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Nutritive And Dietetic Value Of Genetically-Modified Tomatoes Expressing Thaumatin Gene


Genetically-modified (GM) tomatoes, carrying thaumatin gene encoding sweet-tasting protein may be a component of diet with high sensory values, constituting a valuable source of nutrients and substances with a health-promoting role. Good utilization and a lack of the effect on animal growth, value of hematological parameters, concentration of immunoglobulins and most of chemical blood parameters of laboratory rats were demonstrated in the nutritional studies on fruits of tomato GM plants. The biological response of the rats receiving GMO or its isogenic equivalent in the diet was recognized as similar. However, the unfavourable effect of the diets containing addition of tomatoes with the recombined thaumatin on the degree of oxidative degradation of DNA of rats liver was recorded. At the same time, the discussed dietary component had no effect on values of the remaining parameters of the oxidative status of tissue of the above mentioned organ and its histological image

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Effect of Transgenic Maize Mon 810 on Selected Non-Target Organisms: The Bird Cherry-Oat Aphid (Rhopalosiphum padi L.) and its Predator - Green Lacewing (Chrysoperla carnea Steph.)

References Bourguet D., Chaufaux J., Micoud A., Delos M., Naboi B., Bombarde F., Marque G., Eychenne N., Pagliari C. 2002. Ostrinia nubilalis parasitism and the field abundance of non-target insects in transgenic Bacillus thurinigensis corn ( Zea mays ). Environ. Biosafety Res. 1 : 49-60. [DOI: 10.1051/ebr:2002005] Dąbrowski Z. T. 2002. Advantage versus risk of rising GMOs in agriculture: What we can learn in plant protection. European Society for New methods in Agricultural Research. XXXII Annual

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GMO Trees: Substantial promise but serious obstacles to commercialization


This paper assesses the potential of transgenic trees to generate substantial financial returns in an environmental where there are substantial investment costs in research and development, deregulation and deployment. The formidable obstacles and in addition to the usual research and development costs, include the costs of obtaining requisite intellectual property rights. Also, there are substantial costs to achieve deregulation, and some evidence of deregulatory slowdown in the U.S., and cost of product deployment. The product deployment costs are likely to be higher than for other products, e.g., traditionally improved seedlings, due to substantial and widespread opposition (stigma) to GE in general and transgenic trees particular. As with all trees, the payoff time (harvest) is delayed longer than most other investments and the financial returns adversely affected by the delay. Additionally, the financial costs and benefits may vary substantially by country and region. Some evidence suggests that deregulation costs may vary substantially by country. Additionally, the perceived “stigma” costs are likely to vary greatly among regions thereby providing better opportunities in some markets than others. If deployment depends upon the financial and economic returns, one might expect widespread adoption among some countries, e.g., China and Brazil, where the net benefits are large, and little or no adoption among countries where the net benefits are small, e.g., countries of the EU. However, at this time the final success of GE trees remains to be witnessed. Although some firms have withdrawn entirely from the area of tree GE research, other firms continue to invest substantial sums in tree GE development presumably anticipating eventual payoffs. It remains to be determined whether the technology ultimately is broadly accepted, accepted only regionally or fails globally.

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Effect of Changes in Behaviour on the Heart Rate and its Diurnal Variation in a Male and a Female Eland (Taurotragus oryx)

. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 56(2-4): 281-295. Hopster H., Blokhuis H.J. (1994): Validation of heart rate monitor for measuring a stress response in dairy cows. Canadian Journal of Animal Science 74: 465-474. Hopster H., O΄Connell J., Blokhuis H.J. (1995): Acute effects of cow-calf separation on heart rate, plasma cortisol and behaviour in multiparous dairy cows. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 44: 1-8. Kamau J.M.Z., Maloiy G.M.O. (1982): The relationship between rate of oxygen-consumption, heart-rate and thermal

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Approved genetically modified (GM) horticultural plants: A 25-year perspective

REFERENCES ABCA, 2012. GM carnations in Australia: a resource guide. . Accessed 18 January 2018. ACBIO, 2013. GM industry called to account: ISAAA’s report mischievous and erroneous. African Centre for Biosafety. . Accessed 1 October 2017. AFCD, 2015. Review of the exemption of genetically modified papayas in Hong Kong. Discussion Paper GMO 04/2015. Agriculture, Fisheries and

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About management and research of forest genetic resources

muundatud organismid (GMOd). (Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)). [WWW document]. - URL Положение о выдалении и сохранении генетического фонда древесных пород в лесах СССР. 1983. Москва: Государственный Комитет СССР по Лесному Хозяйству, 22 с. (In Russian).

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Changes in local climate in the neighbourhood of the Ust-Ilimsk water reservoir on the Angara, Russia

meteorologicheskikh usloviy nad poberezh'yem Bratskogo vodokhranilishcha. Trudy Limnol. Instituta, T. 15: 84-119. Repetin L.N. 1969. Bratskoye vodokhranilishche. Sbornik rabot Bratskoy GMO: 6-19. Rodhe B. 1968. Studies on the effect of lake regulation on local climate. Swedish Meteorol. and Hydrol. Inst. Medd., Ser. B, 28: 61-77. Tashlykova T.A. 2006. Klimaticheskiye usloviya kak faktor formirovaniya urovennogo rezhima Ust-Ilimskogo vodokhranilishcha. Geologiya, poiski i razvedka poleznykh iskopayemykh i metody geologicheskikh

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Identifying and ascribing the relative significance of introduction pathways for non-native plants into Iceland

References Baagøe J., Weidema I. 2001. Biologisk invasion I Danmark – en oversigt. Invasisve arter og GMO’er – nye trusler mod naturen . Temarapport nr. 1, Naturrådet, Copenhagen. Branquart E. 2007. ISEIA guidelines, Harmonia information system: Guidelines for environmental impact assessment and list classification of non-native organisms in Belgium . Version 2.6 (07/12/2009). accessed: 18.02.2015 Carlquist S. 1965. Island life . Natural History Press, Garden City, New York

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Agrobiodiversity Genetic Variability Utilization in Organic Food Production

, KNEŽEVIĆ D, PETROVIĆ S, ZEČEVIĆ V: Variability and stability of harvest index in wheat. Kragujevac J. Sci., 91-96, 2002. DIMITRIJEVIĆ, M., PETROVIĆ S: GMO - products of novel technology questions and dilemmas. ESNA European society for new methods in agricultural research, Novi Sad, 29. 08. – 2. 09. 2004. Proceedings 29 – 36, 2004. DIMITRIJEVIĆ M, PETROVIĆ S: GMO - Evolution Under Control or Frankengene Technology. Contemporary Agriculture, 1-2, 287-291, 2005. DIMITRIJEVIĆ, M. and PETROVIĆ S: Genetic modification in function of ecologically justified

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