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Nation to Pass FOI Law, but Struggle for Openness Goes On. , 19. December 2014. [Online.] Available at < .> [Accessed 29 September 2017.] Relly, Jeannine E. & Sabharwal, Meghna (2009). Perceptions of Transparency of Government: A Cross-National Study. Government Information Quarterly , 26(1): 148-157 Vaagan, Robert W. (2011). Media Systems, Access to Information and Human Rights in China and Vietnam. Nordic Journal

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When will the Daybreak Come?
Popular Music and Political Processes in Ethiopia

:// CPJ (Committee to Protect Journalists) (2007) ‘Backsliders, the Ten Countries Were Press Freedom Has Most Deteriorated’. Special Report 2007, Dahlgren, P. (1995) Television and the Public Sphere: Citizenship, Democracy, and the Media. London: Sage. Eickelman, Dale F. and Anderson, Jon W. (2003) ‘Redefining Muslim Publics in Eickelman D.F. and Anderson, J.W (eds) New Media in the Muslim World, 2nd ed. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. Ethiopia Country Report on Human Rights

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Current Research Projects. More Balanced Election Coverage with Media Researchers on Location

Dialogue and Democracy, 2005. Monitoring the Coverage of the October 2004 Legislative and Presidential Elections in Tunisia. The Tunisian League for the Defence of Human Rights, 2004. Tanner Hawkins, Eliza (2003) Conflict and the Mass Media in Chávez’s Venezuela. Provo, Utah (unpublished). The Carter Center (2005) The Carter Center and the Peacebuilding Process in Venezuela, june 2002 - february 2005. Valverde, Miguel Acosta & Parra Rosales, Luz Paula (1994) The Media and the 1994 Federal Elections i Mexico

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Worldview Struggles under a New Climate Regime
South African and Norwegian Media Coverage of COP17

. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Human Development Report (2007/2008) Fighting Climate Change - Human Solidarity in a Divided World. New York: UNDP. Høst, S. (2013) Avisåret 2012. Rapport Nr. 37. Volda: Høgskulen i Volda. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fourth Assessment Report Part 1 (2007). Johannessen, J. (2013) Climate Change, Poverty and Climate Justice in South African Media: The Case of COP17. South African Journal on Human Rights 29(1), 32-60. Kunelius R. (2012

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The Discourse of Global Compassion and the Media

.), Media Ethics. London: Routledge. Beetham, D. (1998) Democracy and Human Rights: Civil, Political, Economic, Social and Cultural. Pp 71-97 in J. Symonides (ed.), Human Rights: New Dimensions and Challenges. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate. Björnemyr, N. and I. Wahlqvist (2002) Mediernas bild av civila offer efter 11 september, 2001. En jämförande studie av rapporteringen i Dagens Nyheter och New York Times efter terrorattackerna i USA och kriget i Afghanistan. Örebro Universitet, Medier och kommunikationsvetenskap, C

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Nation-building, not “Resistance Radio”
Self Determination, the State, & Saami Media

References Ahren, Mattias; Scheinin, Martin & Henriksen, John (2007) The Nordic Sami Convention: International Human Rights, Self Determination and Other Central Provisions. Galdu Cala, No 2/2007. Anderson, Benedict (1983/1991) Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism. London, UK: Verso Books. Donders, Yvonne (2002) Towards a Right to Cultural Identity. Antwerp: Intersentia. El-Nawawy, Mohammed & Iskandar, Adel (2002) Al Jazeera: The Story of the Network that is

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Towards a Participatory, Co-operative and Sustainable Information Society?
A Critical Analysis of Swedish ICT Policy Discourses

for Sweden . Speech at the Internetdagarna conference. Retrieved from: Heinrich Böll Foundation (2003a.) Charter of Civil Rights for a Sustainable Knowledge Society . Version 2.0. May 2003. Retrieved from: Heinrich Böll Foundation (2003b.) Towards A Charter of Human Rights for Sustainable Knowledge Societies . Henten, A. & T.M. Kristensen (2000) Information society visions in the Nordic countries. Telematics and Informatics 17(1-2): 77

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The Moral Police
Agenda-setting and Framing Effects of a New(s) Concept of Immigration

Belgian press coverage of the asylum issue,” European Journal of Communication 20(4): 484-507. Gross, B.K. and Threadgold T. (2007) Broadcast News Coverage of Asylum, April to October 2006: Caught Between Human Rights and Public Safety, Cardiff: Oxfam and Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies. Hafez, K. (2000) “Islam and the West in the Mass Media: Fragmented Images in a Globalizing World,” Cresskill: Hampton Press. Horsti, K. (2013) “De-ethnicized victims: Mediatized advocacy for asylum seekers

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Market-Driven Challenges to Freedom of Expression and the Interaction Between the State, the Market, and the Media

polikerna lamslagna [The politicians are paralysed regarding of the media crisis] Göteborgs-Posten , Sept 11, 2014. Communication from the Commission on the application of state aid rules to public service broadcasting 2009/C 257/01 Retrieved 19 May 2015 Media Development (2011) p 93. Council of Europe: Media Pluralism and Human Rights. Issue discussion paper CommDH

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Asylum Seekers Arrived, Elites Occupied the Air
Topics and Interviewees in YLE’s Magazine Programmes During the “Asylum-Seeker Crisis”

universitet. Gross, Bernhard; Moore, Kerry & Threadgold, Terry Roslyn (2007). Broadcast News Coverage of Asylum April to October 2006: Caught Between Human Rights and Public Safety . Cardiff: Cardiff University. Haavisto, Camilla (2011). Conditionally One of “Us”: A Study of Print Media, Minorities and Positioning Practices . Helsinki: University of Helsinki. Hackett, Robert (1985). A Hierarchy of Access: Aspects of Source Bias in Canadian TV News. Journalism Quarterly , 62(2): 256-265. Hall, Stuart; Critcher, Chas; Jefferson, Tony; Clarke, John

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