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The proposed topic allows to learn about the scientific activity of the Wielkopolska researchers of the early Christian Church: Jan Sajdak (1882–1967), priest Józef Nowacki (1893–1964), priest Bronisław Gładysz (1892–1943) and priest Ludwik Gładyszewski (1932–2009). They contributed to the development of patristics not only in Wielkopolska, but also in Poland and in the world. Wielkopolska is also associated with the Scriptures of the Fathers of the Church in which translations of writers of the first centuries of Christianity are published. Patrology textbooks have also been published. The most important of them was written by the priest Szczepan Piestoch and is intended especially for students of theology. Wielkopolska is also a Faculty of Theology which has been operating since 1998 at the University of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. It includes the Department of Patristic Theology and currently the Department of Patristic Theology and Church History. Under the supervision of the faculty lecturers doctoral theses, master’s and bachelor’s theses, as well as monographs related to the period of Christian antiquity are prepared.


The article presents the sources, origin and theology of the Litany to the Holy Name of Jesus. The first part shows the mystery of names. It is the symbolism of man and the process of mutual communication that is the core. Names are the living souls of every being. Thanks to names, human beings are not anonymous. In ancient times, names would never be overlooked as insignificant conventional terms as they had a meaningful part in the role that a given being took on in the universe. The name has a meaning and is treated as a kind of a spiritual substance, as something real, something that truly exists. The sources of Jesus’ titles present in the Litany to the Name of Jesus are the Holy Scriptures, the writings of the Fathers of the Church and popular piety. The Litany to the Holy Name of Jesus shows the richness of the content in the Name of Jesus, which contains the truth about His deity and His infinite love for the whole of creation and especially for every human being. The Litany is a summary of the entire history of salvation, in which the name of Jesus became “a name above all names” (see Flp 2: 8-11).