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The Connection between Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Respect for Human Rights

References Addo, M. K. (2014). The Reality of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Human Rights Law Review , 14(1), 133–147. Arkani, S.; Theobald, R. (2005). Corporate involvement in human rights: is it any of their business? Business Ethics: A European Review , 14(3), 190–205. Arnold, D. G. (2010). Transnational Corporations and the Duty to Respect Basic Human Rights. Business Ethics Quarterly , 20(3), 371–399. Bilchitz, D. (2013). A chasm between ‘is’ and ‘ought’? A critique of the normative foundations

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The World Court of Human Rights Feasibility Study

References Ahrens, L. (2010). RNW . Retrieved May 8, 2016, from . Bayefsky, A. F. (1996). UN Human Rights Treaties: Facing the Implementation Crisis. Windsor Y.B. Access Just ,15, 189. Cassel, D. (2001). Does International Human Rights Law Make a Difference? Chi.J. Int’l. L , 2, 121–135. Cassese, A. (2008). The Oxford Companion to International Criminal Law (2nd ed.) Oxford: OUP. Donnelly, J. (2007). The Relative

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International Security Presence in Kosovo and its Human Rights Implications

/002/2004/en/ (Accessed 25 June 2017). Amnesty International, 2004b. Serbia and Montenegro (Kosovo/Kosova): The March violence: KFOR and UNMIK’s failure to protect the right of the minority communities. [online]. Available at: (Accessed 5 July 2017). Banković and others v. Belgium, 2007. Application no. 52207/99 (ECtHR, 19 December 2007). Benedek, W., 2005. Final status of Kosovo: the role of human rights and minority rights. Chicago-Kent Law Review, 80(1): 215-233 Burgos

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Maximising available resources: Equality and human rights proofing Irish fiscal policy

References Abrisketa, J., & Casas, M. (2016). Extraterritorial application of human rights treaties. Retrieved from [10 July 2017]. Alston, P. (2015, February 12). Tax policy is human rights policy: The Irish debate. Keynote address, Christian Aid Ireland conference, Dublin. Alston, P. (2016, December 16). Rethinking economic policy for social justice: The radical potential of human rights. Keynote address, London School of Economics conference

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Prosecuting War Crimes and Meeting Obligations under the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms at the Same Time – the Case of Croatia

References Act on the Implementation of the Statue of the International Criminal Court and Prosecution of Crimes against International Law of War and Humanitarian Law. 24.10.2003. NN 175/03, 29/04, 55/11, 125/11. Zagreb: Narodne novine. Available at: [accessed 12 June 2015]. Akandji-Kombe, J. F., 2007. Positive obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights. Human Rights Handbook no.7. Council of Europe. Available at:

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The European Stability Mechanism: Human Rights Concerns Without Responsibilities?

References Dawson Mark and de Witte Floris, 2013, ‘Constitutional Balance in the EU after the Euro-Crisis’, The Modern Law Review, LXXV(5): 817-844. de Lhoneux Etienne and Vassilopoulos Christos A., 2014, The European Stability Mechanism Before the Court of Justice of the European Union. Comments on the Pringle Case, Springer. De Sena Pasquale, 2010, ‘International Monetary Fund, World Bank and Respect for Human Rights: A Critical Point of View’, The Italian Yearbook of International Law, XX: 247

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Application of Legal Entities to the European Court of Human Rights: a Significant Disadvantage as the Condition of Admissibility

References Deshko, L., 2016. The reasons and motives for national court’s decision: the practice of the European Court of Human Rights and national courts. TEISE , 99: 186–193. ECHR, 1981. X. vs. the United Kingdom, 10 July [online]. Available at:{“itemid”:[“001-74405”] } (accessed 15 November 2018). ECHR, 1997. Gorsby vs. Greece, 19 March [online]. Available at: . (accessed 15 November 2017). ECHR, 2000. Comingersoll S.A. vs. Portugal, 6

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Protecting Human Rights Through Fundamental Principles of Administrative Procedures in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe. Bratislava: NISPAcee Press. Künnecke, M. (2007). Tradition and Change in Administrative Law: an Anglo-German Comparison. Berlin, New York: Springer. Lampe, R. (2010). Pravo človekovih pravic, Sistem človekovih pravic v mednarodnem, ev-ropskem in ustavnem pravu [Human Rights Law, System of Human Rights in International, European and Constitutional Law]. Ljubljana: Uradni list Republike Slovenije. Loughlin, J.; Hendriks, F. and Lindström, A. (eds.) (2011). The Oxford Handbook of Local and Regional Democracy in Europe. New York: Oxford

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Right of Access to Supreme Courts in Light of the Guarantees under Article 6 § 1 of the Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (civil aspect)

. “Guidance by Supreme Courts to Lower Courts on the Requirements of the European Convention on Human Rights”. Proceedings of the Regional Conference: The role of Supreme Courts in the domestic implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights , 20 - 21 September 2007 Belgrade. Council of Europe, August 2008:36-52. Available at: [accessed 7 May 2017] Law on Courts 6.03.2013. NN 28/13, 33/15, 82/15, 82/16. Zagreb: Narodne novine. Available at: https

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Intertwined but Different. The Heterologous In Vitro Fertilization Case before the European Court of Human Rights and the Italian Constitutional Court

References · Arai-Takahashi Yutaka, 2013, ‘The margin of appreciation doctrine: a theoretical analysis of Strasbourg’s variable geometry’, in Follesdal et al., 2013, Constituting Europe: the European Court of human rights in a national, European and global context, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 62-105. · Benvenisti Eyal, 1999, ‘Margin of Appreciation, Consensus, and Universal Standards’, International Law and Politics, XXXI: 843-854. · Bernhardt Rudolf, 1993, ‘The Convention and Domestic Law’, in

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