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Influence of Integrated Application of Nano-Chelated Trace Elements and Sulfur on Desi Chickpea in the Short-Season Mediterranean-Type Environment

(3): 53. J ez J. (ed.), 2008: Sulfur: A Missing Link between Soils, Crops, and Nutrition, 50. – Madison. K umar R., P andey P., 2014: Nanotechnology for Better Fertilizer Use. – In: P andey S.T., N egi M. S., K umar R., B hatnagar A., C haturvedi S. (eds), Efficiency Centric Management (ECM) in Agriculture. Proceedings of National Symposium (October, 2014): 108–123. L al M., M athur A.K., P urohit H.S., S harma M., J ain H.K., K harol S., 2014: Effect of phosphorus and sulphur on content and uptake of micronutrients by chickpea ( Cicer

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Effects of bio-organic, conventional and nanofertilizers on growth, yield and quality of potato in cold steppe / Bioorganinių, tradicinių ir nanotrąšų poveikis bulvių augimui, derliui ir kokybei šaltojoje stepėje

Better Fertilizer Use. - In: Pandey S.T., Negi M.S., Kumar R., Bhatnagar A., Chaturvedi S. (eds), Efficiency Centric Management (ECM) in Agriculture. Proceedings of National Symposium (October, 2014): 108-123. Lachman J., Hamouz K., Dvorak P., Orsák M., 2005: The effect of selected factors on the content of protein and nitrates in potato tubers. - Plant, Soil and Environment, 51(10): 431-438. Mahmood M.M., Farooq K., Riaz S., 2003: Response of potato crop to various levels of NPK. - Asian Journal of Plant Sciences, 2: 149

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Forestland-dependent households: a primary agent of deforestation in Nigeria?

Measures. International Journal of Geography and Environmental Management 2: 15 – 26. Oyekale A. S. (2007): Determinants of Agricultural Land Expansion in Nigeria: An Application of Error Correction Modelling (ECM). Journal of Central European Agriculture 8: 301–310. Rademaekers K., Eichler L., Berg J., Obersteiner M., Havlik P. (2010): Study on the evolution of some deforestation drivers and their potential impacts on the costs of an avoiding deforestation scheme. Prepared for the European Commission by ECORYS and IIASA. Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 74 p

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Determinants of forest land use decisions among rural farm households in south-western Nigeria

:// Oyekale A. S. (2007): Determinants of Agricultural Land Expansion in Nigeria: AnApplication of Error Correction Modeling (ECM). Journal of Central European Agriculture 8: 301–310. Pender J. L., Kerr J. M. (1998): Determinants of Farmers Indigenous Soil and Water Conservation Investments in Semi-Arid India. Agricultural Economics 19: 113–125. Tiamiyu S. A., Akintola J. O., Rahji M. A. Y. (2009): Technology Adoption and Productivity Difference among Growers of New Rice for Africa in

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Intermittent Irrigation Enhances Morphological and Physiological Efficiency of Rice Plants

References CEESAY, M. - REID, W.S. - FERNANDES, E.C.M. - UPHOFF, N. 2006. The effect of repeated soil wetting and drying on low land rice yield with System of Rice Intensification (SRI) methods. In International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, vol. 4, 2006 , no. 1 , pp. 5-14. do i:10.1080/14735903.2006.9686007 GALLARDO, M. - TURNER, N.C. - LUDWIG, C. 1994. Water relations, gas exchange and abscisic acid content of Lupinus cosentinii leaves in response to drying different proportion of the root system. In

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Screening of bacterial populations in crop rotations with different proportion of cereals

References BIZÍK, J. - FECENKO, J. - KOTVAS, F. - LOŽEK, O. 1998. Methodology of crop fertilization and nutrition. Bratislava : AT Publishing, 113 pp. ISBN 80-967812-1-9 EDWARDS, U. - ROGALL, T. - BLÖCKER, H. - EMDE, M. - BÖTTGER, E.C. 1989. Isolation and direct complete nucleotide determination of entire genes: characterization of a gene coding for 16S ribosomal RNA. In Nucleic Acids Research, vol. 17, pp. 7843-7853. FERNANDES, E.C.M. - MOTAVALLI, P.P. - CASTILLA, C. - MUKURUMBIRA, L. 1997. Management control

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Effects of Some Cover Crops on Light Extinction and Weed Coverage in Sunflower Field

.C., da Costa L.M., 2001 - Modifications in the population of spontaneous plants in the presence of green manure. Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira, 36: 1355-1362. Gallagher R.S., Fernandes E.C.M., McCallie E.L., 1999 - Weed management through short-term improved fallows in tropical agroecosystems. Agrofor. Syst, 47:197-221. Grimmer O.P., Masiunas J.B., 2004 - Evaluation of winter-killed cover crops preceding snap pea. Hort. Technology, 14: 349-355. Hartmann K.M., Nezadal W., 1990 - Photocontrol of weeds without herbicides. Naturwissenschaften, 77(4): 158

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Basic soil properties as a factor controlling the occurrence and intensity of water repellency in rankers of the White Carpathians

of forest soils at Vancouver, British Columbia. Canadian Journal of Forestry Research , 13, 353–355. Hudson R.A., Traina S.J., Shane W.W. 1994. Organic matter comparison of wettable and non-wettable soils from bentgrass sand greens. Soil Science Society of America Journal , 58, 361–367. Johnson M.S., Lehmann J., Steenhuis T.S., de Oliveira L.V., Fernandes E.C.M. 2005. Spatial and temporal variability of soil water repellency of Amazonian pastures. Australian Journal of Soil Research , 43, 319–326. King P.M. 1981. Comparison of methods for

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Paxillus involutus Forms an Ectomycorrhizal Symbiosis and Enhances Survival of PtCOMT-modified Betula pendula in vitro


The ability of the PtCOMT (caffeate/5-hydroxyferulate O-methyltransferase from Populus tremuloides L.) - modified Betula pendula Roth. lines to form symbiosis with an ectomycorrhizal (ECM) fungus Paxillus involutus Batsch Fr. was studied in vitro. Lignin precursor gene PtCOMT was introduced into two B. pendula clones under the control of the cauliflower mosaic virus 35S promoter or the promoter of the sunflower polyubiquitin gene UbB1. Of the four transgenic lines, one 35SPtCOMT line (23) had a decreased syringyl/guaiacyl (S/G) ratio of root lignin, and two UbB1-PtCOMT lines (110 and 130) retarded root growth compared to the control clone. Both control clones and all transgenic lines were able to form ECMs with P. involutus, but the transgenic lines differed from the controls in the characteristics of the ECMs. The number of lateral roots covered with fungal hyphae and/or development of a Hartig net (HN) were reduced in line 23 with a decreased S/G ratio, and in lines 110 and 130 with slower root formation and changed root morphology, respectively. However, line 23 benefited more from the inoculation in lateral root formation than the control, and in lines 110 and 130 the percentage of viable plants increased most due to inoculation. The results show that B. pendula plants genetically transformed with the lignin gene PtCOMT could form mycorrhizal symbiosis regardless of changes in either the root S/G ratio or development. The benefits of the symbiosis were variable even in the closed in vitro system, and dependent on the clone or transgenic line and the ECM fungal symbiont.

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Community livelihood activities as key determinants for community based conservation of wetlands in Uganda

., Tinch R., Hassall M., Boar R. 2003. Towards Optimal Use of Tropical Wetlands: an Economic Valuation of Goods Derived from Papyrus Swamps in Southwest Uganda . Environmental Change and Management Working Paper ECM03-10. Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment, Norwich. Mbaiwa J.E. 2004. The Success and Sustainability of Community-based Natural Resource Management in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. South African Geog. J ., 86(1): 44-53. Milton S.J. 2000. Community-Based Conservation: Exploring Positive Feedback between Economic

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