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Testing the Number of IGS Stations Required for Accurate Alignment of the Thai GPS Network and ITRF2005 Using the Gipsy Software

Space Research, Vol. 47, Issue 2, pp.265-275, 2011. Gregorius, T. (1996) GIPSY-OASIS II: How it works…, Department of Geomatics, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, 109. Guyennon, N., Cerretto, G., Tavella, P., and Lahaye, F. (2009) Further characterization of the time transfer capabilities of Precise Point Positioning (PPP): the Sliding Batch Procedure, IEEE Trans Ultrason Ferroelectr Freq Control, 56(8), pp. 1634-1641. Lejba, P., Nawrocki, J., Lemański, D., and Nogaś P. (2011) AOS studies on use of PPP technique for

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On the Role of Glonass for the Development of the Russian Geodetic Reference Network

. Preliminary evaluation of the Russian GLONASS system as a potential geodetic tool , J. Geod. , 72(6), 356-363. Webb, F., Zumberge, J. (eds), 1995 An introduction to GIPSY-OASIS II , Report JPLM D-11088, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena. Zumberge, J.F., Heflin M.B., Jefferson, D.C., et al. 1997 Precise point positioning for the efficient and robust analysis of GPS data from large networks , J. Geophys. Res. , 102(B3), 5005-5016.

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Time Transfer Realized by PPP Technique for Trimble Netrs and TTS-4 Receivers

-334, 2009. Píriz, R., Cerretto, G., Perucca, A., Tavella, P., Evaluation of the time and frequency transfer capabilities of a network of GNSS receivers located in timing laboratories , Proc. 41st Annual Precise Time and Time Interval (PTTI) Meeting, Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico, pp. 559-573, November, 2009. Webb, F., Zumberge, J., An introduction to GIPSY/OASIS-II, precision software for the analysis of data from the Global Positioning System , Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, JPL D-11088, July 1997.

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Application of the Undifferenced GNSS Precise Positioning in Determining Coordinates in National Reference Frames

. Proceedings of ION-GNSS-2007 20th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division, Fort Worth, Texas, pp 839-848 Lichten, S. M., Bar-Sever Y. E., Bertiger E. I., Heflin M., Hurst K., Muellerschoen R., Wu S. C., Yunck T. P., Zumberge J. F., (1995). GIPSY-OASIS II: A High precision GPS Data processing System and general orbit analysis tool, Technology 2006, NASA Technology Transfer Conference, Chicago, Il., Oct. 24-26 Marty, J. C. (ed) (2009). Documentation algorithmique du programme GINS, Version 5 juillet 2009 (in French). http

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