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Analysis of the State of the Accident Rate in the Construction Industry in European Union Countries

-280. 4. European Statistics on Accident at work (ESAW) Summary methodology. Eurostat Methodologies & Working papers, European Union, 2013. 5. EUROSTAT - European Commission - Database (Retrieved April 2015). 6. Ivan W. H. Fung, Vivian W.Y. Tam, Tommy Y. Lo, Lori L.H.Lu, Developing a Risk Assessment Model or construction safety, International journal of Project Management. 7. Kassyk-Rokicka H., Statistics are not difficult. PWE, Warsaw 1986. 8. Lis T., Nowacki K

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Cyber Security Policy and Strategy in the European Union and Nato

References European Commission. (2010). Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions: A Digital Agenda for Europe, available at:, accessed on: 20 February 2018. European Commission. (2013). Cybersecurity Strategy of the European Union: An Open, Safe and Secure Cyberspace, available at: https

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Analysis of the Barrette Load Investigation of the Tallest Building in European Union


The paper presents a static load test of a pile with the largest vertical load in Poland to-date up to the force of 23000 kN. The test was performed in the centre of Warsaw on the construction site of a future high-rise building to be the tallest building in European Union. The designed building height measured from the ground level is 310 meters including an 80-metre mast. The foundation of the building was designed as a Combined Piled Raft Foundation (CPRF) utilising the barrettes and diaphragm walls technology. The test was carried out on barrettes with lengths of approx. 28 and 34 m and was aimed to estimate the stiffness (load-settlement relation) of the designed 17.5 metre-long barrette situated below the foundation level. In addition to that a series of extensometric sensors was placed inside the barrette to determine the distribution of the axial force.

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Modelling Delays in Bridge Construction Projects Based on the Logit and Probit Regression

and Mechanical Engineering, 15[2], 419-426, 2015. 15. B. Hoła, M. Szostak: “Analysis of the state of the accident rate in the construction industry in European Union countries, Archives of Civil Engineering, 61[4]:19-34, 2015. 16. N. Ibadov, J. Kulejewski, Evaluation of the project timeliness with fuzzy constraints, International Conference Of Numerical Analysis And Applied Mathematics [ICNAAM-2015], AIP Conference Proceedings Vol.1648 No.1, 600002, 2015. 17. P. Jaśkowski, S. Biruk, Analiza czynników ryzyka czasu realizacji przedsięwzięć

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Modernization of Curriculum in Construction Management Based on EU Funds

_pl.htm, access 13th April 2015 18. Progress towards Europe 2020 targets, www: polska/progress-towards-2020-targets/index_en.htm, accessed: April 13th, 2015 19. R. Vilpisauskas, Does Europe 2020 represent learning from the Lisbon strategy? In: Cleeton D. E. (Ed.) Europe and national economic transformation: the EU after the Lisbon Decade, Series: Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics, 2012 20. Strategy of development of Wielkopolska Province to the year 2020.[in

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Building Information Modeling BIM - Level of Digital Construction

dnia 22 czerwca 2016 r. o zmianie ustawy - Prawo zamówień publicznych oraz niektórych innych ustaw, DZIENNIK USTAW RZECZYPOSPOLITEJ POLSKIEJ, poz. 1020, Warszawa, dnia 13 lipca 2016 r. 10. DIRECTIVE 2014/24/EU of the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT and of theCOUNCIL of 26 February 2014 on public procurement and repealing Directive 2004/18/EC, Official Journal of the European Union, L 94/243, March 28, 2014.

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Analyse of the Challenges for Safe Transition from Individual Intraoperable Railway Systems to the Single European Interoperable Railway System

under Directives 2008/57/EC and 2004/49/EC of the European Parliament 5. Commission Recommendation 2014/881/EU on the procedure for demonstrating the level of compliance of existing railway lines with the basic parameters of the technical specifications for interoperability 6. Joint publication, editor Pawlik M., “Interoperability of the railway system in the European Union, infrastructure, signalling, energy, rolling stock” („Interoperacyjność Systemu Kolei Unii Europejskiej, Infrastruktura, Sterowanie, Energia, Tabor”), KOW, Warsaw 2015, ISBN 978

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Reuse of “End Of Life Tyres” Tyre Chips – Sand Mixture Mechanical Study

expanded European Union”, Dr Valerie V. L. Shulman Secretary general, the European Tyre Recycling Association, UNOP, Cyprus, 5 April 2004. 6., Using scrap tyre in civil and environmental construction”, Craig H. Benson. 7. “Promotion of Responsible Management of used tyres by the Tyre Industry”, BLIC, November 2003. 8. “Tire Product Stewardship Draft Action Plan”, State of California, University of Massachusetts. 9. “Management of End

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Traffic Analysis and Pavement Technology as a Tool for Urban Noise Control

rozmieszczenie miejsc zamieszkania, pracy i edukacji w Warszawie według rejonow komunikacyjnych” [in Polish]. IGiPZ PAN, 2010. 12. P. Mioduszewski, “Road nosiness in Poland and in another European Union countries” [in Polish]. Metody ochrony środowiska przed hałasem. Teoria i praktyka, Zakopane 2013, pp. 159-173 13. I. Ruttmar, “Pavement technologies for quite pavements - comparison. Wymagania techniczne w Polsce i w Niemczech” [in Polish], Proceedings of Transnoise Conference, Zakopane 2013 14. M. Książek, P. Nowak, S. Kivrak, J

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The Influence of the Soil Environment on the Corrosivity of Failure Infrastructure - Case Study of the Exemplary Water Network

. Michałowska, A. Pekala, „Spatio-temporal analysis of soil properties for the eastern border of European Union”. Advances and Trends in Engineering Sciences and Technologies II, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017, pp. 407-412, DOI/book/10.1201/9781315393827

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