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An Identification of Areas Requiring Improvement in the Company Producing the Illumination – Case Study

., Low, S.P., 2015. Toyota way style human resource management in large Chinese construction firms, A qualitative study. International Journal of Construction Management, 15(1), 17–32. Kleszcz, D., Ulewicz, R., Nowakowska-Grunt, J., 2013. The Use of Lean Tools in the Ceramic Industry, In Toyotarity, Management of the Production Values, Ankara, Turkey, 94-111. Knop, K., 2018. Statistical Control of the Production Process of Rolled Products, Production Engineering Archives, 20(2018), 26-31, DOI: 10.30657/pea.2018.20.06 Knop, K., Mielczarek, K., 2018

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The Challenges of Industry 4.0 for Small and Medium Enterprises in Poland and Slovakia

REFERENCES Accelerating the Industrial Internet of Things Made in China 2025《中国制造2025》State Council, July 7, 2015 Anttila, J., Jussila, K. (2018). Organizational learning in developing the integrated quality management. Production Engineering Archives, 18, 3–13. Deloitte. (2015). Industry 4.0,Challenges and Solutions for the Digital Transformation and Use of Exponential Technologies; Deloitte: Swiss, Zurich, 2015. Fallera C., Feldmüllera D. (2015). Industry 4.0 Learning Factory for regional SMEs. Procedia CIRP 32, 2015, 88–91. Gubbi

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Determinants of the Energy Saving Construction Quality in the Green Design

. Lifecycle assessment of the economic, environmental and energy performance of biodiesel in China . Biomass and Bioenergy, 35, 2893-2902. World Commission on Environment and Development- WCED (1987). The Brundtland Report,-pp.35.-Available_at: [Accessed on 3/4/13].

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An Improvement of Quality of the Rear Cover of Bearing Turbine with the use of Selected Methods

-destructive testing at early ages, CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS, 193, 323-331. Wolniak R., Skotnicka-Zasadzień B., 2011. Metody i narzędzia zarządzania jakością. Teoria i praktyka, Wydawnictwa Politechniki Śląskiej. Zhang, B., Liu, F., Liu, C., et al. 2017. An ultrasonic non-destructive testing method for the measurement of weld width in laser welding of stainless steel. 2nd International Conference on Materials Science, Resource and Environmental Engineering (MSREE), Wuhan, PEOPLES R CHINA, OCT 27-29. Zhong, C., Kittel, J., Gasser, A., et al. 2019

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Traceability Systems and Technologies for Better Food Supply Chain Management

and quality perspectives. Food Control, 39, 172–184.doi:10.1016/j.foodcont.2013.11.007 Qian, J.-P., Yang, X.-T., Wu, X.-M., Zhao, L., Fan, B.-L., & Xing, B. 2012. A traceability system incorporating 2D barcode and RFID technology for wheat flour mills. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 89, 76–85.doi:10.1016/j.compag.2012.08.004 Feng Tian. 2016. An agri-food supply chain traceability system for China based on RFID & blockchain technology. 2016 13th International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management (ICSSSM).doi:10.1109/icsssm

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The Analysis of Selected Relationships Between Human Resource Management Style and the Effectiveness of Knowledge Management

REFERENCES Armstrong, M., 2003. A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice . 9th ed. Kogan Page, London, 161–162. Białasiewicz, M., 2013. Kształtowanie kapitału ludzkiego w organizacji . WNUS, Szczecin. Chen, H., Hou, J., Chen, W., 2018. Threshold Effect of Knowledge Accumulation between Innovation Path and Innovation Performance: New Evidence from China’s High-tech Industry . Science Technology and Society 23 (1), 163–184, DOI: 10.1177/0971721817744459. Cui, A.S., Wu, F., 2016. Utilizing customer knowledge in innovation

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Evaluation of Safety in the Workplace Importance in a Company from Metal Products Industry

., Jagusiak-Kocik, M., Sygut, P., 2013. Determination of the technology place in the metal company on the basis of the Toyota’s management principles . 22nd International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials METAL, Brno. Gao, S., Low, S.P., 2015. Toyota way style human resource management in large Chinese construction firms. A qualitative study . International Journal of Construction Management, 15(1), 17–32. Knop, K., 2018. Statistical Control of the Production Process of Rolled Products . Production Engineering Archives 20(2018), 26-31, https

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Analysis of the Design and Implementation Phase of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems in Manufacturing Enterprises

: an assessment of Chinese enterprises . Production Planning & Control 23, 837-850.

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Using the Dematel Model for the FMEA Risk Analysis

, J.J., Tsai, S.B. 2015. “Discussing and Evaluating Green Supply Chain Suppliers: A Case Study of the Printed Circuit Board Industry in China. South African Journal of Industrial Engineering , 26 (2), pp. 56-67. Korenko, M. et al. 2015. Risk analysis at work in manufacturing organization. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae et Silviculturae Mendelianae Brunensis , 63(5), 1493-1497. Knop, K., Ingaldi, M., Smilek-Starczynowska, M. 2017. Reduction of Errors of the Conformity Assessment During the Visual Inspection of Electrical Devices. Advances in

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