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Criteria weighting by using the 5Ws & H technique

Background: This paper introduces the use of the 5Ws & H technique, which is the creative problem solving technique based on who, what, when, where, why and how questions, for the establishing of the criteria weights in multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM). Objectives: The main goal of this paper is to adapt and complete the steps of the 5Ws & H technique, usually used in the problem definition phase, to establish the importance of criteria by the methods based on an interval scale. It also aims to verify the applicability of the proposed approach in the selection of the most appropriate blade. Methods/Approach: In terms of prescriptive approach, the creative 5Ws & H technique was used in the weighting step of the frame procedure for MCDM. During synthesis, the additive model was used, whereas interactions among criteria were considered by using the discrete Choquet integral. Results: The first result is a theoretical statement of the weighting scheme for a new decision mechanism. The second result is the application of this scheme in a real-world case-study. Considering interactions among criteria strengthened the decision-making basis in the selection of the most appropriate blade. Conclusion: The creative 5Ws & H technique proved useful in criteria weighting.

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