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Intercultural Primary Education in the Second Half of the Decade

intercultural education at chinese institutions from german experience. Journal of International Students, 5(2), 201-203. IAIE: International Association for Intercultural Education. Retrieved from International Commission on Education for the twenty-first Century. (1996). UNESCO Publishing. Retrieved from Intercultural Education in the primary school. (2005). Dublin: NCCA. Retrieved from: http

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Learning from Visual Materials: A Psycho-Didactic Experiment

-0001. Škrabánková, J., & Trnová, E. (2014). Researching Students Gifted in Science Using the Method of Eye Tracking. In The 13th APFG Conference on Giftedness. Beijing: China. Vágnerová, M. (2005). Vývojová psychologie. Praha: Karolinum. Vasta, R., Haith, M. M., & Miller, S. A. (1992). Child psychology: The modern science. Hoboken, USA: John Wiley & Sons.

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Some Sociological, Medical and Legislative Views on Video Game Addiction (A Slovenian Case Study)

. Maribor: Urad RS za mladino, Aristej, 2000.

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The Influence of Study Specialization on the Moral Reasoning in University Students

, 2001, n. 2, p. 74-79. WILSON, L. K. - REST, J. R. - BOLDIZAR, P. J. - DEEMER, D. K.: Moral judgment development: The effects of education and occupation. In: Social Justice Research, vol. 5, 1992, n. 1, p. 31-48. ZHANG, J.: Factors of Chinese Adolescent’s Moral Judgment Competence - Findings from Hubei Province. In Ethics in Progress Quarterly, vol. 3, 2012, n. 1, p. 83-95.

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The Goals and Consequences of the Centralization of Public Education in Hungary

sorting and the plight of urban schools: A descriptive analysis. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis , 24 (7), 37-62. Le Grand, J. (1982). The Strategy of Equality , London: George Allen & Unwin. Leung, F. K. S. (2004). Educational Centralization and Decentralization in East Asia . Paper presented at the APEC Educational Reform Summit, Beijing, China. Levin, B. (2003). Approaches to Equity in Policy for Lifelong Learning . Paris: OECD. Lundahl, L. (2002). From centralisation to decentralisation: Governance of education in Sweden

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Challenges and Curriculum Transformation in the Higher Education Sector in South Africa: A Case Study in WASH to Improve the Training of Pharmacists

:// Biggs, J., & Tang, C. (1999). Teaching for quality learning at university (4 th ed.). Buckingham, United Kingdom: Society for Research Into Higher Education and Open University Press. Blankley, W., & Booyens, I. (2010). Building a knowledge economy in South Africa (Commentary). South African Journal of Science, 106 (11/12), Article #373. Boud, D. (1990). Assessment and the promotion of academic values. Studies in Higher Education, 15 (1), 101-111. BRICS 2017 China (, 2017

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Health Literacy of a Sample of Portuguese Elderly

older adults. Journal of Clinical Nursing , 18, 2337-2343. Lee, S., Tsai, T., Tsai, Y., & Kuo, K. (2010). Health literacy, health status, and healthcare utilization of taiwanese adults: Results from a national survey. BMC Public Health , 10, 614. Liu, Y., Liu, L., Li, Y., & Chen, Y. (2015). Relationship between health literacy, health-related behaviours and health status: A survey of elderly Chinese. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health , 12, 9714-9725. Luís, L. (2010). Literacia em saúde e alimentação saudável: os

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Paris Climate Summit and Turkey's Renewable Energy Policies

Targets (2011). Available at: (Accessed on 12/03/2016). European Environment Agency, Annual European Union Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990–2013 and Inventory Report (2015). Submission to the UNFCCC Secretariat, EEA Technical Report, No19/2015. Hamilton, J., D. (1983). Oil and the Macroeconomy since World War II. The Journal of Political Economy , 91(2), 228-248. Hong-Yuan, Y., & Ve Zhu Song-Li (2015). Toward Paris: China and climate change negotiations. Advances in

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