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Maximising available resources: Equality and human rights proofing Irish fiscal policy

References Abrisketa, J., & Casas, M. (2016). Extraterritorial application of human rights treaties. Retrieved from [10 July 2017]. Alston, P. (2015, February 12). Tax policy is human rights policy: The Irish debate. Keynote address, Christian Aid Ireland conference, Dublin. Alston, P. (2016, December 16). Rethinking economic policy for social justice: The radical potential of human rights. Keynote address, London School of Economics conference

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An absence of rights: Homeless families and social housing marketisation in Ireland

: Failed experiment or the way forward? Manchester: Manchester University Press. Hearne, R. (2017). A home or a wealth generator? Inequality, financialisation and the Irish housing crisis . Dublin: TASC. Hearne, R., & Kenna, P. (2014) Using the human rights based approach to tackle housing deprivation in an Irish urban housing estate. Journal of Human Rights Practice, 6 (1), 1–25. Hearne, R., & Murphy, M. (2017). Investing in the right to a home: Housing, HAPs and hubs . Kildare: Maynooth University. IHREC. (2017). The provision of emergency

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Effective Legal Protection against the Excessive Length of Administrative Decision-Making: The Cases of Slovenia and Croatia

upravnim sporovima iz 2010” [European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights (Art. 6.) and the Administrative Disputes Act of 2010]. Zbornik Pravnog fakulteta u Splitu 49(2), 395–410. Cardona, Francisco. 2005. “Checklist for general law on administrative procedures.” SIGMA. Available at (last accessed 1 April 2016). Đanić, Ana and Lana Ofak. 2014. “Djelotvornost žalbe u upravnom sporu kao jedno od temeljnih instituta zaštite ljudskih prava” [Effectiveness of Appeal in Administrative Dispute

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Human rights and fiscal oversight: A case study of the Northern Ireland 2011–15 budget

References Balakrishnan, R., & Elson, D. (2008). Auditing economic policy in the light of obligations on economic and social rights. Essex Human Rights Review, 5 (1), 1-19. Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform. (2008). Code of practice on consultation. London: Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform. Department for Social Development. (2011). Draft budget 2010 . Belfast: Department for Social Development. Equality Commission for Northern Ireland. (2010). Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act: A

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A duty to value: Implementing the public sector equality and human rights duty

References Crowley, N. (2015). Equality and human rights: An integrated approach . Dublin: Equality and Rights Alliance. Crowley, N. (2017). Making Europe more equal: A legal duty? Brussels: Equinet. Department of the Taoiseach. (2016). A programme for a partnership government, May 2016 . Retrieved from [8 May 2016]. Equality Commission for Northern Ireland. (2007). Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998. Report of public authority five year reviews of equality schemes . Belfast: Equality Commission for

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Access to Socio-Cultural Life inside Assisted Care Homes?
Overviewing Legislation in Finland and Kazakhstan

Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. Adopted on 4 November 2000, entered into force on 1 April 2005, ETS . No. 177. Dmitriev, S. V. 2006. “Materialy revizii senatora K. K. Palena po traditsionnomu semeinomu pravu kazakhov kontsa XIX – nachala XX veka”. Vestnik Novosibirskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta . Seriia “Istoriia, filologiia”. 5 (3), 123 – 139. Finland, Act on Patient’s Position and Rights (785 / 1992). 1992. Reproduced in the database of Finnish legislation “Finlex.” Available at http

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Law, Social Norms and Welfare as Means of Public Administration: Case Study of Mahalla Institutions in Uzbekistan

-302. Gleason, G. 2001. "'Asian Values' and the Democratic Transition in Central Asia." Harvard Asia Quarterly 5 (1). Human Rights Watch. 2003. From House to House: Abuses by Mahalla Committees . Vol. 15. New York: Human Rights Watch. Hyden, H. 2008. "Putting Law in Context: Some Remarks on the Implementation of Law in China." In H. Hyden and P. Wickenberg (eds). Contributions in Sociology of Law: Remarks from a Swedish Horizon. Lund: Media-Tryck Sociologen, 147-176. Hyden, H. and M. Svensson

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Better Local Governance by Integrative Reorganization of State Administration and Self- Government (in Slovenia)

]. Zakonitost [Legality] 11 - 12, 1327 - 1333. Ribičič, Ciril. 2010. Človekove pravice in ustavna demokracija [Human Rights and Constitutional Democracy]. Ljubljana: Študentska založba. Schuppert, Gunnar Folke. 2011. “Partnerships.” In Mark Bevir (ed.). Th e SAGE Handbook of Governance. Los Angeles: Sage, 287 - 299. Schuppert, Gunnar Folke. 2000. Verwaltungswissenschaft . Verwaltung, Verwaltungsrecht, Verwaltungslehren. Baden-Baden: Nomos. SIGMA. 2008. Draft ing a Concept Paper on the Organizational Structure of

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Openness and Transparency in (Slovene) Administrative Procedures as Fundamental European Principles

System of Administrative Procedures in South-Eastern Europe.” Croatian and Comparative Public Administration 14(1), 189 – 228. Savino, Mario. 2010. The Right to Open Public Administration in Europe: Emerging Legal Standards . SIGMA Papers 46. Paris: OECD. Available at (last accessed 19 October 2016). Sever, Tina, Iztok Rakar and Polonca Kovač. 2014. “Protecting Human Rights through Fundamental Principles of Administrative Procedures in Eastern Europe.” Danube 5

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Exploring the Determinants of Transparency of Slovak Municipalities

-Government.” Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy 1(1), 7 – 28. Birkinshaw, Patrick. 2006. “Freedom of information and openness: Fundamental human rights ?” Administrative Law Review 58, no. 1, 177 – 218. Chadwick, A. and C. May. 2003. “Interaction between States and Citizens in the Age of the Internet: ‘e-Government’ in the United States, Britain, and the European Union.” Governance-Oxford 16(2), 271 – 300. Christensen, L. T. and J. Cornelissen. 2015. “Organizational Transparency as Myth and Metaphor.” European Journal of Social Theory 18(2), 132

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