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Law regulations concerning food supplements, dietetic food and novel food containing herbal substances

REFERENCES 1. Directive 2009/39/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 May 2009 on foodstuffs intended for particular nutritional uses. Official Journal of the European Union. L 124/21-29. 2. Regulation (EU) No 609/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 June 2013 on food intended for infants and young children, food for special medical purposes, and total diet replacement for weight control and repealing Council Directive 92/52/EEC, Commission Directives 96/8/EC, 1999/21/EC, 2006/125/EC and 2006/141/EC, Directive 2009

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Stray dogs of Sofia (Bulgaria) could be an important reservoir of heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis)

. Parasitol. Res ., 117(3): 933 – 936. DOI: 10.1007/s00436-018-5774-1 10.1007/s00436-018-5774-1 Cabrera E.D. Carretón E. Morchón R. Falcón-Cordón Y. Falcón-Cordón S. Simón F. Montoya-Alonso J.A. 2018 The Canary Islands as a model of risk of pulmonary dirofilariasis in a hyperendemic area Parasitol. Res 117 3 933 936 10.1007/s00436-018-5774-1 Eurostat, The Statistical Office Of The European Union (2018a): Population on 1 January by age groups and sex - functional urban areas. Unit E4: Regional statistics and geographical

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Prevalence of echinococcosis in humans, livestock and dogs in northern Italy

] Eckert, J., Gemmell, M. A., Meslin, F. X., Pawlowski, Z. S. (eds) 2001. WHO/OIE manual on echinococcosis in humans and animals: a public health problem of global concern. World Health Organisation for Animal Health, Paris. [9] European Food Safety Authority (2005): The Community Summary Report on Trends and sources of zoonoses, zoonotic agents and antimicrobial resistance in the European Union in 2004. The EFSA Journal, 310 pp. DOI: 10.2903/j.efsa.2010.1496 [10] European Food Safety Authority (2010): Trends and

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Congenital transmission of Trichinella spiralis in experimentally infected mice

, G. A. (1987): Trichinella spiralis in an agricultural ecosystem. II. Evidence for natural transmission of Trichinella spiralis spiralis from domestic swine to wildlife. J. Parasitol., 73: 103–109 [11] Pozio, E. (1998): Trichinellosis in the European Union: epidemiology, ecology and economic impact. Parasitol. Today, 14: 35–38 [12] Pozio, E. (2000): The domestic, synanthropic and sylvatic cycles of Trichinella and the flow among them

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Development of novel plant-based adjuvant formulation against rubella and hepatitis B vaccine antigen

REFERENCES 1. Olesen OF, Lonnroth A, Mulligan B. Human vaccine research in the European Union. Vaccine 2009; 27 (5): 640-645. doi: 2. Patel JR, Heldens, JG. Immunoprophylaxis against important virus disease of horses, farm animals and birds. Vaccine 2009; 27(12):1797-1810. doi: 3. Butler NS, Harris TH, Blader IJ. Regulation of immunopathogenesis during Plasmodium and Toxoplasma infections: more parallels than distinctions? Trends Parasitol 2013

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Prevalence of Cysticercus bovis in slaughtered cattle determined by traditional meat inspection in Croatian abattoir from 2005 to 2010

., Zimmer, I. A. (2010): Development of harmonised schemes for the monitoring and reporting of Cysticercus in animals and foodstuffs in the European Union. Scientific report submitted to EFSA. Retrieved April 7, 2012 from [10] Edwards, D. S., Johnston, A. M., Mead, G. C. (1997): Meat inspection:an overview of present practices and future trends. Vet. J., 154(2): 135–147. DOI: 10.1016/S1090-0233(97)80051-2 [11] Kebede, N

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Epidemiological risks of endoparasitoses spread by municipal waste water

-7519(00)00128-4 SCHAECHTER, M. (2009): Encyclopedia of Microbiology. 3th Edition, The Boulevard, Langford Lane, Kidlington, Oxford OX5 IGB, UK, Academic Press is an imprint of Elsevier, 4600 pp. THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION: Regulation of the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No. 1137/2008 concerning urban wastewater TUROVSKIY, I.S., MATHAI, P.K. (2006): Wastewater sludge processing, Hoboken, New Jersey, Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 341 pp. WHO (2006): Guidelines for the safe use of

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Human dirofilariosis: The report of subcutaneous Dirofilaria repens infection in the Slovak Republic

): Dirofilariosis in Slovakia — a new ende mic area in Central Europe. Helminthologia, 45: 20–23 [11] Miterpáková, M., Antolová, D., Hurníková, Z., Dubinský, P., Pavlačka, A., Németh, J. (2010): Dirofilaria infections in working dogs in Slovakia. J. Helminthol., 84: 173–176 [12] Muro, A., Genchi, C., Cordero, M., Simón, F. (1999): Human dirofilariasis in the European union. Parasitol. Today, 15: 386–389

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Human dirofilariasis in Bulgaria between 2009 and 2018

): Human dirofilariasis in the European Union. Parasitol. Today , 15: 386 – 389 P ampiglione , S., R ivasi F. (2000): Human dirofilariasis due to Dirofilaria (Nochtiella) repens : an update of world literature from 1995 to 2000. Parassitologia , 42: 231 – 254 P anayotova -P encheva , M.S., M irchev , R., T rifonova , A. (2016): Dirofilaria immitis infection in carnivores from Bulgaria: 2012 – 2013 update. Bulg. J. Vet. Med ., 19: 153 – 162. DOI: 10.15547/bjvm.918 P oppert , S., H odap , M., K rueger , A., H egasy , G., N iesen , W.D., K ern , W

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The pinewood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, in Madeira Island

against invasive alien species: the framework of the International Plant Protection Convention and plant health regulations in the European Union. Biol. Invasions, 5: 357–364 [29] Tamura, K., Dudley, J., Nei, M., Kumar, S. (2007): MEGA4: Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis (MEGA) Software Version 4.0. Mol. Biol. Evol., 24: 1596–1599. DOI: 10.1093/molbev/msm092. [30] Urek, G., Sirca, S., Geric, B. (2007): Morphometrical and

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