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Impact of self-directed learning readiness and learning attitude on problem-solving ability among Chinese undergraduate nursing students

-solving ability indicated better mental health and higher quality of life. 7 However, nursing students’ ability of solving problems is relatively low; while dealing problems, impulse, carelessness, confusion, and unorganized behaviors would be exposed. 8 So far, many factors which can influence students’ problem-solving ability had been found, but few studies discussed their relationships. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a path model between problem-solving ability and its influence factors among Chinese nursing students. Taking the initiative to determine needs

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The status quo and prospect of transfer and shift in patients receiving hemodialysis in China

1 Introduction of related concepts Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a major disease that endangers human health worldwide. According to the United States Renal Data System (USRDS) 2014 report, the prevalence of CKD in the United States was 13.6%. 1 The prevalence rate of adult CKD in China in 2012 was 10.8%. The incidence of end-stage renal disease (ESRD) is increasing year by year. 2 , 3 Patients with ESRD in China increase by 12,000–15,000 per year, and now they have reached about 1,500,000. About 90% of them choose hemodialysis therapy. 4 , 5 By the

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Empty-nest elderly: mahjong and Chinese square dance for improving the cognitive function in the community

1 Introduction In 2016, the United States Census Bureau reported that the elderly population will rise by 55 million in the ensuing 2 years and account for 8.5% of the total population. The number of people aged 65 years and older will increase by about 236 million in the next 9 years, and it will almost double to 1.6 billion globally from 2025 to 2050, while the total population will increase just 34%. 1 The elderly population has grown rapidly worldwide, and the aging problem has become serious. China is experiencing one of its most severe aging problems

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Assessment of physical activity status among pregnant women in southwestern China

and exercise, 10 and the majority of women fail to meet the ACOG physical activity guidelines for pregnancy. 8 Ning et al. 11 reported that 23% of previously active women ceased to engage in exercise completely during pregnancy. China has more than 10 million live births every year. 12 Since implementation of the “one child” policy, pregnant women in China became the focus of family’s attention, and their housework and occupational workload have been reduced considerably. 12 At the same time, pregnant women spend more and more time on sedentary activities, 13

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Prevalence of osteoarthritis and association between smoking patterns and osteoarthritis in China: a cross-sectional study

reducing quality of life. 7 Some people who suffer from physical disabilities or need informal care lose their jobs, resulting in an economic burden on the family. 8 Additionally, OA has been associated with an increased risk of mortality among older people. 9 Since 1999, China has become an aging society; OA is a common, frequently occurring disease, and new cases are increasing every year in the elderly population. 10 A large-scale survey conducted in China has shown that the prevalence of OA in the knee, hand, and cervical and lumbar spines in adults aged >40

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Job burnout and turnover intention among nurses in China: the mediating effects of positive emotion

intention. 6 China is a populous country, but it also has an aging population; the circumstances may be more serious in China. Turnover intention is the main predictor of turnover action, 7 which affects not only nurses’ mental health but also their work efficiency and service quality. In recent years, there have been studies about turnover intention in many countries. Most studies focus on risk factors and negative interventions associated with turnover intentions. Hence, the research on individuals’ active initiatives remains to be enriched. Burnout is defined as a

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Effects of traditional Chinese medicine nursing combined with conventional nursing in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a meta-analysis

systemic disease that is associated with a wide variety of symptoms and affects patients’ physical, psychological, and social conditions. 3 COPD presents high morbidity and mortality but can be decreased by proper treatment and conventional care or traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) nursing. With the development of TCM, TCM nursing is becoming increasingly widely used in clinical practice, including in patients with COPD. Chinese medical care researchers have explored involving TCM nursing theory, education, management, practice, and so on to promote the development

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The effect of empowerment education on depression level and laboratory indicators of patients treated with hemodialysis: a meta-analysis

1 Introduction At present, with the increase in the incidence of end-stage renal disease, the number of hemodialysis patients in China is increasing, even is higher than the growth rate of the world. 1 As a long-term traumatic replacement therapy, hemodialysis not only reduces the patient’s related symptoms and prolongs the survival period but also causes a variety of physiological and psychological problems in the patient, which seriously affects his or her quality of life. 2 , 3 A study 4 has shown that depression is a common emotional disorder in

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The eligibility criteria, training content, and scope of practice for prescriptive authority for midwives: a modified Delphi study

benefit. In China, nurses in Hong Kong are given limited prescriptive authority. However, nurses in other regions of China are granted no prescriptive authority. 5 In August 2017, Anhui Province was selected to be the pilot province for National Medical Reform. Anhui Province was the first to have senior nurse practitioners in its communities. There were 78 senior nurses deployed to 22 community health centers. 6 This ground-breaking approach created paths for nurses to apply for prescriptive authority. Prescriptive authority for nurses is necessary. Recently, to

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Critical emancipatory reflection on a practice-based issue in relation to nurses’ communicative role with unsatisfied clients in Chinese hospitals

master’s degree in nursing in Ireland, and I notice that Irish nurses have higher social status 7 than Chinese nurses. 8 If nurses are treated unfairly, they would easily lose job satisfaction and motivation in the work place, resulting in shortage of nurses. 8 As a nursing specialist and manager, I have the responsibility to promote work equality among Chinese nurses. From Fook and Gardner, 9 critical social theory recognizes that power, or domination, is personally experienced and structurally created. This is because individuals are social beings and their

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