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The Phenomenon of Chinese Culture

References Benedict XVI to professors and students „La Sapienza”; „Christianity is to be an encouragement to the truth”. Documentation, KAI, ISSN 1426–1413; 17 January 2008. Chang M., A historical sketch of Christianity in China, Taipei, 1985. Cronin V., The Wise Man from the West, The true story of the man who first brought the message of Christianity to the fabled Cathay, Dutton, New York 1955. Danecki J., Jedwabny Szlak, Warsaw1996. Granet M., Cywilizacja Chińska, Warsaw, translation and Sinological elaboration M.J. Kunstler

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The Reception of Roman Obligations in China

References Bu Y., Chinese Civil Law, C.H. Beck-Hart2 nd –Nomos 2013. Confucius, Analects of Confucius, W.W. Norton & Co 1998. Constitution of the People’s Republic of China of September 20 th , 1954. Constitution of People’s Republic of China of December 4 th , 1982, [12.12.2018]. Contract Law of Peoples Republic of China of March 15 th , 1999, . Dajczak W., Giaro T., Longchamps de

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Central and Eastern Europe as Partner of Chinese One Belt One Road Project

References Boulnois L., Silk Road: Monks, Warriors & Merchants, Hong Kong: Odyssey Books 2005. Chengdu-Europe Express Rail Cargo Service: China’s New Gateway to Europe (2017), „’ (2017), . Elisseeff V., The Silk Roads: Highways of Culture and Commerce. UNESCO Publishing / Berghahn Books 2001. History of civilizations of Central Asia, Volume II. The development of sedentary and nomadic civilizations: 700 BC to 250, J. Harmatta ed., Paris 1994. History of civilizations of Central

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Impact of Creating Evacuate Tube Transportation Technology for Connecting European Union and China

References van der Putten F.-P., Seaman J., Huotari M., Ekman A., Otero-Iglesias M., Europe and China’s New Silk Roads, ETNC Report, December 2016, [30.11.2017]. Wojciechowski P., Nowy Jedwabny Szlak łączy Europę z Dalekim Wschodem,,35612,21417281,nowy-jedwabny-szlak-laczy-europe-z-dalekimwschodem.html , [30.11.2017]. , [30.11.2017] , [30.11.2017].

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Regional Disparities on The New Silk Road: Some Thoughts about Regional Convergence

’s regions: reconsidering European regional policies, Economic Policy (2001), 16(32), pp. 207–253. Capello R., Space and theoretical approaches to regional growth [in:] Modelling Regional Scenarios for the Enlarged Europe, Berlin 2008, pp. 13–31. Chen A., Reducing China’s regional disparities: is there a growth cost?, China Economics Review (2010), 21(1), pp. 2–13. Chen A., Groenewold N., Reducing regional disparities in China: an evaluation of alternative policies, Journal of Comparative Economics (2010), 38(2), pp. 189–198. Crescenzi R., Rodriguez

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Philosophical Comparativism About Search of Common Ways of Ecological Problems Based on the Dialogue of Cultural Matrices of the East and West

References Development of socio-environmental views. Formation of the social ecology as a branch of knowledge. Available at: Nagata H., History of philosophical thought in Japan [trans. from Jap.], Moscow 1991. Tarasenko H., Discover the divine nature to children: a parents’ reference book on bringing up of a child’s soul and heart, Vinnytsia 2008. Tsarova L., Pedagogical traditions of aesthetic cultural formation of a person in the modern school education in China and Japan: synopsis of

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International economics: security of economic system and transboundary crisis

–204. Suhorukov A.I., Transfer krizisov i deformatsiya tsiklov//v kn.: Za- konomernosti i perspektivy transformatsii obschestva. Materialy k 5 Mezhdunarodnoy Kondratevskoy konferentsii. Pod redaktsiey Yu.V. Yakovtsa. M.: MFK, 2004, p. 330–336. Sukhorukov A.I., Crisis transfer in the global economic environment//Trend and cycles in global dynamics and perspectives of world development: Materials of International Conference, Chengdu, China, October, 13–15, 2012, Chengdu, Southwestern uni-versity of finance and economics, p. 41–42. Stiglitz J.E., Freefall: America

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Mars and Venus in Action? The US and EU’s foreign relations strategies in academic discourse

–943. Nincic, M., Narayan Datta M. 2007. Of Paradise, Power, and Pachyderms. Political Science Quarterly , Vol. 122, No. 2, pp. 239–256. Oehri, M., 2017. Labour Rights Promotion in the Absence of Conditionality? How the EU and the US Engage China and India. European Foreign Affairs Review . Vol. 22, pp. 137–156. Oliverio, A., 2008. US versus European Approaches to Terrorism: Size Really Does Matter. P olicin g, Vol 2:4, pp. 452–462. Omelicheva M. Y., 2015. Competing perspectives on democracy and democratization: assessing alternative models of democracy

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Is Russia a Threat to Estonian Energy Security?

.01.2012. (Accessed from on 07.04.2012) Walt, S. M. 1985. Alliance formation and the balance of world power. International Security. Vol. 9, No. 4 (Spring), pp. 3–42. Walt, S. 1998. International relations: One world, many theories. Foreign Policy . No. 110, pp. 29–46. Waltz, K. N. 1979. Theory of International Politics . New York: Newbery Award Records Inc. Watkins, E. 2010. China, Kazakhstan sign accords for gas, uranium. Penn Energy. 18

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