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Is it ‘more normal’ to enhance than to restore our nature?

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On two modern hybrid forms of consequentialism

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Towards critical aspects of Confucianism

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The principle of vulnerability and its potential applications in bioethics

: Recommendations for a more Nuanced Legal Policy. In: F. Ambagtsheer & W. Weimar (eds.): The EULOD Project: Living Organ Donation in Europe: Results and Recommendations. Lengerich, Berlin, Bremen, Miami, Riga, Viernheim, Wien & Zagreb: Pabst Science Publishers, pp. 147–174. SHI, L. & STEVENS, G. D. (2005): Vulnerability and Unmet Health Care Needs: The Influence of Multiple Risk Factors. In: Journal of General Internal Medicine , 20(2), pp. 148–154. TEN HAVE, H. (2014): The principle of vulnerability in the UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights. In: J

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Patočka, Charter 77, the state and morality: “May it all be for the benefit of the community!”

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Conscientious objection in health care

-religiöser Pluralismus als neue Herausforderung für das ärztliche Gewissen. In: F.-J. Bormann & V. Wetzstein (eds.): Gewissen: Dimensionen eines Grundbegriffs medizinischer Ethik . Berlin & Boston: De Gruyter, pp. 3–24. UN (UNITED NATIONS) (1966): International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights . [online] [Retrieved November 7, 2016] Available at: . UN (1948): Universal Declaration of Human Rights . [online] [Retrieved November 7, 2016] Available at: . WELFARE, M. & CARTER, J. (2007): The Foundation Programme: The Medics’ Practical

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