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Linguistic Diversity, Language Rights And Language Ecology

Education, Parts 1–3. Roskilde: Roskilde University Centre, Institute, (pp. 42–72); republished 1995 in García, O. &Baker, C. (eds.), Policy and Practice in Bilingual Education. A Reader Extending the Foundations (pp. 40–59, questions added, pp. 59–62). Clevedon: Multilingual Matters. Skutnabb-Kangas, T. (2014). Linguistic Diversity. In D. Philips (ed.). Encyclopedia of Educational Theory and Philosophy , Volume 1 (pp. 484–486). London: Sage. Skutnabb-Kangas, T. (2012). Linguistic Human Rights. In P. M. Tiersma, &L. M. Solan (eds.) (2012). Oxford Handbook of

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A Plurilingual Approach to ELT in Primary School: Towards an Ecological Perspective

b7e5c5bf36dd7aa9c951fbee010635.pdf . Phillipson, R. (2003). English-Only Europe ? London: Routledge. Phillipson, R., & Skutnabb-Kangas, T. (1997). Linguistic human rights and English in Europe. World Englishes, 16 (1), 27–43. doi:10.1111/1467-971X.00044. Rindal, U., & Piercy, C. (2013). Being “neutral”? English pronunciation among norwegian learners. World Englishes, 32 (2), 211–229. doi:10.1111/weng.12020. Schmitz, J. R. (2014). Looking under Kachru’s (1982, 1985) three circles model of World Englishes: the hidden reality and current

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Language Challenges in Global and Regional Integration

New York: Routledge. Skutnabb-Kangas, T. & Phillipson R. (Eds.) (2017). Language Rights . Volume 3. Language endangerment and revitalisation; language rights charters and declarations. London and New York: Routledge. Skutnabb-Kangas, T. & Phillipson R. (Eds.) (2017). Language Rights . Volume 4. Language rights: challenges in theory and implementation. London and New York: Routledge. Skutnabb-Kangas, T. (2000). Linguistic genocide in education – or worldwide diversity and human rights? Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum. Tonkin, H. (2011

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Bilingualism in Ukraine: Value or Challenge?

: UN Special Rapporteur urges stronger minority rights guarantees to defuse tensions. United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner. Retrieved from . Vynnychuk, Y. (2016). На мовному фронті без змін! [On the Linguistic Front No Change!]. Портал мовної політики May 5, 2016. Retrieved from . Yushchenko, V. (2010). Чия мова – того й влада [Whoever Rules the Language Has the Power]. День No. 180

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