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Ethics & Bioethics
(in Central Europe)
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Towards critical aspects of Confucianism

, vol. 2]. Bratislava: Veda. ČARNOGURSKÁ-FERANCOVÁ, M. (2015): Modern World Needs Laozi’s Wisdom about the Substance of Being and Living in Harmony with Nature. In: Sociology and Anthropology , 3(4), pp. 207–217. ČARNOGURSKÁ-FERANCOVÁ, M. (2016): Modern Natural Sciences Could Inspire from Classical Chinese Metaphysics to Better Understand the Nature of Being. In: Universal Journal of Physics and Application , 10(5), pp. 157–169. CCHAO SÜEČCHIN (2001–2006): Sen o Červenom pavilóne I.–IV. [A Dream of Red Mansions], trans. M. Čarnogurská. Bratislava

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Effective altruism for the poor

to give long term , in: , published 06.07.2015, edited 12.07.2015. [online] [Retrieved April 29, 2019] Available at: MACASKILL, W. (2017): Effective reducetarianism . In: B. Kateman (ed): The Reducetarian solution . New York: Tarcherperigee, pp. 69–71. SHIH HAN, T. (2014): China’s demand for meat to change the face of global trade in feed grains. In: South China Morning Post , published: 20.05.2014. [online

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The golden rule of morality – an ethical paradox

] [Retrieved December 10, 2018]. Available at: LEGGE, J. (2017): Chinese Text Project, ed. D. Sturgeon, [online] [Retrieved November 20, 2018]. Available at: NEUSNER, J. & CHILTON, B. (2008): The Golden Rule - Analytical Perspectives. Lanham: University Press of America. POJMAN, L. P. & VAUGHN, L. (2013): The Moral Life: An Introductory Reader in Ethics and Literature. Oxford: Oxford University Press

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Egalitarian Sexism: A Kantian Framework for Assessing the Cultural Evolution of Marriage (I)

Civil Society: Tensions in Hegel’s Account of Womanhood. In: Philosophical Forum , 31(2), pp. 145–162. FELDMAN, S. (1998): Some Problems with Ecofeminism. Presented at the 20th World Congress of Philosophy [online]. [Retrieved June 3, 2017]. Available at: FINLAY, V. (1999): Law aside, concubine still a popular accessory. In: South China Morning Post , Agenda Section, November 28, p. 2. GANGAVANE, D. (2004): Kant on Femininity. In: Indian Philosophical Quarterly , 31, pp. 359–376. HERMAN, B

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The ethical dimension of consumption in a relationship

społeczeństwo konsumpcyjne we współczesnym świecie [ Consumption, consumer and consumer society in the modern world ]. Katowice: ŚLĄSK. CHUN-CHEN, H., LONG-CHUAN, L., CHING-SING, Y. & SZU-WEI, Y. (2012): Impacts of Ethical Ideology, Materialism, and Selected Demographics on Consumer Ethics. In: An Empirical Study in China, Ethics & Behavior , 22(4), pp. 315–331. DALGLIESH, B. (2012): The ethics of global consumerism. In: Journal of Global Intelligence & Policy , 5(8), pp. 35–49. DE BEAUVOIR, S. (2014): Druga płeć [ Second sex ]. Warszawa: Wyd. Czarna

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