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The Review of Instruments of Spirituality Measurement in Children

, D.O. (2002). Assessing and measuring spirituality: Confronting dilemmas of universal and particular evaluative criteria. Journal of Adult Development , 9, 47-60. Mok, E., Wong, F. & Wong, D. (2010). The meaning of spirituality and spiritual care among the Hong Kong Chinese terminally ill. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 66, 360-370. Mueller, C.R. (2010). Spirituality in children: Understanding and developing intervations, Pediatric Nursing, 36, 197-203, 208 Pargament, K.I., Koenig, H.G., & Perez, L.M. (2000). The many methods of religious coping

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Psychometric properties of the Bangla version of the Kessler Psychological Distress Scale (K6)

.7080.572 Bland JM Altman DG Statistics notes: Cronbach’s alpha BMJ 1997 314 572 Bland JM, Altman DG. Measuring agreement in method comparison studies. Stat Methods Med Res. 1999;8:135–60. 10501650 10.1177/096228029900800204 Bland JM Altman DG Measuring agreement in method comparison studies Stat Methods Med Res 1999 8 135 60 Bu XQ, You LM, Li Y, et al. Psychometric properties of the Kessler 10 scale in Chinese parents of children with cancer. Cancer Nurs. 2017;40:297–304. 10.1097/NCC.0000000000000392 27257800 Bu XQ You LM Li Y et

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Eating disorders, risk and management: a personal journey and a South African and African perspective

of conflicted identity with the body as a ready vehicle for the expression of such conflict. Of interest, Szabo and le Grange (2001) did not refer to work by Lee (1996) who in a seminal paper based on his experience of the emergence of eating disorders amongst Chinese in Hong Kong had re-evaluated the meaning of “ culture bound ” ( Lee, 1996 ). Lee (1996) re-conceptualized “ culture-bound ”, describing this reconceptualization as “… trans-national and value driven across geographical locations rather than unique to locations i.e. within the culture of

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Whose shopping malls and whose shopping streets? Person-environment fit in retail environments

Wydawnictwo Psychologiczne. Bonaiuto, M., Aiello, A., Perugini, M., Bonnes, M., & Ercolani, A. P. (1999). Multidimensional Perception of Residential Environment Quality and Neighbourhood Attachment in the Urban Environment. Journal of Environmental Psychology , 19 (4), 331–352. doi:10.1006/jevp.1999.0138 Cai, Y., & Shannon, R. (2012a). Personal values and mall shopping behavior: The mediating role of attitude and intention among Chinese and Thai consumers. Australasian Marketing Journal (AMJ) , 20 (1), 37–47. doi:10.1016/j.ausmj.2011.10.013 Cai, Y

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