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Russia between China and the European Union: Friends or Foes?

References A Report to Congress (2011), Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China: A Report to Congress Pursuant to the National Defence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010 , Washington, D.C.: Office of the Secretary of Defense. Bishop, B. (2012), ‘Welcome to the Xi Jinping Era,’ The New York Times , 19 Nov 2012. Retrieved from [accessed Nov 2012] BOFIT (2012a), The Bank of Finland Institute for

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Does China’s Aid in Africa Affect Traditional Donors?

Works Cited Alexia Delclaux Gaytán de Ayala. Just give money to the poor. The Development Revolution from the Global South . “Comillas Journal of International Relations”, no. (2), (1 February 2015), Issue 2. Ahmad, M. Social Protection for the Poor and Poorest: Concepts, Policies, and Politics . “Development in Practice”, no. 23(1) (2013), pp. 151–152. Anon. China in Africa: why the West is worried . “New African”, no. (471) (2008), p. 12. Anon. China issues white paper on foreign aid . “Xinhua Economic News”, (April 21, 2011

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Glimpse at EU–China relationships since 2008

References Duchâtel, M. (2008), ‘Gaining soft power: China’s post-Olympic foreign policy priority’, in China Analysis 20: Playing with Europe’s Soft Agenda , London: European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) Asia Centre, pp. 5-6. European Commission (1998), Building a Comprehensive Partnership with China , Communication from the Commission, COM/98/0181 final, Brussels: Commission of the European Communities, pp. 1-26. Retrieved from

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China’s OBOR as a Geo-Functional Institutionalist Project

?’ Journal of Peace Research, vol. 33, no. 1, pp. 29-49. Baviera, A. S. (2016), “China’s strategic foreign initiatives under Xi Jinping: An ASEAN perspective,” China Quarterly of International Strategic Studies, vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 57-79. Blair, T. (1999), ‘The Blair Doctrine,’ PBS Newshour, 22 April 1999. Retrieved from [accessed 15 Dec 2016] Carlsnaes, W. (1992

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Sade and Infanticide in China: around La philosophie dans le boudoir and Justine

References Corpus Sade (1976). La Philosophie dans le boudoir , éd. Yvon Belaval, Paris: Gallimard, coll. « Folio classique ». Sade (1979). Lettres de Chine [ Letters of China ], Lettre du 15 février 1703 [Letter of February 15, 1703], quoted by Isabelle et Jean-Louis Vissière, Paris: Garnier-Flammarion, 1979. Sade (2003). Idées sur les romans et sur le mode de la sanction des lois [ Ideas on Roman and the mode of punishment laws ], éd. Jean-Marc Levent et Alain Brossat, Paris: Mille et une nuits. Sade (2014). Justine et autres

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Social mobility in China and Britain: a comparative study

) ‘Inequality of Opportunity in Urban China and America’. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 9: 3-32. Breen, R. (ed.) (2004) Social Mobility in Europe. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Breen, R., R. Luijkx, W. Müller and R. Pollak (2009) ‘Non-Persistent Inequality in Educational Attainment: Evidence from Eight European Countries’. American Journal of Sociology, 114(5): 1475-1521. Bukodi, E. and J. H. Goldthorpe (2010) ‘Market versus Meritocracy: Hungary as a critical case’, European Sociological Review, 26(6): 655-674. Chan, T.W. and Goldthorpe, J.H. (2005

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China's Dilemmas on the Road to Reforms Under Xi Jinping

References Agadzhanian, M. (2014), ‘Rossiia-Kitai: voienno-tekhnicheski faktor sblizheniia’ Regnum, 24 May 2014. Retrieved from [accessed Jun 2014] Ansfield, J. (2013), ‘China Takes Aim at Western Ideas’ The New York Times, 20 August 2013. Retrieved from [accessed Jun 2014] Arbatov, A. (2014), ‘Aziatsko-Tihookeanskaia strategicheskaia panorama bistro meniaietsa’ Nezavisimaia voiennoe

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Liberty in Harmony: An Integration of Confucian Harmony and Liberalism in Contemporary China

Publishing, 2000 Berthrong, John H. Transformations of the Confucian Way. Boulder: Westview Press, 1998 Chilton, Paul, Hailong Tian, and Ruth Wodak.“Reflections on Discourse and Critique in China and the West.” In Journal of Language and Politics, 9/4, 2010, pp. 489-507 Dietze, Gottfried. Liberalism Proper and Proper Liberalism. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1985 Fan, Ruiping. Confucian Bioethics. Hingham, USA: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1999 Fang, Keli and Jinquan Li

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Economic Expansion of China: Determinants, Perspectives, Limits

Economist, August 25th, 8. Economist (2018), China moves into Latin America. The Economist, February 3rd, 9. Galbraith J. K. (2018), Backwater Economics and New Pragmatism: Institutions and Evolution in the Search for a Sustainable Economics. TIGER Working Papers Series, No. 138 (January 2018), Kozminski University, Warsaw,

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Competition Between Chinese and United States Companies in the Internet Market

Works Cited Alibaba 2015 Annual Report . Shanghai: Alibaba Group Holding Limited, 2016. 2014 Annual Report . Seattle: Inc., 2015. Barak, Sylvie. China uncensors Wikipedia , “The Inquirer”. Web. 9 September 2016, . Bieliński, T., Chinese video game market as an opportunity for Polish game producers , “International Business and Global Economy”, no. 32 (2013), pp. 25–39. Bieliński, T., Potencjał konkurencyjności chińskich firm sektora Internetu , „Gdańskie Studia Azji Wschodniej”, no

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