial service to further stimulate more investment in the Chinese economy.

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