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TQM Practice and Institution Innovation in China

References Badiru, A. B. (1990), 'A System Approach to Total Quality Management,” Industrial Engineering, 1990, March, p.33-36 Grgory H. Watson (2001), “Cycles of Learning Observations of Jack Welch”, Six Sigma Forum Magazine Vol 1, November 2001, pp13 Harry J. Levinson and Chuck DeHont (1992),“Leading to Quality”, May 1992, pp55 Ho K. M. Samuel (1999), “TQM: An Integrated Approach”, School of Business Hong Kong Baptist University Press. Liu, Songbai (2011), “Research on the function of leadership in quality management of Chinese SMEs”, in

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The EU's Antidumping Actions Against Chinese Products

M.A. (2007), China's Export Growth and the China Safeguard: Treats to the World Trading System, Department of Economic Research, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Knetter M.M. and Prusa T.J. (2005), Macroeconomic Factors and Antidumping Filings: Evidence from Four Countries, Journal of International Economics, No. 61, pp 1-17 Moore M.O., Zanardi M. (2007), Does Antidumping Use Contribute to Trade Liberalization in Developing Countries? George Washington University & Tilburg University & Center Prusa T.J. (1996), The Trade Efects of U.S. Antidumping Actions

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Mechanics of Investment Drivers in Chinese Economy

). Strategic Firm Response to Developing Economy Challenges. Global Business Review , 2 (2010), 71–86. 3. Blume, L. E., & Sargent, T. J. (2015). Harrod 1939*. The Ecnomic Journal , 125 , 350–377. 4. Chai, H., & Kim, J. Il. (2018). Demographics, Pension Systems and the Saving-Investment Balance,. IMF Working Paper WP/18/265 December 2018 . 5. Connell, J. (2017). Globalisation, soft power, and the rise of football in China. Geographical Research , 56 (1), 5–15. https

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China’s Macroeconomic Policy Options: A Sectoral Financial Balances Perspective

5. References Ma, Guonan, Yi, Wang (2010), China’s high savings rate: myth and reality , BIS Working Paper No. 312, Bank for International Settlements, Switzerland, available at: Liu, Zheng (2014) Job Uncertainty and Chinese Household Savings , FRBSF Economic Letters, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, available at: Schramm, Ronald M. (2015

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An Analysis of China's Outward Foreign Direct Investment to the EU: Features and Problems

References China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, (2011), Survey on Current Conditions of and Intention for Outbound Investment by Chinese Enterprises [R]. Ecns. cn, (2013), Chinese–German investment ‘will remain robust’, Francoise N., (2009), Chinese Direct Investment in Europe: Facts and Fallacies, International Economics Issue: 9, pp. 1–12. Hanemann T., Rosen D.H., (2012), China Invests in Europe

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CSR Strategies in Greater China: Global, East Asian, American, European Style?

Responsibility: Key Issues and Debates. Dunstan Paper, No. 1 Carroll, A.B. (1999), Corporate Social Responsibility - Evolution of Defnitional Construct. Business and Society, No. 38/3, 268-295 Chang, C.P. (2009), The relationships among corporate social responsibility, corporate image and economic performance of high-tech industries in Taiwan. Quality & Quantity, Vol. 43, No. 3, 417-429 Czarniawska, B. and Joerges, B. (1996), Travels of ideas, in: B. Czarniawska, G. Sevon (eds), Translating organizational change, Berlin, de Gruyter, pp. 13-48 China Ministry of Commerce

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Are Eastern Baltic Ports the drivers of Eurasian trade?

1 Introduction According to the official outline, Belt and Road initiative (BRI) aims to “promote the connectivity of Asian, European and African continents and their adjacent seas, establish and strengthen partnerships among the countries along the Belt and Road, set up all-dimensional, multi-tiered and composite connectivity networks, and realize diversified, independent, balanced and sustainable development in these countries.” [Official website of Belt and Road Initiative]. Thus, the initial idea of BRI was to cooperate and build partnership with China in

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Study on the Interaction Between China and Japan’s Economy Based on FDI, Import and Export Trade

References Feng Yao, Shi Ning Zhong. (2003) Econometric analysis of the economic development of Japan and China Japan trade [J]. Management Science, 2003,6 (4): 55-62. Guoyu Ning, Ye Xiangsong. (2012) Study on the influence of Sino Japanese trade on the China’s macroeconomic fluctuations synchronization [J]. Macroeconomic Research, 2012, (12): (93-105). Hong Liu, Li Shusheng. (2013) Impact of FDI on China’s economic growth and employment - study on the VAR model [J]. International Trade Issues, 2013, (4): 105-114. Jiangyong Liu (2007

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The Innovation-Driven Impact on Economic Structure Transition. The Case of China

-1104. Zheng, J., Hu, Z., Wang, J. (2008), Entrepreneurship, innovation and economic growth: the case of Yangtze river delta in China, Mpra Paper.

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Director-Generals’ Human and Social Capital, and Management Performance of Farmers’ Cooperatives: Evidence from China’s Fujian

et al., 2014 ]. However, due to differences in conditions between different nations, studies on the relationship between human capital, social capital, and performance under different cultural environments can have different outcomes [ Schneider et al., 2000 ]. The “acquaintance trust”, unique to rural China, restricts the development of cooperatives [ Zhao and Li, 2007 ]. Moreover, there are relatively few research reports on the relationship between social capital and cooperative performance, and the literature on the social capital of cooperatives’ director

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