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Swiss Journal of Sociology
Revue Suisse de sociologie/ Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Soziologie
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Historical Narratives of Sinophobia – Are these echoed in contemporary Australian debates about Chineseness?

1 Introduction In 2014, two Australian federal senators, Clive Palmer and Jacqui Lambie, made separate statements through the media describing the Chinese as ‘mongrels’ and ‘bastards’ who wanted to ‘take over’ their country and ‘enslave’ Australian children and grandchildren. These comments were lampooned in the press, and Palmer retracted and apologised for his comments very soon after they were made. The senators’ comments drew on well-worn tropes within narratives of Australianness based on sinophobia and its strong presence in Australian history. Fear

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Street-level Citizenship: le cas de la promotion de la citoyenneté dans les politiques extrascolaires de la jeunesse à Genève

Nationalism in Europe, South Asia and China. Hove: Psychology Press. Birnbaum, Pierre et Jean Leca (éds). 1991. Sur l’individualisme : Théories et méthodes. Paris : Presses de Sciences Po. Bouquet, Brigitte. 2003. Éthique et travail social. Paris : Dunod. Buffat, Aurélien. 2015. When and Why Discretion Is Weak or Strong: The Case of Taxing Officers in a Public Unemployment Fund. Pp. 79-95 in Understanding Street-Level Bureaucracy, édité par Peter Hupe, Michael Hill et Aurélien Buffat. Bristrol: Policy Press

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Do Opposites Attract? Educational Assortative Mating and Dynamics of Wage Homogamy in Switzerland, 1992–2014

Educational Homogamy? Evidence from Married Couples of the Post-80s Generation in Shanghai, China. Social Science Research 60: 148–162. Kalmijn, Matthijs. 1998. Intermarriage and Homogamy: Causes, Patterns, Trends. Annual Review of Sociology 24: 395–421. Kalmijn, Matthijs. 1994. Assortative Mating by Cultural and Economic Occupational Status. American Journal of Sociology 100(2): 422–452. Keeley, Brian. 2015. Income Inequality: The Gap Between Rich and Poor. OECD Insights . Paris, (27

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Sozialkapital als affektive Struktur sozialer Systeme

Gabbay (Hrsg.). 1999. Corporate Social Capital and Liability. Norwell: Kluwer. Lesser, Eric L. (Hrsg.). 2000. Knowledge and Social Capital. Foundations and Applications. Boston: Butterworth-Heinemann. Lin, Nan. 1999. Social networks and status attainment. Annual Review of Sociology 25(1): 467-487. Lin, Nan. 2001. Social Capital. A Theory of Social Structure and Action. New York: Cambridge University Press. Lin, Nan und Yanjie Bian. 1991. Getting ahead in urban China. American Journal of Sociology 97

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How Factorial Survey Analysis Improves Our Understanding of Employer Preferences

Respondent Age and Education on Response Times and Response Consistency. Survey Research Methods 5(3): 89–102. Shan, Hongxia. 2013. Skill as a Relational Construct: Hiring Practices From the Standpoint of Chinese Immigrant Engineers in Canada. Work, Employment & Society 27(6): 915–931. Shi, Lulu P., Christian Imdorf, Robin Samuel, and Stefan Sacchi. 2018. How Unemployment Scarring Affects Skilled Young Workers: Evidence From a Factorial Survey of Swiss Recruiters. Journal for Labour Market Research 52(7): 1–15. Sparreboom, Theo and Alexander Tarvid

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Parenthood and Later Life Health: An International Life Course Analysis of Parents and Childless Adults Aged 50 and Older

, Childlessness, and Well-Being: A Life Course Perspective. Journal of Marriage and Family 72(3): 612–629. Westendorp, Rudi. G. and Thomas B. Kirkwood. 1998. Human Longevity at the Cost of Reproductive Success. Nature 396(6713): 743–746. Yi, Zeng and James Vaupel. 2004. Association of Late Childbearing With Healthy Longevity Among the Oldest-Old in China. Population Studies 58(1): 37–53.

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Contemporary Citizenship: Four Types

decline (such as Iceland, Italy, Greece and Great Britain) and of enhancing citizenship entitlements in developing societies in Latin America and Asia that are dependent on economic growth in the United States and – increasingly – in China and India. Third, ethno-nationalist citizenship, authoritarian citizenship and social welfare citizenship regimes presuppose a connection between geographical territory and a political system, or more precisely, a relationship between territoriality and rights. The relationship with both ethno-national and authoritarian citizenship

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Rereading Diaspora: Reverberating Voices and Diasporic Listening in Italo-Australian Digital Storytelling

assimilating themselves into Australian ways of life. The racism experienced by Southern European migrants in the early- to mid-20th century became less frequent from the 1980s, and new migrant groups, such as the Indo-Chinese, Arabs and Sudanese, subsequently became the target of racial vilification in Australia (Lo Bianco cited in Jupp 2001 ; see also Ang 2001 ; Batrouney 2002 ; Jupp 2002 ; McMaster 2002 ). In 1996, there was a drop in the official count of Italian migrants registered in Australia as compared to the 1970s. This decline represents some return migration

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