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An Evaluation of the preservice English teacher education in a university in China: Pros and cons from an insider’s journey of learning

-scale social research projects. Maidenhead: Open University Press. Educational Statistics Yearbook of China. (2014). Publisher: People’s Education Press. Erozan, F. (2005). Evaluating the language improvement courses in the undergraduate ELT curriculum at Eastern Mediterranean University: A case study. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey. Flick, U. (1998). An introduction to qualitative research. London: Sage. Freeman, D. (1996). The “unstudied problem”: Research on teacher

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Perspectives on English teacher development in rural primary schools in China

Teaching Journal, 54(2), 135-145. Hays, D. (2006). An exploration of the lives and careers of teachers of English in state education systems in Sri Lanka and Thailand. Unpublished PhD thesis, Centre for English Language Studies, University of Birmingham, UK. Hilton, M. (2006). Damaging confusions in England’s KS2 reading tests: A response to Anne Kispal. Literacy, 40(1), 36-41. Ministry of Education. (2012). Education yearbook in China (2009-2011). Beijing: Beijing Normal University Press. Ofsted (2011). The

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A Study on Singapore Chinese Language Teachers’ Professional Proficiency and Training Needs for Sustainable Development

Research, 77(4), 575–614. Ministry of Education, China (2012a). Professional Standards for Primary School Teachers. China. Retrieved January 1, 2014, from Ministry of Education, China (2012b). Professional Standards for Secondary School Teachers. China. Retrieved January 1, 2014, from Ministry of Education (2011). Nurturing active learners and

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Pprofessional and labor socialization of orphans in China

References 1. Владимирова, J|. (1999). Дспі и общество [Children and society). Грани общества (Society's facets], Август (August), 1999,p. 8-9. (mRussian) 2. Діти-сироти: проблема про яку so варят ь в.г>.юс [Orphan children; a problem that should be talked about loudly]. (2009). Retrieved 13.10.2013 from: <http://ua.textreferateonidownload-l2295.html. (in Ukrainian) 3. Клепіков, В. Суіасний Китай: питания виховаиня [Modem China: educational problem:]. (2010). Retrieved 17.10.2013 from: http:" (c)g2r

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Culturally inclusive pedagogies of care: A narrative inquiry

-Technical Research, 4(8), 201-208. Souto-Manning, M. (2017). Generative text sets: Tools for negotiating critically inclusive early childhood teacher education pedagogical practices. Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, 38(1), 79-101. Verner, I., & Beamer, L. (2005). Intercultural communication in the global workplace . 3 rd ed. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. Wu, J., & Singh, M. (2004). ‹Wishing for dragon children›: Ironies and contradictions in China›s education reform and the Chinese diaspora›s disappointments with Australian education. The Australian

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Willingness to Communicate, Possible Selves, Learner Autonomy, and Academic Target Needs: Implications for Sustainable Development in L2 Pedagogy

program in China. University of Sydney Papers in TESOL , 23 (3), 33–59. Peng, J. E. (2015). L2 motivational self-system, attitudes, and affect as predictors of L2 WTC: Some imagined community perspectives. The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher , 24 (2), 433–443. Peng, J. E., & Woodrow, L. (2010). Willingness to communicate in English: A model in the Chinese EFL classroom context. Language Learning , 60 (4), 834–876. Robinson, P. (1991). ESP today: A practitioners’ guide . New York: Prentice Hall. Sato, R. (2017). Fluctuations in an EFL

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The Role of Transformational School Leadership in Promoting Teacher Commitment: An Antecedent for Sustainable Development in South Africa

Limpopo. (Doctoral dissertation, The University of South Africa, Pretoria.) Retrieved from Leithwood, K., & Jantzi, D. (1999). Transformational school leadership effects: A replication. Journal on School Effectiveness and School Improvement , 10 (4), 451–479. Lee, J. C. K., Yin, H. B., Zhang, Z. H., & Jin, Y. L. (2011). Teacher empowerment and receptivity in curriculum reform in China. Chinese Education & Society , (44) 4, 64–81. Leithwood, K., & Jantzi, D. (2006). Transformational school leadership for

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Quality, Equity, Inclusion and Lifelong Learning in Pre-service Teacher Education

-Kin Lee, J., & Day, C. (Eds.), Quality and change in teacher education: Western and Chinese perspectives . (pp. 95–110), Vol. 13. Cham: Springer. Jenset, I., Canrinus, E., Klette, K., & Hammerness, K. (2018). Opportunities to analyse pupils’ learning within coursework on campus: A remaining challenge in teacher education. European Journal of Teacher Education . doi: 10.1080/02619768.2018. 1448783 Jenset, I. S., Klette, K., & Hammerness, K. (2018). Grounding teacher education in practice around the world: An examination of teacher education coursework in

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Timisoara Physical Education and Rehabilitation Journal
The Journal of West University of Timisoara
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