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The phraseological meaning construal in the traditional vs. cognitive culture-oriented perspectives

Abbreviations: EL 1 – The encyclopedia of linguistics . ELL 2 – The encyclopedia of language and linguistics . GCL 3 – A glossary of cognitive linguistics . GSP 4 – A glossary of semantics and pragmatics . LE 5 – The linguistics encyclopedia . PhCE 6 – Phraseology and culture in English. PhIHCR 7 – Phraseology: an international handbook of contemporary research . RDLL 8 – Routledge dictionary of language and linguistics . References Ayto, J. (2005). Idioms. In Encyclopedia oflanguage and linguistics. [second edition

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Death in Metaphorical Language

List of abbreviations AHDI – American heritage dictionary of idioms. BCP – The book of common prayer. BDMPF – Brewer’s dictionary of modern phrase and fable. BDPF – Brewer’s dictionary of phrase and fable. DE – How not to say what you mean. A dictionary of euphemisms. DOED – A dictionary of euphemisms and other doubletalk. FDLNT – Food: a dictionary of literal and nonliteral terms. HEI – Harrap’s English idioms. LDCE – The Longman dictionary of contemporary English. MS – Metaphorically speaking: a dictionary of 3,800 picturesque idiomatic

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Meaning-Making Processes in Derivatives from Precedent Names

a ‘Robin Hood tax’?’ Available at: Wojciechowska, S. & Szczepaniak, R. (2013). Modified idioms with HAND: a corpus based study of the metaphor-metonymy interplay . Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the UK Cognitive Linguistics Association, King’s College London. Yermolovich, D.I. / Ермолович Д.И. (2005) Основания переводоведческой ономастики. Диссертация на соискание степени доктора филологических наук. Москва: Московский Государственный Лингвистический Университет. Yermolovich, D

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