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Solid Phase Extraction of Bryophyte Lipids / Briofītu lipīdu cietfāzes ekstrakcijas frakcionēšana

glacial and Holocene climate evolution in Southern China from geolipids and pollen in the Dingnan peat sequence. Organic Geochemistry, 2005, N 36, pp. 1272−1284. 8. Huang, X., Xue, J., Zhang J., Quin, Y., Meyers, P.A., Wang, H. Effect of different wetness conditions on Sphagnum lipid composition in the Erxianyan peatland, central China. Organic Geochemistry, 2012, N 44, pp 1−7. 9. Vonk, J.E., Gustafson, Ö. Calibrating n-alkane Sphagnum

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Floating Ceramics vs. Floating Oils: Search for Appropriate Conditions

. 1, pp. 107-12, 2015. Epub 2014 Dec 30. [4] J. Sun, J. Liu, C. Zhao, D. Zhao, F. Liu, Y. Zhang, C. Geng, “Formation of oil-SPM aggregates using natural sediment from Jiaozhou Bay”, China” (Conference Paper), in: Proceedings of the 35th AMOP Technical Seminar on Environmental Contamination and Response. Vancouver, BC; Canada, Code 92412, pp. 903-915, 2012. [5] D. Boglaienko, B. Tansel, M.C. Sukop, “Granular encapsulation of light hydrophobic liquids (LHL) in LHL-salt water systems

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Clay Ceramic Pellets for Water Treatment / Mālu keramikas granulas ūdens apstrādei

Journal of Chemistry, 1994, no. 3, pp. 280-285. 6. Lakevics,V., Ruplis, A. Sorption properties of Latvian clays and research of clays innovative application. Sci. J. Riga Technical University, Mater. Sci. Appl.Chem., 2011, vol. 24, pp. 20-25. 7. Dai, J.L., Zhang, M., Hu,Q.H. et al., Adsorption and desorption of iodine by various Chinese soils: II. Iodide and iodate. Geoderma, 2009, vol. 153, pp. 130-135. 8. Crini, G. Non-conventional low-cost adsorbents for dye removal: A

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Comparison of Tandem Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry and Orbitrap High Resolution Mass Spectrometry for Analysis of Pharmaceutical Residues in Biota Samples

”, Microchemical Journal, 2013, vol. 107, pp. 165-171. [10] X. Liang, B. Chen, X. Nie, Z. Shi, X., Li, X. Huang, “The Distribution and Partitioning of Common Antibiotics in Water and Sediment of the Pearl River Estuary, South China”, Chemosphere, 2013, vol. 92, N11, pp. 1410-1416. [11] J. Rossmann, S. Schubert, R. Gurke, R. Oertel, W. Kirch, “Simultaneous Determination of Most Prescribed Antibiotics in Multiple Urban Wastewater by SPE

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