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TQM Practice and Institution Innovation in China

References Badiru, A. B. (1990), 'A System Approach to Total Quality Management,” Industrial Engineering, 1990, March, p.33-36 Grgory H. Watson (2001), “Cycles of Learning Observations of Jack Welch”, Six Sigma Forum Magazine Vol 1, November 2001, pp13 Harry J. Levinson and Chuck DeHont (1992),“Leading to Quality”, May 1992, pp55 Ho K. M. Samuel (1999), “TQM: An Integrated Approach”, School of Business Hong Kong Baptist University Press. Liu, Songbai (2011), “Research on the function of leadership in quality management of Chinese SMEs”, in

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Colour in Online Advertising: Going for Trust, Which Blue is a Must?


In an online environment the customer relies heavily on cues that indicate that an electronic vendor (e-vendor), can be trusted (especially in comparison with an offline shopping environment). Several studies investigated the factors that reduce mistrust in an online environment. However, little is known about the effects of colour on the process of establishing trust between e-vendor and consumer, and purchase intention. The current body of studies on the effects of, specifically, the colour blue on trust in an online environment also show contrasting results. Further, the literature review revealed that (value) variations of colours have different effects on human behaviour, or perception. It was also argued that the effect of blue on trust and behaviour would be greater for people from cultures that are generally more risk averse. The aim of the present study, therefore, was to investigate the effect of two different values of blue (i.e. lighter and darker valued) on trust and the intention to book an accommodation, differentiated by culture. In an online experiment 91 Chinese and 125 Dutch respondents (average age 27 years) were presented with an accommodation offer displayed within either a predominantly darker, or lighter valued blue environment. The results showed an indirect (mediating) effect of trust on the relationship between the predominantly darker coloured blue environment and booking intention. There was no evidence for the hypothesized moderating effect of culture. To conclude, this study contributes to a better understanding of the effects of (value) variations of colour in an online environment on human behaviour, and perception. The use of dark blue colour schemes in an online environment can be recommended to e-vendors. Especially in online environments in which the customer is more involved (e.g. financially) or vulnerable in the (purchasing) process, and thus more cues are needed to win a visitor’s trust.

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Global-Soziale Marktwirtschaft und die Flüchtlingsfrage

Review, Vol. 55, S. 1126-1150. [6] Goethe, Johann Wolfgang (1808), Faust - eine Tragödie, Tübingen. [7] Hayek, Friedrich A. von (1972), Die Theorie komplexer Phänomene, Tübingen. [8] Holtfrerich, Carl-Ludwig, Lars P. Feld und Werner Heun et al. (2015): Staatsschulden: Ursachen, Wirkungen und Grenzen, Berlin. [9] Kissinger, Henry (2011), On China, New York. [10] List, Friedrich (1841), Das Nationale System der Politischen Ökonomie, Stuttgart u.a. [11] Luhmann, Niklas (1968

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Wem dient Freihandel?

Handelsberatungen zwischen USA und China. Available at: (07.01.2019). Ottaviani, Jacobo (2015), Die Elektroschrott Republik“. Available at: Polachek, Soloman W. (1980), Conflict and Trade, in: Journal of Conflict Resolution, Vol. 24, pp. 55-78. Polachek, Solomon W. (2007), How trade affects international interactions, in: The Economics of Peace and Security

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Journal for Markets and Ethics
Zeitschrift für Marktwirtschaft und Ethik
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Investigations Regarding the Influence of Corporate Governance on Financial Performance. Empirical Study on Banks Listed on the Romanian Capital Market

Banks in China. Global Economic Review, 1–24. .

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Rebranding and its Impact on Banking Activities – Case Study

situational context for a business-to-business brand. Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 40, No. 7, p. 1133–1143; Xiao, R., Chi, T., (2015). An exploratory study of branding strategies in the Chinese casual wear market. American Journal of Business, Economics and Management, 3(1), p. 1-8; CEC Bank, Ziarul Financiar,

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