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Secular Formatting of the Sacred: Human Rights and the Question of Secularization and Re-Sacralization

Human Rights and the Sacred Space of Society The sociologist Hans Joas argues in Die Macht des Heiligen (2017) that by studying the place of the sacred within the secular society, we may observe how it interrupts and changes the society from within. Whereas many nations have constructed the nation as sacred during the 20th century and still do so today, Joas argues that this is a false sacralization, which leads to violence, militarism, and in some cases totalitarianism. According to Joas, human rights represent an alternative to this story of the

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Forced Entanglements: Stories of Expulsion, Sovereign Power and Bare Life

Ausländerrecht. Schweizerisches Bundesarchiv. . Slaughter, Joseph. 2007. Human Rights Inc: The World Novel, Narrative Form and International Law. New York: Fordham University Press. Smith, Anna Marie. 2010. “Neo-eugenics: A Feminist Critique of Agamben.” Occasion: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities v. 2 , accessed January 2019. Schmitt, Carl. 2006. Political Theology. Four Chapters on the Concept of Sovereignty. Chicago, trans. George Schwab. Chicago University Press

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The Right to Court in Polish Penal Proceedings Since 1989

References Legal Sources The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 19 December 1966 (J.L. of 1997, No. 38, item 167 as amended) European Convention on Human Rights drafted in Rome on 4th November 1950 (J.L. of 1993, No. 61, item 284 as amended) Konstytucja Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej z dnia 2 kwietnia 1997 r. Dz. U. z 1997 r. Nr 78, poz. 483 [Constitution of the Republic of Poland, J.L. No.78, item 483] Ustawa z dnia 17 marca 1921 r. - Konstytucja Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, Dz.U. Nr 44, poz. 267 [The Act of 17 March 1921 - Constitution

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Legal and Economic Aspects of the Financial Independence of Communes in Poland

References LEGAL SOURCES European Convention on Human Rights of 4 th November 1950. Europejska Karta Samorządu Lokalnego z 15 października 1985 r., Dz. U. z 1994 r. Nr 124, poz. 607 [European Charter of Local Self-government, J.L. of 1994, no. 124, item 607]. Konstytucja Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej z dnia 2 kwietnia 1997 r. (Dz. U. Nr 78, poz. 483) - The Constitution of the Republic f Poland of 2 April 1997 (J.L. No. 78, item 483, as amended). Ustawa z 8 marca 1990 r. o samorządzie gminnym, t.j. Dz. U. 2001 r. Nr 142, poz. 1591 ze zm. [Act of 8 March

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US–Kenya Economic Relations under Obama and Their Image in the Kenyan News Discourse

Somalian leader Siad Barre from attacking its territory. Paradoxically, agreement was signed under the presidency of Carter, who wished to overcome the Cold War logic and introduce to US–Africa policy new issues such as development, human rights and majority rule in Southern Africa. The revolution in Iran and the Soviet invasion to Afghanistan changed the international environment and pushed Carter toward accepting the Cold War logic ( Waters 2009 , lxii-lxiv). Reagan continued with this hardline realism and aimed to defeat the Soviet Union. Kenya remained one of the

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The Strategic Assessment Model (Stratam) Studying and Preventing Strategic Failure

from Aviation." British Medical Journal 320 (2000): 781-185. Helmreich, R. L., and A.C. Merritt. Culture at Work in Aviation and Medicine: National, Organizational, and Professional Influences. Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 1998. High Reliability Organizing. (accessed 12 January 2012). Holderstein-Holtermann, Jakob von. "A "Slice of Cheese" - A Deterrent-Based Argument for the International Criminal Court." Human Rights Review (Springer Science + Business Media), August 2009

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Headlines as Fake News: Discursive Deception in Serbia’s Daily Informer (2012–2018)

SERBIAN IDENTITY: Anti-westernism, russophilia, traditionalism (Belgrade: Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Belgrade), 139–56. Bieber, Florian (2002), ‘Nationalist mobilization and stories of Serb suffering: The Kosovo myth from 600th anniversary to the present’, Rethinking history, 6 (1), 95–110. Bjelotomić, Snežana (2017), ‘Gordy: In five years, I see Serbia as a small country dependent on foreign investors’, Serbian Monitor . <

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Poland towards the German leadership in the European Union

:// Human Rights in Russia: Pussy Riot takes part in committee debate, DROI, Press release - External relations − 29-05-2013 -11:38, European Parliament/News, Human-Rights-in-Russia-Pussy-Riot-takes-part-in-committeedebate. J. Habermas, Pakt dla Europy czy przeciw Europie?, „Gazeta Wyborcza”, 9th-10th April 2011, p. 17 [Pact for Europe, or against Europe?]. K. Hołdak, Amerykański system obrony przeciwrakietowej i jego implikacje dla Polski, „Kwartalnik

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Kurds in the Middle East in the context of plurality of identities

Contemporary Overview , Routledge 2005. Kropáček L., Duchovnícesty islámu , Praha 1998. Taşpinar Ö., Kurdish Nationalism and Political Islam in Turkey: Kemalist Identity in Transition , New York 2005. Yildiz K., The Kurds and Turkey: EU Accession and Human Rights , London 2005. Zaki M.A., A Short History of the Kurds and Kurdistan , Vol. I and II, 2008.

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Trapped within the law. Will the Kurdish Jews return to their homeland?

Bibliography A Reading for the Law of Protecting Components in Kurdistan , [access on: 8.01.2018]. Arhen R., In Netanyahu’s new illustrated world, Israel has just five enemies , [access on: 6.01.2018]. Basri C., The Jewish Studies of the Human Rights Violations of Iraqi Jews – A Case Study of the Human Rights

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