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Green Marketing Orientation and Environmental and Social Performance of Hospitality Firms in South Africa

Jordan. International Journal of Business and Management 11(9), pp.117-125. [4] Amegbe, H., Owino, J., Nuwasiima, A., 2017. Green Marketing Orientation (GMO) and Performance of SMEs in Ghana. American Journal of Management , 11(1), pp.99-109. [5] Andersen, M.M., Faria, L., 2015. The Green Economy and Emerging Green Business Models in the Danish Window Industry. Paper presented at 18th International Conference on Sustainable Innovation, Epsom, United Kingdom. [6] Ansar, N., 2013. Impact of Green Marketing on Consumer Purchase Intention

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Japanese women in the contemporary society

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Georgian Consumer Attitudes Towards Genetically Modified Products

, Methodology and Practice ], Finpress. Gonzalez, C., Johnson, N., Qaim, M. (2009), Consumer Acceptance of Second Generation GM Foods: The Case of Bio Fortified Cassava in the Northeast of Brazil, Journal of Agricultural Economics , 60 (3), (September), pp. 604–624. Gotz, F. V. (2010), See what you eat-broad GMO screening with microarrays, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry , 396, pp. 1961–1967. How to Avoid Genetically Engineered Food, (2003), A Greenpeace Shoppers Guide, second edition, Greenpeace, pp. 1–27. Kristensen, D. B., Askergaard, S

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Investigating the impact of environmental attitude on the decision to purchase a green product with the mediating role of environmental concern and care for green products

-label demand for fish in Europe”, Ecological Economics , Vol. 69, No. 1, pp. 115-125. Chahal, H., Dangwal, R. and Raina, S. (2014), “Conceptualisation, development and validation of green marketing orientation (GMO) of SMEs in India”, Journal of Global Responsibility , Vol. 5, No. 2, pp. 312-337. Chamorro, A. and Banegil, T. (2006), “Green marketing philosophy: a study of Spanish firms with ecolables”, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management , Vol. 31, No. 1, pp. 11-24. Chan, E. (2013), “Managing green marketing: Hong Kong hotel

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Agrobiodiversity Genetic Variability Utilization in Organic Food Production

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