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of Stories. In: M. L. Knapp, J. A. Daly (Eds.), Handbook of Interpersonal Communication . Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage (pp. 73–101). Dewalt, K. M., Dewalt, B. R. (2002). Participant Observation: A Guide for Fieldworkers . Walnut Creek, Lanham, New York, Oxford: Alta Mira Press. della Porta, D., Diani, M. (2006). Social Movements. An Introduction . Blackwell Publishing Ltd. Challenges facing civil society organisations working on human rights in the EU (2017). European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. Meyerowitz, J. (2002). How Sex

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Contemporary Religiosity and the Absence of Solidarity With Those in Need

under the age of 18 years. Eight million of them come from Syria and Afghanistan. The vast majority of refugees, according to the statistics – 86% – live in developing regions See (accessed 2/6/2018); (accessed 2/6/2018). ; hence, Europe is faced only with a small percentage of those in urgent need. And yet it has shown itself unable to find a common approach to help that would come out of the values on which the European Union is based

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Desperately Seeking Understanding: A New Perspective on Multiculturalism

, rejecting universalistic utopias and turning to their own historical “roots”. Economic globalism and political integration are confronted by cultural separatism, which becomes critical when we come to specific issues swamping Western Europe. One of the issues is the growing presence of Muslims in the European Union (EU). The Summer School on Nationalism, Religion, and Violence in Europe (conducted in Prague between June 18 and 29, 2018) illustrated some concerns about the situation through different presentations and remarkable questions that the participants directed

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Innovation in education technology: What is the point? Is immersive education the next step?

References Ausburn, L.J., Ausburn F.B. (2004). Desktop virtual reality: a powerful new technology for teaching and research in industrial teacher education. Journal of Industrial Teacher Education, 41 (4), pp. 33-58. Cachia R., Ferrari, A., Ala-Mutka K. M., Punie, Y. (2010). Creative Learning and Innovative Teaching: Final Report on the Study on Creativity and Innovation in Education in the EU Member States. Publications Office of the European Union. Drucker, P. (2002, August

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E-Diplomacy on Twitter. International Comparison of Strategies and Effectivity

References ARENDARSKA J., Elektroniczna dyplomacja - nowe narzędzia komunikowania w dyplomacji [online: June27,2017],; BUD (2013) Hashtag Politics: The Polyphonic Revolution of #Twitter, vol.1., Pepperdine Journal of Communication Research; Council of the European Union, Conclusions on electronic diplomacy [online: June 25, 2017], https

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A tale about Zen philosophy and a motorcycle (that is: OER & MOOC quality)

: Publications Office of the European Union. doi:10.2791/80171 Clark, D. (2013). MOOCs: taxonomy of 8 types of MOOC. April 16 , Donald Cla . Retrieved from Commission staff. (2013). Analysis and mapping of innovative teaching and learning for all through new technologies and Open education Resources in Europe . Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. Conole, G. (2013a). A new classification of MOOCs. MOOC Quality Project, June 4, 2013. Retrieved from http

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Teachers’ Professional Development on Digital and Media Literacy. Findings and recommendations from a European project

) . Brussels: European Union. Scull, T. M., & Kupersmidt, J. B. (2010). An Evaluation of a Media Literacy Program Training Workshop for Late Elementary School Teachers. Journal of Media Literacy Education , 2(3), 199-208. Spires, A. A., & Bartlett, M. E. (2012). Digital Literacies and Learning: Designing a Path Forward . Friday Institute White Paper Series Number Five. Retrieved from: Soldatova, G. U., & Shlyapnikov, V. N. (2015

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University knowledge exchange and the SKIN Project

- The Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. COM(2011) 808 final. European Commission, EC (2015). Calls for proposals and related activities under the 2016-17 work programmes under Horizon 2020 - the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-20) and under the Research and Training Programme of the European Atomic Energy Community (2014-18) complementing Horizon 2020. Official Journal of the European Union (2015/C 399/02) Gros, D. and F. Roth (2008), The post-2010 Lisbon Process: The key role of education in

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“This is a Controlled Invasion”: The Czech President Miloš Zeman’s Populist Perception of Islam and Immigration as Security Threats

; Novotný 2017 ; Stulík 2016 ); and the level of individuals (e.g., Hawkins 2009 ). In all these forms of populism, a concept that is markedly dealt with is that of the endangerment of “pure people” by variously defined enemies, who can be corrupt elites ( Wolkenstein 2016 ), the European Union, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), or immigrants (cf. Antal 2017 ). In this text, we focus on the ways in which Czech President Miloš Zeman uses the term security (and other related terms; see following sections), which leads to the creation of a populist framing of the

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Digital artefacts to change the teacher’s practices

-Bari: Laterza. Faingold, N. (2011). Explicitation des pratiques, décryptage du sens. In C. Barbier, M. Hatano, & G. Le Meur (Eds.), Approches pour l’analyse des activités (pp. 111-155). Paris: L’Harmattan. Ferrari, A. (2012). Digital Competence in Practice: An Analysis of Frameworks, Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, in Gills, B. K., & Thompson, W. R. (2006). Globalization and global history. Hove (UK): Psychology Press. Gozzini, G., Sciré, G. (eds.) (2007). Il

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