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Mediation in Different Areas of Chinese Legal Reality – Parametrisation of Selected Terminology

. (2007). Sądownictwo polubowne (arbitraż). Warszawa: C.H. Beck. Cao, D. (2007). Translating Law. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters Ltd. Czachórski W. (2007). Zobowiazania. Zarys wykładu. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Lexis Nexis. Delisle, J. et al. (eds.) (1999). Translation Terminology. Amsterdam/Philadephia: John Benjamins Publishing Company. Fan, K. (2013). Arbitration in China. A Legal and Cultural Analysis. Portland: Hart Publishing. Grzybek, J. (2013). Alternatywne metody rozwiązywania sporow w

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Chinese Legal Terminology in European and Asian Contexts Analysed on the Example of Freedom of Contract Limits Related to State, Law and Publicity

Abbreviations CC – civil code CCD – Collins Chinese Dictionary (2011. Glasgow: HarperCollins Publishers) CL– Contract Law of 1999 (Chinese) GMD – Guomindang (Chinese National Party) GPCL – General Principles of Civil Law of 1986 (Chinese) POCD – Pocket Oxford Chinese Dictionary English-Chinese Chinese-English (2009. Oxford: Oxford University Press) REFERENCES Bucher, E. 2004. Law of Contract. In F. Dessemontet and T. Ansay (eds.), Introduction to Swiss Law, 3rd edition (pp. 103–137). The Hague – Boston – London: Kluwer Law

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The Phenomenon of Chinese Culture

References Benedict XVI to professors and students „La Sapienza”; „Christianity is to be an encouragement to the truth”. Documentation, KAI, ISSN 1426–1413; 17 January 2008. Chang M., A historical sketch of Christianity in China, Taipei, 1985. Cronin V., The Wise Man from the West, The true story of the man who first brought the message of Christianity to the fabled Cathay, Dutton, New York 1955. Danecki J., Jedwabny Szlak, Warsaw1996. Granet M., Cywilizacja Chińska, Warsaw, translation and Sinological elaboration M.J. Kunstler

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The Reception of Roman Obligations in China

References Bu Y., Chinese Civil Law, C.H. Beck-Hart2 nd –Nomos 2013. Confucius, Analects of Confucius, W.W. Norton & Co 1998. Constitution of the People’s Republic of China of September 20 th , 1954. Constitution of People’s Republic of China of December 4 th , 1982, [12.12.2018]. Contract Law of Peoples Republic of China of March 15 th , 1999, . Dajczak W., Giaro T., Longchamps de

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Language and Law: Brevity and Drafting in Law, Business, and the Social Sciences

?’ Markerweek . (Heb.) Sup. Ct. R. Tiersma, P. M. 1992. ‘Reassessing Unilateral Contracts: The Role of Offer, Acceptance, and Promise.’ U.C. Davis Law Review , 26: 1–86. U.S. Department of Commerce, Office of Public Affairs (2017, May 11). Initial results of the 100-day action plan of the U.S.-China comprehensive economic dialogue (Press Release). W. Va. Code § 46A-6-109 (2016).

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Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric
The Journal of University of Bialystok
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International Journal of Philosophy
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The Role of Smartphones for Online Language Use in the Context of Polish and Croatian Students of Different Disciplines

Journal , 71(4), 401–412. Viberg, O. and A. Grönlund (2013). Cross-cultural analysis of users’ attitudes toward the use of devices in second and foreign language learning in higher education: A case from Sweden and China. Computers & Education , 69, 169–180. Webb, S. and M. P. H. Rodgers (2009) Vocabulary demands of television programs. Language Learning 59 (2) : 335–366

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Intersections between Law and Language: Disciplinary Concepts in Second Language Legal Literacy


International mobility among graduate students of law presents unique challenges for the teaching and learning of Legal English. Master of Laws (LL.M.) students, for example, often bring both prior legal training and professional experience from their home jurisdiction to their graduate studies abroad. Taking a closer look at the experience of these students as they engage with genres associated with another legal system provides insight into broader issues of intersections between language and content in English for Legal Purposes. This article draws on case studies of four LL.M students from China and Saudi Arabia, a civil law jurisdiction and an Islamic law jurisdiction, respectively, as they learn to read and write common law genres in the United States. Considering students’ experiences with these texts, the article outlines a potential framework for understanding the role of disciplinary concepts in second language legal literacy development. Specifically, the article elaborates a tentative taxonomy for disciplinary concepts that distinguishes between discourse-relevant concepts and discourse-structuring concepts in considering the interaction between language and content in ESP and CLIL for law.

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Coreference Resolution for Anaphoric Pronouns in Texts on Medical Products

REFERENCES Clark, K., & Manning, C. D. (2015). Entity-Centric Coreference Resolution with Model Stacking. In Proceedings of the 53th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistic and the 7th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing (pp. 1405–1415). Association for Computational Linguistics, Beijing, China. Clark, K., & Manning, C. D. (2016). Deep reinforcement learning for mention-ranking coreference models. In Proceedings of the 2016 Conference on Empirical Methods on Natural Language Processing (pp. 2256

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