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Point Compression and Coordinate Recovery for Edwards Curves over Finite Field

-2000: Standard Specification For Public Key Cryptorgraphy, American National Standards Institute, IEEE Computer Society, 2000. [5] Daniel J. Bernstein and Peter Birkner and Tanja Lange and Christiane Peters, ECM using Edwards curves, Math. Comput., 82 (282), (2013) [6] Torbjörn Granlund and the GMP development team, GMP-5.0.5, 2012. [7] Daniel J. Bernstein and Tien-Ren Chen and Chen-Mou Cheng and Tanja Lange and Bo-Yin Yang, ECM on Graphics Cards, EUROCRYPT, 2009, 483-501 [8] Paul Zimmermann and Bruce Dodson, 20

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Some Rank Records for Elliptic Curves with Prescribed Torsion Over Quadratic Fields

.hr/~duje/tors/tors.html [5] A. Dujella, M. Jukić Bokun, On the rank of elliptic curves over Q ( i ) with torsion group Z4 ⊕ Z4, Proc. Japan Acad. Ser. A Math. Sci. 86 (2010), 93-96. [6] A. Dujella, F. Najman, Elliptic curves with large torsion and positive rank over number fields of small degree and ECM factorization , Period. Math. Hungar. 65 (2012), 193-203. [7] N. Elkies, j = 0, rank 15; also 3-rank 6 and 7 in real and imaginary quadratic fields , Number Theory Listserv posting, December 30, 2009, ind0912&L

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Application of Conceptual Rainfall-Runoff Model METQ for Simulation of Daily Runoff and Water Level: The case of the Lake Burtnieks Watershed

of the runoff for the Lake Burtnieks and Lake Lubāns watersheds]. Ģeogrāfiski raksti (Follia Geographica), Rīga , 9, 11-19 (in Latvian). Ziverts, A., Apsite, E. (2005). Simulation of daily runoff and water level for the Lake Burtnieks. In Proceedings of the 19th European Conference on Modelling and Simulation ECMS 2005, Simulation in Wider Europe , 1-4 June (pp. 633-637). Merkuryev, Y., Zobel, R., Kerckhoffs, E. (eds.). Riga. Jansons, V., Vagstad, N., Sudars, R., Deelstra, J., Dzalbe, I., Kirsteina D. (2002

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Changes of total annual runoff distribution, high and low discharges in Latvian rivers

water level for the Lake Burtnieks. In: 19 th European Conference on Modelling and Simulation ECMS 2005, Simulation in Wider Europe, 1-4 June, Rīga (pp. 633-637). Глазачева, Л . И. (1980). Гидрологическое районирование [Hydrological Districts]. Рига: Латвийский государственный университет, 44 с. (in Russian).

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