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Attitudes Towards Genetically Modified Organisms in Slovenia: Between Knowledge and Myths / Stališča Do Genetsko Modificiranih Organizmov V Sloveniji: Poznavanje In Miti

References 1. Marks LA, Kalaitzandonakes N. Mass media communications about agrobiotechnology. AgBioForum 2001; 4: 199-208. 2. Paparini A, Romano-Spica V. Public health issues related with the consumption of food obtained from genetically modified organism. Biotechnol Annu Rev 2004; 10: 85-122. 3. Regulation (EC) No. 1829/2003 of the European parliament and of the council of 22 September 2003. Off J EU 268/1. 4. EFSA panel on genetically modified organisms (GMO); scientific opinion on

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Screening the Presence of Amflora Transgenic Potato in Food or Feed Products

–28. 3. Kuiper HA, Davies HV – The Safe Food Risk Analysis Framework suitable for GMOs? A case study. Food Control. 2010; 21:1662-1676. 4. VIB (Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie – Flemish Institute for Biothenology) – Scientific background report Amflora potato. . 5. Tilocca MG, Serratrice G, Oggiano MA et al – Monitoring the presence of genetically modified potato EH92-527-1 (BSP-25271-9) in commercial processed food. Ital J Food Safety. 2014; 3(1): 57-59. 6. Abdallah N

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Cardiopulmonary Performance During Maximal Exercise in Soccer Players with Alterations in Renal Function

Med , 2009; 30: 668-671 10.1055/s-0029-1220733 Mingels A Jacobs L Kleijnen V Wodzig W Dieijen-Visser Mv. Cystatin C a marker for renal function after exercise Int J Sports Med 2009 30 668 671 Morales AP, Sampaio-Jorge F, Rangel LFC, Coe1ho GMO, Leite TC, Ribeiro BG. Heart rate variability responses in vertical jump performance of basketball players. Int J Sports Sci , 2014; 4: 72-78 Morales AP Sampaio-Jorge F Rangel LFC Coe1ho GMO Leite TC Ribeiro BG. Heart rate variability responses in vertical jump performance of basketball players

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