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The Importance of Vanillylmandelic Acid Determination in Opiate Users

heroin-dependent subjects. Psychiatry research 2000; 96: 221-34. The effects of heroin on catecholamine metabolism in man. Natl Inst Drug Abuse Res Monogr Ser. 1985; 137-45. EMCDDA. Evaluating the treatment of Drug Abuse in the European Union. Luxemburg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 1999: 13-28. Pissano J, Crout R, Abraham D. Determination of 3-methoxy-4-hydroxymandelic acid in urine. Clin Chim Acta 1962; 7: 277-84. Schildkraut J

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Status of Development and Implementation of Medical Laboratories Accreditation in Serbia

, Vitkus D, Wallinder H, Zerah S. Accreditation of medical laboratories in the European Union. Clin Chem Lab Med 2007; 45 (2): 268-75. Spitzenberger F, Edelhäuser R. Accreditation of Medical Laboratories in Europe: Statutory Framework, Current Situation and Perspectives. Transfus Med Hemother 2006; 33: 384-92.

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Accreditation of Medical Laboratories – System, Process, Benefits for Labs

, experience of a laboratory II. Clinical Biochemistry 2009; 42: 279–83. 9. Braga F, Infusino I, Panteghini M. Role and responsibilities of laboratory medicine specialists in the verification of metrological traceability of in vitro medical diagnostics. J Med Biochem 2015; 34: 282–7. 10. Theodorsson E. Quality assurance in clinical chemistry: a touch of statistics and a lot of common sense. J Med Biochem 2016; 35: 103–12. 11. Huisman W, Horvath AR, Burnett D, Blaton V et al. Accreditation of medical laboratories in the European Union. Clin Chem Lab Med 2007

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Challenges of Laboratory Medicine: European Answers

, Kenny D, Mesko P, Plebani M, Queralto J, Schumann G, Sprongl L, Vitkus D, Wallinder H, Zerah S. Accreditation of medical laboratories in the European Union. Clin Chem Lab Med 2007; 45 (2): 268-75. Blaton V, Korita I, Bulo A. How is metabolic syndrome related to dyslipidemia? Biochemia Medica 2008; 18 (1): 14-24. Korita I, Langlois M, Bulo A, Blaton V. Inflammation markers in patients with cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome. Oral communication Euromedlab Innsbruck June 2009

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Breast Cancer - Clinical Implication

References American Cancer Society. Cancer fact sand figures, 2001-2002. Atlanta, Georgia: American Cancer Society at: Advisory Committee on Cancer Prevention. Recomendation on cancer screening in the European Union. European Journal of Cancer 2000; 36 : 1473-78. Filipović S. Osnovi kliničke onkologije. Prosveta 1996; 21-27. Sewell CW. Pathology of high risk breast leisions and ductal carcinoma in situ. Radiologic Clinics of North

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Selective Screening for Metabolic Disorders in the Slovenian Pediatric Population/Selektivni Skrining Metaboličkih Poremećaja Kod Dečije Populacije U Sloveniji

-65. 27. Burgard P, Cornel M, Filippo FD. Report on the practices of newborn screening for rare disorders implemented in Member States of the European Union, candidate, Potential Candidate and EFTA Countries. 2012. 28. Padila CD, Therrell BL. Newborn screening in the Asia Pacific Region. J Inherit Metab Dis 2007; 30: 490-506. 29. Battelino T, Kržišnik C, Pavlin K. Early detection and follow up of children with phenylketonuria in Slovenia. Zdrav vest 1994; 63: Suppl 1: s25-8. 30. Kržišnik C, Battelino T, Bratanič N, Hojker

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ISO 15189 Accreditation: Navigation Between Quality Management and Patient Safety

Harmonisation of Quality systems and Accreditation. Eur J Clin Chem Clin Biochem 1997; 35(2): 123–32. 7. European Accreditation. EA Requirements for accreditation of Flexible Scopes. EA-2/15 M:2008. 8. Regulation (EC) No 756/2008 of European Parliament and of Council. 9 July 2008. Setting out requirements for Accreditation and market surveillance relating to the marketing of products and repealing Regulation (EEC) No 339/93. Official Journal of The European Union, 13-08-2008. 9. JCGM 100:2008. Evaluation of measurement data – Guide to the expression of

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Problems of Cancer Treatment. Part I. Theory of Treatment Based on Known Mechanisms of Anticancer Immunological Responses

. Lung cancer mortality at ages 35-54 in the European Union: ecological study of evolving tobacco epidemics. BMJ 2005; 331(7510): 189-191. [22] Dillon PM, Olson WC, Czarkowski A, Petroni GR, Smolkin M, Grosh WW et al. A melanoma helper peptide vaccine increases Th1 cytokine production by leukocytes in peripheral blood and immunized lymph nodes. J Immunother Cancer 2014; 2: 23. [23] Domagala-Kulawik J. Effects of cigarette smoke on the lung and systemic immunity. J Physiol Pharmacol 2008; 59 Suppl 6: 19-34. [24] Domagala

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Serological, clinical and epidemiological aspects of Lyme borreliosis in Mures County, Romania


Lyme borreliosis (LB) is the most frequent infection transmitted by ticks from the Ixodes genus, both in the United States of America (USA), and in Europe. The objectives of this study were the monitoring of the incidence and clinical manifestations of the disease in Mures County, Romania. Material and method. The study was conducted over a period of two years, January 1st 2010 -December 31st 2011, on a number of 120 consecutive patients. The definite or probable diagnosis of LB was established on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, Atlanta, USA) criteria, and on the European Union Concerted Action on Lyme borreliosis (EUCALB). ELISA and Western-Blot techniques were used for identification of IgM and IgG antiBb from the serum and CSF. Results. There were 44 cases in 2010 and 76 cases in 2011. According to the case definition, 106 cases were confirmed as LB and 14 were probable. LB was more frequently diagnosed in children, young adults and adults, compared to the over 60 years old age group. The incidence of disease was higher in women patients, 68 (56.66%) compared to men - 52 patients (43.33%), with a higher proportion in people coming from an urban setting, 78 patients (65%), compared to people coming from rural settings 42 patients (35%). Clinical manifestations were acute, like erythema migrans (EM) in 64.16% of the patients, neurological in 22.5% of the patients, joint related in 1.66% of the patients and cardiac in 0.83% of the cases. Conclusions. In Mures County we have observed an increased incidence of this disease in 2011 vs. 2010. The predominant clinical manifestations were the acute dermatological and neurological ones.

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OXA-48-Carbapenemase-Producing Klebsiella pneumoniae infections - the first cases diagnosed in Romanian National Institute of Infectious Diseases

Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). Rapid risk assessment. Transfer of Libyan patients to hospitals in the European Union. Stockholm: ECDC; 31 Oct 2011. 12. Pirš M, Andlovic A, Cerar T, Žohar-Čretnik T, Kobola L, Kolman J, et al. A case of OXA-48 carbapenemase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae in a patient transferred to Slovenia from Libya, November 2011. Euro Surveill. 2011 Dec;16(50):pii=20042. 13. Dallenne C, Da Costa A, Decré D, Favier C, Arlet G. Development of a set of multiplex PCR assays for the detection of genes encoding important beta

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