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Idiomer som står mitt hjerte nær. En korpusbasert analyse av utvalgte idiomer med component hjerte i norsk

References Braaten, S. (2012). Phraseologismen im Norwegischen und Deutschen. Eine vergleichende Untersuchung von Bedeutung, Herkunft und Gebrauch etwa 3000 mehrwortiger semantischer Einheiten. Oslo: Universitetet i Oslo. Burger, H. (et al.). (1982). Handbuch der Phraseologie. Berlin: de Gruyter. Clausen, U. (1996). Idiom i bruk. I: Språket lever! Festskrift till Margareta Westman den 27 mars 1996. Stockholm: Svenska språknämnden, 36-42. Cowie Anthony (et al.). (1998). Phraseology. Theory

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Fler Huvuden Väntas Falla
Metafor och Metonymi i Svenska Somatismer med Lexemet Huvud


The purpose of this study is to give a detailed analysis of the semantics of the Swedish body part term huvud (head). The study covers all types of linguistic units including the component huvud (idioms, compounds), both conventionalized everyday expressions and occasional uses. The theoretical basis of the analysis is the cognitive theory of metaphor and metonymy formulated by Lakoff and Johnson (1980).

A large part of semantic extensions of huvud are associated with the head as the upper part of the human body, containing the brain and sense organs. These features lead to metonymies: HEAD FOR THINKING ABILITY AND PERCEPTION and metaphor HEAD IS POSITION OF COMMAND. The head itself is conceptualized metaphorically as a CONTAINER in which thoughts, memories, emotional and physical states are stored.

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