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Position of the European Union in the Global Trade System

References 1. Bijelić, P. (2003). Foreign Trade Policy Model of the European Union (orig. in Serbian: Model spoljnotrgovinske politike Evropske unije). „Economic Annals“ Journal No. 136. Belgrade: Faculty of Economics 2. The European Commission (2016). Policies of the European Union - Trade. Luxemburg: Publications Office of the European Union, 3. The European Commission (2017) Reflection paper on harnessing globalisation, Bruxelles: The European Commission, p. 6. 4. European Parliament. (2017

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Impact of the Enlargement of the European Union on the Foreign Trade and Development of the New Members

, Philadelphia: The Blakiston Company. 6. Nikolić, G. (2005). Impact of foreign trade on economic growth.//Ekonomski anali, 165, 145-164. 7. Popović, G. (2016). Economy of European Union. Istočno Novo Sarajevo: Zavod za udžbenike i nastavna sredstva. 8. Popović, G. (2009). Economy of European Union. Banja Luka: Ekonomski fakultet. 9. Vukmirica, V., Špirić, N. (2014). Evropska i evroazijska unija 10. Vukmirica, V.; Špirić, N. (2005). Economic and monetary integration of Europe, Banja Luka, Ekonomski fakultet 11. World Bank (2016). World

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Legal aspects of the association of overseas countries and territories with the European Union

. Retrieved from European Commission. (2012). Proposal for a Council decision on the association of the overseas countries and territories with the European Union (COM/2012/362). Retrieved from European Commission. (2012a). Commission staff working document on the association of the overseas countries and territories with the EuropeanUnion (SWD/2012/193).Retrieved from http

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Sustainability Evaluation of the European Union based on the Ecological Footprint

References Daly, H. E. (1996). Beyond Growth. Boston: Beacon Press, 1996. ISBN 978-0-8070-4709-5. Drastichová, M. (2014). Measuring Sustainable Development in the European Union Using the Adjusted Net Saving. In: I. Honová, M. Hon, L. Melecký, L., M. Staníčková (Ed.), Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on European Integration 2014 (pp. 87 – 101): Ostrava: VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava. ISBN 978-80-248-3388-0. European Commission (2016). Environment. Beyond GDP [Online]. Last updated: 25. 11. 2016 [cit. 29. 11. 2016

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Perspectives and Problems of Harmonizing Energy Legislation of Ukraine with the European Union Standards Retrieved from [in Ukrainian]. 17. Kolomoets, T., & Hryshchak, S. (2013). Adaptatsiia informatsiinoho zakonodavstva Ukrainy do vymoh YeS yak skladova suchasnoho vitchyznianoho pravotvorchoho protsesu [Adaptation of the information legislation in Ukraine to EU requirements as a part of modern domestic law-making process]. Donetsk: NHU [in Ukrainian]. 18. Site of the European Union. Legislation in EU [The official portal]. Retrieved from 19

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Does the Cohesion Policy Decrease Economic Inequalities in the European Union?

REFERENCES Amin, A., & Tomaney, J. (1995). Behind the Myth of European Union: Prospects for cohesion . London: Routledge. Becker, S. O. (2012). EU Structural Funds: Do They Generate More Growth? The CAGE–Chatham House Series No. 3. Boldrin, M., & Canova, F. (2001). Inequality and convergence in Europe’s regions: reconsidering European regional policies. Economic Policy, Vol. 16 No. 32, 205-253. Bouvet, F. (2010). EMU and the dynamics of regional per capita income inequality in Europe. Journal of Economic Inequality, Vol. 8, No. 3

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Policy Autonomy, Coordination or Harmonization in the Persistently Heterogeneous European Union?

. CESifo Economic Studies , 59(3), 449–488. Burda, M. and Wyplosz, Ch. (2012). Macroeconomics: A European Text (6th ed). Oxford: Oxford University Press. Business Insider. (2015). Here’s What A ‘Grexit’ Would Cost Europe . Retrieved February 6, 2015, from . Calderoni, F. (2010). Organized Crime Legislation in the European Union: Harmonization and Approximation of Criminal Law, National Legislations and the EU Framework Decision on the Fight Against

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European Constitutionalism as the Metatheory of the Construction of Legal and Political Reality and the Challenges for its Development

* This article is an extended version of the paper presented at the annual meeting of the Central and Eastern European Network of Jurisprudence, Brno, Czech Republic 13–16 September, 2015. References Brand, M. (2004). Affirming and Refining European Constitutionalism: Towards the Establishment of the First Constitution for the European Union. EUI Working Paper LAW , 2, Florence: European University Institute. Castells, M. (2010). End of Millennium: The Information Age: Economy, Society and Culture . Vol. 3, 2nd ed., Malden, Oxford, West Sussex

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Reforms of the Community Agrarian Policy: Misconception or New Agricultural Architecture?

References 1. Barnes, P. i Barnes,G.(1999).Environmental policy in the European Union. Edward Elgar Pub, UK. 2. European Commission (2000). From the Single Act to Maastricht and Beyond: the Means to mach our Ambitions. Downloaded on 15 October 2017. from 3. Mikuš, O., Franić, R. i Ramani, D.(2013). Smjernice zajedničke

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Up or Down the Value Chain? A Comparative Analysis of the GVC Position of the Economies of the New EU Member States

industrialization of developing countries where low wages brought about large cost savings from production reallocation. Instead of investing in an integrated production facility, such countries have been able to participate in advanced production processes by specializing in stages where they had a potential comparative advantage, i.e. certain skill structure combined with attractive wage level. GVCs have lead to some de-industrialization in the advanced economies. The new member states (NMS hereafter) of the European Union have played a special role in the process, as they

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