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Polish Journal of Medical Physics and Engineering
The Journal of Polish Society of Medical Physics
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Automated MTF measurement in CT images with a simple wire phantom

-Yan R, Guo-Tao F, Cun-Feng W, et al. Measurement of spatial resolution of the micro-CT system. Chinese Physics C. 2010;34(3):412-416. [21] Arabi H, Asl ARK, Aghamiri SM. The effect of focal spot size on the spatial resolution of variable resolution X-ray CT Scanner. Iran J Radiat Res. 2010;8(1):37-43. [22] Venema HW. Modulation transfer functions of single-slice and dual-slice computed tomography scanners. Med Phys. 1996;23(11):1863-1864. [23] Löve A, Olsson M-L, Siemund R, et al. Six iterative reconstruction algorithms in brain CT: a phantom study

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Genetic testing for ventricular septal defect

Funke BH Lafferty KA Longo SA Niyazov DM Familial ebstein anomaly, left ventricular hypertrabeculation, and ventricular septal defect associated with a MYH7 mutation Am J Med Genet A 2013 161A 12 3187 90 13 Wang J, Xie X, Zhou S, Huang G, Ma X, Suo P, Zhou S, Wang B, Ma X. The study of copy number variations in the regions of NOTCH1 among Chinese VSD and TOF patients. Int J Cardiol 2011; 147(3): 444-46. 10.1016/j.ijcard.2010.04.029 Wang J Xie X Zhou S Huang G Ma X Suo P Zhou S Wang B Ma X The study of

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Genetic testing for Marfan syndrome

. Undiagnosed patients can have serious complications and are at risk of sudden death, usually due to aortic dissection. Estimated prevalence of MFS is from 6 to 20 per 100,000 individuals ( 5 ). Sun et al. ( 6 ) reported a prevalence of 17.2 per 100,000 in China in 1990. The Revised Ghent Nosology (2010) is used to diagnose MFS. It divides diagnostic manifestations into “major” and “minor” criteria. The Ghent criteria were modified when mutations in FBN1 (OMIM gene 134797) were found to cause MFS. Patients without a family history of the disease, but with a “major

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Nutraceutical prospective: The synergetic mechanism of action of inositols and resveratrol on metabolic syndrome

plants. The richest source of natural resveratrol is a plant known from traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine called Polygonum cuspidatum, ( 25 ). Lower quantities of resveratrol can be found in peanuts, grapes, red wine and mulberries ( 26 ). Resveratrol has emerged in recent years as a molecule conferring strong protection against metabolic, cardiovascular and other age-related complications, such as neurodegenerative disorders. Given its potential as a novel molecule for the development of drugs that treat metabolic disorders, understanding the molecular

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Toxic, but beneficial compounds from endophytic fungi of Carica papaya

Epicoccum sorghinum FT1062 Molecules 2017 22 1166 1 8 62 Ray P, Sushilkumar, Pandey AK. Survey and selection of potential pathogens for biological control of water hyacinth. Indian Journal of Weed Science 2008; 40(1&2):75-78. Ray P Sushilkumar Pandey AK Survey and selection of potential pathogens for biological control of water hyacinth Indian Journal of Weed Science 2008 40 1&2 75 78 63 Liu PQ, Wei MY, Zhu L, Wang RB, Li BJ, Weng QY, Chen QH. First Report of Leaf Spot on Taro Caused by Epicoccum sorghinum in China. Plant Disease 2018

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The genus Portulaca as a suitable model to study the mechanisms of plant tolerance to drought and salinity

) is a nutritious herb with a high content of ‘healthy’ antioxidant compounds and essential nutrients, such as α-linolenic acid, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, ascorbic acid, glutathione, α-tocopherol and β-carotene ( 38 ). There are few vegetable sources rich in ω-3 fatty acids; this, together with the species’ relatively high salt tolerance, explains the growing interest to promote purslane as a new vegetable crop ( 35 ). In Chinese folklore, P. oleracea is known as ‘vegetable for a long life’ with a long history of use as both, an edible plant and traditional

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Contributions of biotechnology to meeting future food and environmental security needs

.1 3 Argentina 23.8 4 Canada 11.6 5 India 10.8 6 Paraguay 3.6 7 Pakistan 2.9 8 China 2.8 9 South Africa 2.7 10 Uruguay 1.3 Source: ISAAA (2016; 10) Bruising of potatoes ( Solanum tuberosum ) causes 182 kilotonnes (kt) of losses annually in the United States alone. Biotechnology has provided two generations of potatoes with resistance to bruising and black spot disease. JR Simplot’s Innate 1 used an RNAi approach to reduce tuber specific expression of poly phenol oxidase 5, by silencing

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