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Does China’s Aid in Africa Affect Traditional Donors?

Works Cited Alexia Delclaux Gaytán de Ayala. Just give money to the poor. The Development Revolution from the Global South . “Comillas Journal of International Relations”, no. (2), (1 February 2015), Issue 2. Ahmad, M. Social Protection for the Poor and Poorest: Concepts, Policies, and Politics . “Development in Practice”, no. 23(1) (2013), pp. 151–152. Anon. China in Africa: why the West is worried . “New African”, no. (471) (2008), p. 12. Anon. China issues white paper on foreign aid . “Xinhua Economic News”, (April 21, 2011

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Competition Between Chinese and United States Companies in the Internet Market

Works Cited Alibaba 2015 Annual Report . Shanghai: Alibaba Group Holding Limited, 2016. 2014 Annual Report . Seattle: Inc., 2015. Barak, Sylvie. China uncensors Wikipedia , “The Inquirer”. Web. 9 September 2016, . Bieliński, T., Chinese video game market as an opportunity for Polish game producers , “International Business and Global Economy”, no. 32 (2013), pp. 25–39. Bieliński, T., Potencjał konkurencyjności chińskich firm sektora Internetu , „Gdańskie Studia Azji Wschodniej”, no

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Bipolar Disorder in Statehood: is China “Dr. Jekyll” or “Mr. Hyde” or Both?

Works Cited Ai, John. Hainan, women and children beaten for trying to stop village demolition . “Asia News” (May, 2016). Web. AIIB to Use U.S. Dollar as Settlement Currency: Source . “Yonhapnews” (May, 2015). Web. Albert, Eleanor. China’s Environmental Crisis , “Council on Foreign Relations” (January, 2016). Web.

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China’s Global Order: a New Paradigm in South to South Relations

References China and Latin America: Argentina and China Sign Trade Deals. The Latin Post, New York, USA, July 19, 2014. Available at: Fischer Hoffman, C., 2015. China commits $20 billion to Venezuela at First Latin America-China Forum in Beijing. Venezuela Analysis January 09. Available at: China-Latin America Finance Database. The Dialogue. Available at: Clinton, H., 2011. America’s Pacific Century, Foreign

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China and the Baltic States: strategic challenges and security dilemmas for Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

Bibliography Baltic Course. (2017). DHL: Latvia will be Significant Transport Hub between China and Europe. 9 November. [online] Available at . [Accessed 14 Feb. 2018] Baltic Times. (2017). Lithuanian Foreign Minister: China’s Exercise May Contribute to Tensions in Baltic Sea Region. Baltic Times , 21 June. [online] Available at . [Accessed 14 Feb. 2018] Berzins, I

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China’s Belt and Road Initiative Extension to Central and Eastern European Countries - Sixteen Nations, Five Summits, Many Challenges

Bibliography Casarini, N., 2015. Is Europe to Benefit from China’s Belt and Road Initiative? Insituto di Affari Internazionali, IAI - Working Papers , 15(40): 1-11. Chi, L., 2015. China’s Silk Road Strategy. The International Economy , 29(4): 54-75. Clover, C. and Hornby, L., 2015. China’s Great Game: Road to a new empire. A modern Silk Road is Beijing’s signature foreign policy. Financial Times , [online] October. Available at: [Accessed 25 October 2015]. CNON Opinion

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Vietnam Game Between USA and China

-Pacific Partnership(TPP): In Brief. Web. Fravel, M.T., China’s Strategy In the South China Sea , “Contemporary Southeast Asia”, vol. 33 (2011), no. 3, pp. 292–319. Hoang Viet, ASEAN and the Prospects for Solution to Disputes In the South China Sea , [in:] The South China Sea: Cooperation for Regional Security and Development , ed. by Tran Truong Thuy, Hanoi 2010. Kurlantzick, J., A China-Vietnam Military Clash . Web. http

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China and Global Financial Governance: Centripetalism, Elevation and Disparity

References BCBS, 2012. Progress Report on Basel III Implementation. Bank for International Settlements BIS, 2011. Committee on the Global Financial System. Available at: [Accessed 10 November 2011] Caijing, 2010. IMF Approved the Quotas Reform Program and China’s Share of Voting Rights Will Rise to the Third. Caijing Website 6th November. Available at: [Accessed 6 November 2010] Chin, G. T., 2010. The

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Development Assistance for Africa as Part of the Chinese–American Rivalry

Works Cited African Economic Outlook: Basic Statistics . Web. . Bagiński, Paweł, Kowalska, Małgorzata. Finansowanie rozwoju krajów słabiej rozwiniętych jako element polityki zagranicznej państw rozwiniętych . „Pomoc rozwojowa dla krajów rozwijających się na przełomie XX i XXI wieku”. Ed. E. Latoszek, Warszawa: Wydawnictwo SGH, 2010, pp. 89–92. Building Bridges China’s Growing Role as Infrastructure Financier for Africa, Trends and Policy Options . The International Bank for Reconstruction

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The First Catholic Bible in Chinese: Gabriele Allegra and His Translation

., 1965a. The Chinese Version of the Holy Bible of Studium Biblicum O.F.M. Hong Kong. In: Teaching all Nations, July, pp.345-353. Allegra, G. M., 1965b. Una esposizione biblica a Hong Kong. In: L’Osservatore Romano, 29 aprile, p. 6. Allegra, G. M., 1966. Il primato di Cristo in S. Paolo e in Duns Scoto: dialogo col p. Teilhard de Chardin. Palermo: Crociata del Vangelo. Allegra, G. M., 1969. Actuositas Studii Biblici Franciscani Sinensi: 1963-1969. In: Liber Annuus, XIX, pp.369-373. Allegra, G. M., 1974

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