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Filtering and Classifying Relevant Short Text with a Few Seed Words

(linguistics) 句子(sentence), 翻译(translate), 解释(explain), 全文(full text), 读音(pronunciation), 成语 (idiom), 词语(word), 阅读(read), 语文(chinese language), 古文(ancient chinese prose), 汉 语(chinese), 汉字(chinese character), 英文(english), 文字(character), 故事(story), 繁体字 (complex chinese character), 文章(article), 修辞(thetoric), 英语(english), 歇后语(two-part allegorical saying) 19.6 19.3 院校信息 (colleges and universities information) 大学(university), 专业(major), 学院(college), 学校(school), 设计(design), 职业(career), 校 区(campus), 科技(science), 技术学院(technical college), 录取(admit), 研究生(master), 工 程

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