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DORV in fetuses: how to consult future parents at a prenatal cardiology center? Retrospective analysis of 39 cases


DORV [double outlet right ventricle] is defined as a defect in which the great vessels leave entirely or mostly from above the morphologically right ventricle. The proposed by us new prenatal classification of heart defects for the DORV defect including the division into isolated and coexisting with extracardiac defect, facilitates consultation and predicting prognosis for the fetus and newborn. Isolated DORV in fetuses is classified as a severe elective defect (expected cardiac intervention or surgery at 1 month of age) with a relatively good prognosis for newborns, regardless of the type of intracardiac anomalies (in our series of cases 100% survival). DORV in the fetus with coexisting extracardiac defects (ECM) regardless of type of anomaly had poor prognosis (in our study group 100% demise rate).

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