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The Postpartum Tradition of Sawa Mahina in Rural Punjab, Pakistan

Journal of Nursing Studies 41 (5): 573-579. DOI: Hoffman, Lois Wladis and Martin L. Hoffman. 1973. The Value of Children to Parents. -Psychological Perspective on Population, edited by James T. Fawcett. New York, NY: Basic Books, 19-76. Holroyd, Eleanor; Fung Kim Lai Katie, Lam Siu Chun and Sin Wai Ha. 1997. “Doing the month”: An Exploration of Postpartum Practices in Chinese Women. - Health Care for Women International 18 (3): 301-313. DOI:

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Cultural Identities in Sustaining Religious Communities in the Arctic Region: An Ethnographic Analysis of Religiosity from the Northern Viewpoint

, Jocelyne. 2013. Religion and Diasporas: Challenges of the Emigration Countries . Fiesole: European University Institute. (accessed December 1, 2017). Diller, Jerry V. 2014. Cultural Diversity: A Primer for the Human Services . 5th edn. China: Cengage Learning. Downing, Emma. 2015. Religious Slaughter of Animals. – House of Commons Library . (accessed November 30, 2017). ECHR = European

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