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The Effect of Electrochemical Machining on the Fatigue Strength of Heat Resistance Alloys

References Landolt, D. (2009). The role of surface films in ECM. Proceedings of the International Symposium on ElectroChemical Machining Technology INSECT 2009, Dresden. Sedykin, F.N. (1976). Electrochemical machining of machine Components , (in Russian). Moscow: Mashinostrojenije. Rumyantsev, E. & Davydov, A. (1989). Electrochemical machining of Metals. Moscow: MIR Publisher. Shmanilov, V.A., Filimoshin, V.G., Karimov, A. Ch., Petrov, B.I., & Pronichev

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Quasi-Homogenous Model of Electrochemical Machining of Turbine Engine Parts

, Scientific Library of Institute of Aviation, No. 56, Warsaw 2019. [5] Kozak, J., Surface Shaping by Electrochemical Machining , Transaction of Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw 1976. [6] Kozak, J., Computer Simulation System for Electrochemical Shaping , Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Vol. 109, No. 3, pp. 354-359, 2001. [7] Kozak, J., Lubkowski, K., The Basic Investigation of Characteristic in the Pulse ECM , Proceed. 20 th M.T.D.R. Int. Conf., pp. 625-630, Birmingham 1979. [8] Kozak, J., Rajurkar, K. P., Wei, B., Modelling

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podmiotom odpowiedzialnym za utrzymanie taboru - ECM. Część VI. Sitarz M., Chruzik K., R. Wachnik, Technika Transportu Szynowego, Nr 3/2011, s. 49-54 [4] Zintegrowany system zarządzania bezpieczeństwem w transporcie kolejowym. Podmioty odpowiedzialne za utrzymanie ECM. Część X, Sitarz M., Chruzik K., Wachnik R., Technika Transportu Szynowego, Nr 12/2011, s. 58-61 [5] Rozporządzenie Komisji (WE) nr 352/2009 z dnia 24 kwietnia 2009 r. w sprawie przyjęcia wspólnej metody oceny bezpieczeństwa w zakresie wyceny i oceny ryzyka, o której mowa w

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Analysis of sensorless control of brushless DC motor using unknown input observer with different gains

. [4] C. -T. Lin, C. -W. Hung and C. -W. Liu, ”Sensorless control for four-switch three-phase brushless DC motor drive”, Conf. Rec. IEEE IAS Annual Meeting, 4, pp. 2048-2053, 2006. [5] J. X. Shen, Z. Q. Zhu and D. Howe, ”Sensorless flux-weakening control of permanent-magnet brushless machines using third harmonic back EMF”, IEEE Trans. Ind. Appl. , 40, no. 6, pp. 1629-1636, 2004. [6] T. M. Jahns, R. C. Becerra and M. Ehsani, ”Integrated cur- rent regulation for a brushless ECM drive”, IEEE Trans. Power Electron. , 6, no. 1, pp. 118

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Traffic Flow Simulation on Discrete Rate Approach Base

References Kühne, R. D., Rödiger, M. B. (1991). Macroscopic simulation model for freeway traffic with jams and stop-start waves. In Proceedings of the Winter Simulation Conference, 8-11 December (pp. 762-770). USA Phoenix, AZ: ACM Press. Yatskiv, I., Yurshevich, E., Savrasov, M. (2007). Investigation of Riga Transport Node Capacity on the Basis of Microscopic Simulation, In Proceedings of the 21 st European Conference on Modelling and Simulation (ECMS 2007), Prague, Czech Republic, 4-6 June (pp. 584

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Consideration of the Aspects of the Transportation Systems Microscopic Model Application as Part of a Decision Support System

on Modelling and Simulation (ECMS), Rey Juan Carlos University Madrid, Spain, June 9-12, 2009 (p. 295). Dudweiler: Digitaldruck Pirrot GmbH. Barceló, J. (1997). Advanced Traffic Control Strategies in Madrid. In: Proceedings of the 4 th World Conference on Intelligent Transport Systems. Retrieved March 5, 2012 from Ulied, A., Esquius, A. (2000). Developing Advanced Decision-Support Systems (DSS) an Open and Networked

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Improved Real-time Denoising Method Based on Lifting Wavelet Transform

-901. [11] Lv, P., Lai, J.Z., Ling, D. (2009). Research on threshold algorithm in real-time wavelet de-noising of FOG. Journal of Projectiles, Rockets, Missiles and Guidance, 29 (1), 18-22. [12] Wang, F.Y., Liu, G., Yuan, G.N. (2009). Wavelet threshold-based sea clutter signal denoising. Radar & ECM, 2, 21-26. [13] Bamberger, R.H., Eddins, S.L., Nuri, V. (1994). Generalized symmetric extension for size-limited multirate filter banks. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 3 (1), 82-87.

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Theoretical Research of the Design and Technological Parameters of a Device for Lifting of Deep-Seated Table Root Crops

Simulation, ECMS 2005, Riga, Latvia, pp. 425–430. VILDE, A. – RUCINS, A. 2012. Development of agricultural mechanics. In Engineering for Rural Development, vol. 11, pp. 67–73.

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Virtual Commissioning of a Robotic Cell Prior to its Implementation Into a Real Flexible Production System.
Generation of the Robot Offline Programming (OLP) and Validation of the PLC Code.

, S.C. 2013. A concurrent design methodology of a production system for virtual commissioning. Con. Eng.: Res. and App., 21 (2), pp. 129–140. 21. KO, M., PARK, S.C. 2014. Template-based modelling methodology of a virtual plant for virtual commissioning. Con. Eng.: Res. and App., 22 (3), pp. 197–205. 22. HOFFMANN, P., MAKSOUD, T.M.A. 2010. Virtual Commissioning of Manufacturing Systems - A Review and New Approaches to Simplification. Proceedings of the 24th European Conference on Modelling and Simulation (ECMS 2010) , pp. 175-181. 23. HOLUBEK

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The Analysis of Structure and Physicochemical Properties of Yarns Used for Manufacturing Hernia Meshes

References [1] Stephenson B.M. Complications of open groin hernia repairs. Surgical Clinics of North America 2003; 83: 1255 – 78 [2] Gohel J., Naik N., Parmar H., Solanki B. A comparative study of inguinal hernia repair by Shouldice method vs other methods. International Archives of Integrated Medicine 2016; 3:13-17 [3] Wolf M.T., Dearth Ch.L., Ranallo Ch.A., LoPresti S.T., Carey L.E., Daly B.N., Badylak S.F. Macrophage polarization in response to ECM coated polypropylene mesh. Biomaterials 2014; 35: 6838 – 6849 [4] Olędzka E., Sobczak M

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