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Sade and Infanticide in China: around La philosophie dans le boudoir and Justine

References Corpus Sade (1976). La Philosophie dans le boudoir , éd. Yvon Belaval, Paris: Gallimard, coll. « Folio classique ». Sade (1979). Lettres de Chine [ Letters of China ], Lettre du 15 février 1703 [Letter of February 15, 1703], quoted by Isabelle et Jean-Louis Vissière, Paris: Garnier-Flammarion, 1979. Sade (2003). Idées sur les romans et sur le mode de la sanction des lois [ Ideas on Roman and the mode of punishment laws ], éd. Jean-Marc Levent et Alain Brossat, Paris: Mille et une nuits. Sade (2014). Justine et autres

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Social mobility in China and Britain: a comparative study

) ‘Inequality of Opportunity in Urban China and America’. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 9: 3-32. Breen, R. (ed.) (2004) Social Mobility in Europe. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Breen, R., R. Luijkx, W. Müller and R. Pollak (2009) ‘Non-Persistent Inequality in Educational Attainment: Evidence from Eight European Countries’. American Journal of Sociology, 114(5): 1475-1521. Bukodi, E. and J. H. Goldthorpe (2010) ‘Market versus Meritocracy: Hungary as a critical case’, European Sociological Review, 26(6): 655-674. Chan, T.W. and Goldthorpe, J.H. (2005

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Causes of Regionalism. How ASEAN-China FTA Fits the (New) Wave of Regionalism?

REFERENCES Adhikari, R. and Yongzheng Yang (2002), What Will WTO Membership Mean for China and Its Trading Partners? Finance & Development. A quarterly magazine of the IMF. Volume 39, Number 3, available at: { } accessed 23 July 2015. AP Archive and British Movietone. PRESIDENT KENNEDY - PRESS - SOUND. Washington news-bee at the State Department Auditorium. 12/03/1962. President Kennedy made the announcements on his summit meeting posture. Commenting on GATT talks which have just

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Everyday Mobility: the Normalization of China-Japan Migratory Flows and their ‘Everyday Practice’

References Bourdieu, P. (1998). Practical Reason: On the Theory of Action . Stanford, Stanford University Press. Brandstadter, S. and G. D. Santos, eds. (2009). Chinese Kinship: Contemporary anthropological perspectives . Routledge Contemporary China series. New York and Oxon, Routledge. Buchanan, I. (2001). Michel De Certeau: Cultural Theorist . London, Sage Publications. Cheng, T.-S. (2001). Kajin Diasupora: Kasho no Nettowaku to Iidentitii Tokyo, Akashi Shoten. Cheng, X. (2003). Non-remaining and Non-returning’ Globalizing

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Investment strategy of sovereign wealth funds from emerging markets: the case of China

References Bloomberg, 2011: Bloomberg, 2013: Bolton, P., Samama, F. and Stiglitz, J. E., 2012: Sovereign Wealth Funds and Long-Term Investing, New York: Columbia University Press. Carr, C., 2013: “National Interest” Concerns and Uncertain Investment Regimes Are Impending Important Investment Sovereign Wealth Funds. In: Harvard Business Law Review, p

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Approaches to poverty measurement in BRICS: a reflection on economic reality (the case of Brazil, China and Russia)

: 19.10.2018 Fu, J. , 2007: Call for new definition of poverty. In: China Daily , 26 September 2007. Available at: , DoA: 22.10.2018 Granberg, A. G. , 2006: Osnovy regionalnoy ekonomiki (Fundamentals of regional economics - in Russian). HSE Information Office of the State Council , 2001: The Development-Oriented Poverty Reduction Program for Rural China. Available at: , DoA: 22.10.2018 Information Office of

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Understanding the Integration of Mainland Chinese Students:
The Case of Finland

/Main. Furnham, A & Alibhai, N 1985, ‘The friendship networks of foreign students: a replication and extension of the functional model’, International Journal of Psychology , vol. 20, no. 3–4, pp. 709-722. GHK Consulting & Renming University 2011, EU-China Student and Academic Staff Mobility: Present Situation and Future Developments , European Commission, Available from: < >. [Last accessed 8.11.2017]. Global Times 2007, Going to study non-English speaking

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Holistic Transformation Leading to Sustainable Development in China

Created The Soul of Western Civilization. Nashville: Thomas Nelson. Stark, Rodney (2001). One True God: Historical Consequences of Monotheism. Princeton and Oxford: Princeton University Press. Stark, Rodney (2003). For the Glory of God: How Monotheism Led to Reformations, Science, Witch-Hunts, and the End of Slavery. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Thong, Chan Kei (2009). Finding God In Ancient China: How The Ancient Chinese Worshipped the God of the Bible. Grand Rapids: Zondervan. Wu, K. C. (1982

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Factors Which Influence the Growth of Creative Industries: Cross-section Analysis in China

References CHINA EDUCATION AND RESEARCH NETWORK, Available on World Wide Web: DCMS, Creative Industries Economic Estimates Statistical Bulletin , October 2007. FLORIDA, R. The Economic Geography of Talent. Annals of the Association of American Geographers . Dec., 2002, Vol. 92, No. 4, pp. 743-755 FLORIDA, R. The Rise of the Creative Class . And How It's Transforming Work, Leisure, Community and

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Women And Visual Representations Of Space In Two Chinese Film Adaptations Of Hamlet


This paper studies two Chinese film adaptations of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Xiaogang Feng’s The Banquet (2006) and Sherwood Hu’s Prince of the Himalayas (2006), by focusing on their visual representations of spaces allotted to women. Its thesis is that even though on the original Shakespearean stage details of various spaces might not be as vividly represented as in modern film productions, spaces are still crucial dramatic elements imbued with powerful significations. By analyzing the two Chinese film adaptations alongside the original Hamlet text, the paper attempts to reinterpret their different representations of spaces in relation to their different historical-cultural gender notions.

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