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Security and Human Rights: Contradictory or Reconcilable Paradigms? State of Affairs in Bulgaria

References [1] Harris, D., O'Boyle, M., Bates, E. and Buckley, C. Law of the European Convention on Human Rights , Third Edition. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2014. [2] Carlier, J.-Y., De Schutter, O. (dir.) La Charte des droits fondamentaux de l'Union Europeenne , Bruxelles, Bruylant, 2002. [3] Belova-Ganeva, G. Contemporary Trends in Human Rights Protection , Sofia, Classic Design, 2013 (in Bulgarian). [4] Chankova, D. Human Rights and Their Protection , Sofia, Feneya, 2001 (in Bulgarian). [5] Amnesty International - http

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Maximising available resources: Equality and human rights proofing Irish fiscal policy

References Abrisketa, J., & Casas, M. (2016). Extraterritorial application of human rights treaties. Retrieved from [10 July 2017]. Alston, P. (2015, February 12). Tax policy is human rights policy: The Irish debate. Keynote address, Christian Aid Ireland conference, Dublin. Alston, P. (2016, December 16). Rethinking economic policy for social justice: The radical potential of human rights. Keynote address, London School of Economics conference

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Corruption and Combating Corruption: A Framework for Peace, Human Rights and Sustainable Development in Post-Independent Africa

References Bamidele, O. (2013). Corruption, Conflict and Sustainable Development in African States. The African Symposium 13(1): 42-51. Bank Ki, M. (2015). Message on International Anti-Corruption Day (09 December 2015) < > accessed 04 May 2018 Cameroon Bar Association. (2015). Report on Human Rights in Cameroon (1st edn, Cameroon: Cameroon Human Rights Commission of the Cameroon Bar). Eliasonn

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Africa: Risk, Security and Mapping of Human Rights Violations


Planetary interdependence makes the task of states and international organizations to guarantee security inside and outside national borders ever more urgent. The tendency is to widen the space from national to international and to conceive of security as multidimensional for the satisfaction of human needs, assumed as priority needs with respect to those of the States. The old concept of national security must today confront the new concept of human security cultivated within the United Nations, which places the fundamental rights of the individual and of people at the centre of attention and lays the foundations for overcoming the traditional politics of power.

The concept of human security emphasises the security of the individual and his protection from political violence, war and arbitrariness. It takes account of the strong correlation between peace policy, human rights policy, migration policy and humanitarian policy.

The contribution provides, through a series of social indicators such as the Global Peace Index (GPI), Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) and the World International Security and Policy Index (WISPI), a framework on risk, security, human rights violations in the African continent and examines some significant case studies related to sub-Saharan Africa.

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An absence of rights: Homeless families and social housing marketisation in Ireland

: Failed experiment or the way forward? Manchester: Manchester University Press. Hearne, R. (2017). A home or a wealth generator? Inequality, financialisation and the Irish housing crisis . Dublin: TASC. Hearne, R., & Kenna, P. (2014) Using the human rights based approach to tackle housing deprivation in an Irish urban housing estate. Journal of Human Rights Practice, 6 (1), 1–25. Hearne, R., & Murphy, M. (2017). Investing in the right to a home: Housing, HAPs and hubs . Kildare: Maynooth University. IHREC. (2017). The provision of emergency

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E-Health: Legal and Security Challenges

. Security and Human Rights: Contradictory or Reconcilable Paradigms? State of Affairs in Bulgaria , De Gruyter Open,Vol. XXII, KBO Conference Proceedings No 2, Nicolae Balcesku Land ForceAcademy Publishing House, 2016, pp.83-88. [9] Актуализирана стратегия за национална сигурност на Република България, приета с Решение на НС от 14.03.2018 г.,обн., ДВ, бр. 26 от 23.03.2018 г. [10] Ibidem. [11] Feshieva N., Mircheva I. Proofs of the necessity of medical informatics for the physicians in Bulgaria . Studies in health technology and informatics 2001 (2), pp

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Ethno-Religious Conflicts in Nigeria: Implications on Women

(5) 81-86. British Council/UKaid (2012). Gender in Nigeria Report 2012. Improving the lives of Girls and Women in Nigeria. Issues, Policies Action 2nd Edition. Daily Sun, March 5, 2013: 6. Dukor, M. (198). Religion and the Nigerian nationhood. In Momoh, C .S. etal (eds). Nigerian Studies in Religious Tolerance. Vol. 111 pp57-68. Eni A .and Obaji S. (2016) Internal Displacement in Nigeria and the Case for Human Rights Protection of Displaced Persons. Journal of Law, Policy and Globalization, 51, 26

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Aspects of Human Rights Infringement by Abusive Use of Technical Surveillance Measures

References 1. Conf.univ.dr. Dan Lupaşcu, New Criminal Code and the New Criminal Procedure Code, (Bucharest: Universul Juridic Publishing House, 2014), art. 143 al. 4. 2. Sandra Grădinaru, Technical Surveillane methods in the new Criminal Procedure Code (Bucharest: C.H.Beck Publishing House): 282. 3. European Court for Human Rights, Kruslin vs. France 24.04.1990 4. Supreme Justice Court of Romania, Criminal sentence nr 4286/18.09.2007 5. European Court for Human Rights, Amann vs

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Priority right of Land Users to Conclude a New Land Rental Contract

References 1. ÁRENDÁš, M. a kol. Základy ekonómie. Nitra: SPU, 1997, s. 35 ISBN 80-967842-7-7. 2. PUšKÁš, J. Návrh legislatívnych opatrení zameraných na rozvoj vidieka a stabilitu podnikatel’ského prostredia v pol’nohospodárstve. In: Rozvoj vidieka a spoločná pol’nohospodárska politika EÚ, Nitra: SPU, 2009, s. 268 - 269 ISBN 978-80-552-0200-6. 3. SVÁK, J. Ochrana l’udských práv. Bratislava: Eurokodex, 2003, s. 934. ISBN 80-88931-19-3. 4. Judgment of the European Court of the Human Rights Agosi c. Taiansko from 24. Octobre 1986, Annuaire, no. 108. 5

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Obstacles in Implementation of the Right to Water

. 2006. Textbook of Medical Physiology . Philadelphia: Elsevier Saunders. pp. 1116. ISBN 0–7216–0240–1. 9. JENSEN, S. L. B. Putting to rest the Three Generations Theory of Human Rights. In : OpenGlobal Rights [online]. 15.11.2017 [cit. 27.05.2019]. Available at:–to–rest–the–three–generations–theory–of–human–rights/ . 10. LABONTE, R., SCHRECKER, T., SANDERS, D., MEEUS, W. 2004. Fatal Indifference: The G8, Africa and Global Health . Cape Town: University of Cape Town Press, pp.400. ISBN 1–91971–384–0. 11

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